Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Somewhere Only We Know" Bluray Movie Review

Chinese movie "Somewhere Only We Know" was released in theaters around the world in February 2015, and has finally been released on DVD and bluray in September! I first saw the movie in theater, and blogged about the storyline and my love for everything about the movie here. In this post, I'll just be doing a quick unboxing of the bluray version.
I pre-ordered the bluray Region A version on for roughly $22USD from this webpage. I ordered a few other items to reach past $39USD, which is when YesAsia offers free shipping with tracking. I had received damaged goods from YesAsia before due to poor packaging, so I specified to be especially careful this time, which they were. My packaged shipped 2.5 days after I placed the order, and arrived about 13 days later, all in perfect condition.
There is an exterior slipcase that is the exact same as the bluray case cover, excepted printed in low quality (as in, the backside is a bit fuzzy to read).
Here is the backside of the bluray case cover, which is much clearer to read.
Here is a closeup of the backside, which is probably too small to read. The backside has the summary in both Chinese and in pretty good English. The movie is in Mandarin (and some lines in English), and has subtitles in Chinese (both traditional and simplified) and in English. The movie is 110 minutes long. A warning about playing this disc, I believe you need to have the most updated system for your bluray player or PS4. The disc itself only contains the movie, no special features.
The inside is very simple, with just the disc and two stills from the movie.
Here are both images.

Overall, because I love this movie, I also love this bluray. It would be nice if there was more thought put into the packaging and if there were included special features, but I'm still quite happy with this.


  1. Hate to be a bother again, what value did yesasia put on this order? Though, if it ships from the US..and you live in the probably wouldn't matter how much they valued the declared purchase price is would it? lol Yesasia seems cheap-ish, but I don't know if they devalue, and google didn't help much. lol Suck less, Canada. UGH! ;_;

    1. Hey hey^^ No worries, I really don't mind the questions! I always wonder about stuff like this too but no one ever talks about it.

      Yesasia actually ships from China (near Hong Kong) and their headquarters is in Hong Kong (so returns go there). I tried looking at my old posts with pictures of my Yesasia and Yesstyle packages (they're the same company) but I couldn't really see...I do think they were devalued though.

      lolol good luck with all of this!! Sorry I couldn't be of more help >.<

    2. Thank you so much for all your help. I'll give 'em a try when my birthday rolls around.

      (and my Kpoptown order did come devalued, so thank you for your help on that one too) :D

    3. No problem at all! I hope it all goes well with your next order^^

      I hope it was okay with your Kpoptown order and that you didn't have to pay any additional fees! I honestly can never figure out the postal system lol