Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Infinite OGS Desk Pad & Mouse Pad Set Review

While I thought I couldn't get my hands on any more OGS merchandise, I managed to buy the Desk Pad & Mouse Pad Set! It comes in a paper container with a clear plastic wrap over it.
Here's the backside. It's pretty basic, with the authentication sticker and the technical information.
Both pads are then wrapped in another plastic wrap. They're both almost .125 of an inch in width, made of cushy foam with a coated plastic top like any mouse pad.The mouse pad is about 6.875 inches by 8.625 inches and the desk pad is about 16.5 inches by 11.625 inches.
Here is how the pads look on my desk! I could never put anything on top of Infinite, so I pushed my computer really far back and just use the desk pad for my elbows. I love the desk pad; the boys look so fresh and bright, and the subtle background is pretty! But I'm sad that the mouse pad doesn't have a photo of the members, and that it's in a random green shade rather than Infinite's color. And by the way, that is a photo from OGS in LA as my background! Reliving the memories~

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