Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Infinite: Be Back 2nd Repackaged Album Review

Just two months after releasing their second full album Season 2, Infinite is back with the repackaged album Be Back. While the digital album was released on midnight July 22nd, the physical album was released on July 23rd in stores. I won't waste my time talking about the songs or concept and will just go straight to the unboxing.
This album has a very monochromatic theme, which is apparent on the exterior as well as in the interior. The first press version of this album contains a special photobook, and this is marked by a sticker on top of the plastic wrap (so it's not actually on the album itself).
The album is made of metallic silver card stock and is in a design of an envelope, which is unique and cute, but has its flaws. But first off, the tracklist is at the top. In addition to all of the songs from Season 2, included is also new main track "Back" (which is very...artsy and took me a second time until I started to like it), and ballad "Diamond" (which will eventually grow on me). Also there is no hidden track.
Because of this envelope design, you have to bend the flap of the envelope, and eventually the entire album just becomes curvy. I've only opened it twice and it's already like this.
Opening the album first reveals the photocard. And I'm sure everyone has the same reaction: the photocard is HUMONGOUS! When you thought Woollim couldn't produce bigger photocards (besides the A4 She's Back), this album now has photocards as big as the album itself.
The photocard is also monochromatic, with an overall silver sheen. The backside just has the logo on it, like all of Infinite's other large photocards. There are seven different photocards, all from the colored photoshoot (as opposed to the black and white photoshoot). Sadly, despite picking up this album in person in a store, my photocard was still a little bent in the corner.
Underneath the photocard is the special photobook, followed by the normal photobook, and lastly the CD itself. The depth of this album perfectly fits the two photobooks and photocard, so I'm not sure what they'll do for future presses when there won't be the additional photobook.
The CD is embedded in a layer of thick foam with a foam circle to hold it in place. It is similar to the packaging for The Origin, and even has that distinct smell like that album (I hope I'm not the only one who gets this...?). The website links are printed on the bottom flap and oddly enough the "INFINITE BE BACK" is off center.
The special photobook is definitely a nice treat, as Infinite's other albums don't come with behind the scenes photos. The cover is from the "Back" music video, in their gangster outfits which aren't featured in the regular photobook.
Inside, there are 36 photos and they are completely dedicated to the music video, a photoshoot from the set, and behind the scenes photos. It's so cool to see the makeup and tattoo being done. There are also a few artistic photos of the set.
The regular photobook has such a different feel from the special photobook! There are 56 pictures of gorgeousness.
This photoshoot was taken with a desert setting, and they used two outfits. The first 25 pages are individual shots and one group shot, with members in random order, of the black and white outfits and a color lens. From page 26 to 48, again there are mostly individual shots with one group shot in the mostly all black or all white outfits and a b&w lens. The last pages include the thanks to, which was done as a group, as well as lyrics, credits, and two more group shots, with the last one literally being of their backs. ㅋㅋ

Since I bought this album in store, it also comes with my choice out of three unfolded posters. Sadly my poster was bent while the driver delivered it...even in Korea, I get damaged albums and posters -.-
Update: Because of an Infinite fansign event, I bought three more copies of the album, so now I have all three posters! Here are all three versions, and they're all 30.25 inches by 21 inches.

Overall, I really love this repackaged album, all the songs, the monochromatic theme and all the photos!


  1. If I buy this album this month, will I still get the special making photobook?

    1. Hi! I think they're still only releasing the first press edition with the special making photobook, but I'm not sure. But please don't take my word for it...some websites (kpoptown) still list the special book though!