Saturday, April 18, 2015

Etude House Missing U Panda and Pink Dolphin Hand Cream Review

Etude House has a line of hand creams called Missing U, with each product focusing on a protecting a particular species. These protects spread awareness and part of the proceeds go toward that cause. The original series includes #1 Harp Seal, #2 Fairy Penguin,  #3 Panda, and #4 Pink Dolphin. I reviewed the Harp Seal before here and the Fairy Penguin here.
What first drew me to this hand cream series and to Etude House in the first place was seeing it on the drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I know I said this in the Harp Seal review, but I'll state it again. Ye Rim hands Infinite's Myungsoo the Pink Dolphin hand cream, which I honestly thought was the ugliest thing I've seen. How can you turn a dolphin's snout into a 2D surface. But because Myungsoo's had contact with this one (they probably chose the most ugly one to boost its sales), I had to get this one. When I was in Seoul, I bought the two I'm missing, the Panda and the Pink Dolphin.
I gave most of my thoughts about the products in my Harp Seal review, so here I'll do a quicker review of the packaging, the hand cream container, and the cream itself, for the Panda and Pink Dolphin. Etude's English website also has information on this hand cream series here.
The packaging is environmentally friendly; it is printed on 100% recycled paper and with soy ink, and has won a packaging award in 2011. This is the panda one.
And here is the similar packaging for the dolphin. I like the graphic of the pink dolphin in its natural habitat~
The backside states the "Panda Story" in Korean and is very descriptive. The side has a translation in English, but the "Panda Story" is much shorter than the Korean one. It reads:
"Our endangered animal friends are rapidly becoming extinct from the planet... I really want to see you...
I miss you!
Hi~ I am Panda
I live in China, love to eat bamboo and practice kung-fu."
It also states that this cream contains herbs, shea butter, and olives, to "moisturize, heal and soothe hands." While it is a hand cream, you can also apply it to arms.
The story for the pink dolphin story states: "I live in the Amazon River, love to swim and chat with friends." Like the other Missing U hand creams, it is also made with the same ingredients and has the same directions.
The hand creams fit in my hand and contain 30ml. They're so adorable; I love how the arms are 3D, adding to the cuteness.
The panda is peach scented, as indicated on its belly. To me, it smells like a typical flowery lotion scent, not necessarily peachy like Tony Moly's peach hand cream. The pink dolphin is fiona scented. I have no idea what "fiona" could be besides a name of a person, but the picture on the container looks more like a peony flower. To me, it smells like potpourri (which isn't a bad thing!). You simply unscrew the top, and inside there's a clear plastic cover and then the cream.

Overall, I love this series and I'm glad I have the complete collection! The containers are cute (...I'll eventually accept the Pink Dolphin's appearance), and the creams do their job in moisturizing my hands. I'm sorry I didn't blog much about the cream itself, but I do mention it on the other posts.

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