Friday, February 20, 2015

Infinite H: Fly Again Mini Album Review

After two years, I'm so happy that Infinite H has officially come back! Infinite H was the second Infinite subunit/solo/project group to debut, yet they're the first to have a comeback. Infinite H began promotions in late January and have currently won 1st place on music shows 5 times! This is the first time for an Infinite subunit/solo/project group to win, let alone 5 times (that's more than Be Mine, Paradise, and Destiny's wins!). They even placed 10th on Music Core's highest scores ever.
I pre-ordered my album from and my package arrived in 9 days, wrapped several times in bubble wrap and placed inside their orange waterproof envelope with a bubble wrap liner. They also provided me with a pre-order gift, a set of Infinite monthly calendar photocards.
This album is Infinite H's second mini album, titled "Fly Again" as a sequel to their first mini album, "Fly High," from January 2013. This album shows the duo's growth as talented artists as they've collaborated on creating all the tracks. The album itself is very beautiful, with little details to add more charm. The lettering is reflective, as well as some of the tiny triangles in the background. The dimensions are the same as Infinite's other Korean albums.
The backside is just as elegant, with a shiny H and more silvery triangles. The white design on the H is painted on top of the H, showing more elegance to the design. The front and back covers have a thick paper texture.
The album format is very similar to "Fly High"; it is actually most similar to Lovelyz' first album, but for Inspirits' reference, "Fly High" will probably be best. The two contents slip out from the left, which are the photobook on the top and the CD case on the bottom.
The color schemes are simplistic and elegant with metallic gold on the spine of the photobook and silver for the case with metallic lettering.
The CD case has a nice cover, with the font and parts of their outfits having that reflective coat. The backside is matte silver with the beautiful H logo and includes the tracklist.

Here is a closeup of the tracklist. Infinite H worked with the company Brand New Music for this album, and Hoya and Dongwoo co-wrote the lyrics along with others and solely wrote the rap for all the tracks (excluding the intro). As a sequel to Infinite's first album, this album shows so much growth within the two as they participated a lot in creating these tracks and making them sound like their own unique sound. "Fly High" seemed more like a cross-over between pop and hip-hop, but this album sounds more like hip-hop and rap, which seems more like what the two are wanting to go toward. There are many artists featured (many from Brand New Music, one from Infinite's sister group Lovelyz), but I'm happy that their title track, "예뻐 (Pretty)," is only performed by Dongwoo and Hoya to really showcase their growth as rappers and singers. Also (thanks to my friend for this~) Dongwoo originally performed "부딪쳐" as during his solo stage at Infinite's That Summer Concert 2, but featuring Jin of Lovelyz instead of Sujeong.
Inside the case is the folded poster. I like how even the back of the poster has the album logo.
The poster feels like regular loose-leaf paper, so it seems hard to directly tape it on your wall without damaging it. I was hoping it'd be of thick and nice quality like the Paradise poster that was included in that album. This poster is cute though, with nine images of Infinite H goofing off and posing in front of the camera. Some of these photos are the same as in the photobook, but a few are different. The poster is about 1' 8.5" by 1' 2.5".
The inside design of the case is simple, with the matte silver background and enlarged glittery H on the CD.
The photobook covers are similar to the CD case covers, with another fierce image of Infinite H but with matte gold lettering on the front and the matte gold background and white H on the back.
The photobook has 42 pages and dedicates an entire page to each of the song's lyrics; I like this format rather than cramming all the song lyrics into two pages total, because this really showcases the lyrics and the work that Infinite H put into writing these songs. The photobook includes group and solo images with the same outfits as the photocards (read below to know what I'm referring to), as well as the one with Hoya wearing that black hat and top and Dongwoo wearing white from the music video. I also noticed at the bottom corner it says "Infinite H" and directly underneath it says "Hoya & Dong Woo" or "Dong Woo & Hoya" depending on who's on that page.
My favorite section is the last half of the photobook, which is more like behind-the-scenes and mostly in black and white, giving a nice touch. The top left photo is the one similar to the included poster. The bottom right photo is a beautiful photo of the two and wraps up the album nicely with album credits and the members' "thanks to" section.
The first page of the photobook holds the photocards.
The albums comes with two random photocards, and there are a total of six, all with the holographic background. The backsides of all the photocards have the triangle design but a different font image and color. There are at least four different designs for the backside, so I'm not which photocard each backside design is for. Both my photocards have the same backside design, but one is silver and the other is gold. One photocard is of a black and white photo of each member in their court outfits from the music video. Another photocard is of the each member wearing the outfits from the front cover of their photobook, and the last photocard is of each member wearing the outfits from front cover of the CD case. The photocard images are different from the photobook and posters.

Besides the included poster, this poster also has three exterior posters, one of each member and one group one. Two two individual posters are from the photobook and the group image is the same as the front cover of the CD case.

Overall, I really love this album; the packaging is nice as it includes many elements and the design is very elegant. The songs are also very catchy and though I am not one to listen to hip-hop or rap, Infinite H has opened me to this genre, for which I am grateful. Though it took them two years for the duo to come back, I hope their next album will come much quicker.

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