Friday, February 27, 2015

Shara Shara Very Berry Sugar Body Scrub Review

I originally bought this scrub at one of the three Shara Shara boutiques in Myungdong, at 28,000₩ but with a sale of buy one, get one free (I talk about my purchase here). Shara Shara is a Korean cosmetic brand that isn't really known overseas, so its website is all in Korean so I couldn't get much out of its product page. Conveniently the description on the product itself is in well-written English.

The website advertises this product as a multi-use scrub that is also "all-in-one care" and uses real sugar. It uses five berries, which are blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, acai, and raspberry. It is a multi-use scrub that is all-in-one because it can be used to exfoliate your face, lips, and body. I have been using this scrub for a couple of months now and honestly I always thought it was solely for the body, as the name implies, so I'll have to test it out on my face and lips next time! Other included ingredients are sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, safflower seed oil, some sort or orange oil, and honey.
Here is the container. The only English on the label states that it's a scrub "containing 5 kinds of berry extracts" and "removes dead skin cells and keep skin moist" (they were very close with having perfect English). Then there's lot of Korean information on the side, as well as the QR code to state that it's an official Shara Shara product.
The lid screws off, and then there is a white plastic cover underneath. The scrub is very pink but turns white as you rub it against your skin. It's full of sugar particles so it really feels like a deep cleansing scrub that removes dead skin cells.
Though I'm usually really frugal, when it comes to this scrub I think it's better to use more; if you use too little, the little amount spreads out over too big of a surface and gets washed away too easily, making it useless. So I usually use about this much (refer to the above picture) for each arm which is also equivalent to the amount I use for half of each leg. My skin feels soft and smooth afterwards (though my legs are a lost cause; nothing I do can make them smooth). Also it's best when there's no water in the scrub, because then it's more concentrated with the sugar; but throughout time water just naturally gets into the container since you're in the shower, and then it gets more saturated and you have to use more of the scrub for it to be more effective.

I finally tested the scrub on my face, and it works so well! Because the sugar is so fine, it exfoliates the face really well, but be mindful that it is a bit rough so it might be too powerful for your face. As for lips, it always seems hard using a scrub for your lips in general, so I'd just stick to a toothbrush to exfoliate your lips instead.

The Pros
  • 200 grams of this scrub lasts awhile
  • The scent is pleasant and smells like strawberry jam (but reminds me of those toy lip balms that little kids use)
  • The scrub is rough and really exfoliates well
  • It really is a multipurpose scrub, for the body and face
  • The container is really durable; I dropped it in my shower from shoulder level and it survived the fall without a crack or scratch.
The Cons
  • The packaging could be cuter? Though honestly it doesn't matter when the product itself is nice
Overall, I like this product and I'm most pleased about the roughness of the sugar and how it really feels like I'm exfoliating my skin. I'm definitely glad I ended up with two jars of this scrub since I love using it every day!

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