Sunday, November 29, 2015

Lovelyz: Lovelyz8 1st Mini Album Review

Lovelyz came back with their first mini album, Lovelyz8, in October 2015. This album is so special with the return of Jisoo into the group, showing the significance of the album title.
The design is absolutely gorgeous. The overall theme is very innocent and fairytale-esque, with pastel doodles of plants and butterflies throughout the album. It is 6.5 inches by 6.5 inches and just over half an inch thick. The sides are also really pretty; the top side continues the white design while the remaining three sides are the pastel green (which my photos don't do justice). It's interesting how the right and left sides also say "Woollim" and "Lovelyz" but not the album title.
The packaging is just as beautiful, following an envelope design. There's a clear sticker holding together the flap, so I used the edge of my scissors to carefully cut it.
The two side flaps are tightly intertwined together, so I suggest first sliding out the photobook and then undoing the flaps to avoid damaging them.
The inside of the envelope and CD are just as pretty with the pastel doodles.
The CD is secured in a plastic bedding. Underneath has the beautiful doodles as well.
The photobook has 74 gorgeous photos, containing three sets of photos. Each set includes several group photos and two individual photos per member, in order from oldest to youngest. All the photos are so elegant and portray the classic Lovelyz girly and innocent concept.
The back cover reveals Lovelyz' logo.
The first page includes the tracklist and the photocard.
The first set of photos includes the pretty doodles. Kei is so gorgeous~
The second set of photos is my absolute favorite! They're from the same photoshoot used for the teaser photos.
Within this set is one of my favorite group photos; the outfits are just so pure and beautiful.
Next are the lyrics, followed by the "thanks to" section.
Lastly are the last set of photos, which are more fun with the bright backgrounds.
The album comes with one photocard. There are eight types of photocards, one per each member. They're all from the same photoshoot, and I love how they make what could have been a sexy concept be really adorable and innocent. I got Mijoo's~! She is so gorgeous and her pose is so playful and adorable; I love it so much~
The backside of the photocard is simple, with the Lovelyz logo and Woollim logo.
Here is a closeup of the tracklist. This mini album includes seven tracks that have that classic Lovelyz sound. They're all so soothing and beautiful, it's hard to choose a favorite!
There are also two exterior posters for this album, 28.75" by 20.75". I love the one I have, they all look so pure and beautiful, and I love the floral doodles bordering the poster. The other poster is similar to the photobook cover, with just slightly different poses.

Overall, I absolutely love Lovelyz8! I like how Lovelyz has a defined sound and concept that is consistent throughout their releases. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us in the future~

Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Korean Haul from Hong Kong and Taiwan!

November has been a month of glorious Kpop surprises for me. I'm beyond ecstatic for the much anticipated second announcement to Infinite's second world tour, as well as the recent announcement of Apink's North American tour! I'm making plans to see Infinite in Vancouver on January 7th, followed by Apink in LA on January 9th, and ending with Infinite in LA on January 10th. As this will probably be the last time I see Infinite (as I always say after I see Infinite), I have to make it the most memorable!
Besides the news of these concerts, my family also brought back some goodies for me from Asia! In Hong Kong, namely Sino Centre, my family got me a lot of Infinite-related merchandise: Paradise and Be Back LPs, 24 Hours Limited Version and all seven member versions, Infinite F Koi No Sign Normal Edition, Grow DVD, Collection Cards Vol.2 binder, The Time We Were Not In Love OST, and Lovelyz Lovelyz8 album. Included were a Lovelyz poster, a Collection Cards Vol.2 poster, a Japanese Dilemma DVD poster, and a Japanese double-sided Infinite F poster!
In Taiwan, my family got me some Korean socks, a random Taiwanese sample, and some Tony Moly products (Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub, Golden Mushroom Mask Sheet, and Banana Hand Cream samples).

In the next couple of months, I'll be doing unboxing posts of all the Kpop items and Tony Moly items. I also plan to create a series of posts showing my entire Infinite collection. And of course, in January, I'll be writing my concert experiences!