Sunday, October 13, 2013

Etude House Missing U Fairy Penguin Hand Cream Review

Etude House always has adorable packaging, and the Missing U hand cream line is no exception.  I reviewed the Seal hand cream from this line before; here's the link.  I bought the Penguin in September in one of Etude House's Hong Kong locations because I fell for its cuteness.
This Missing U Endangered Animal line offers products that bring awareness of endangered animals around the world.  One side of the box has English, explaining where the fairy penguins are located.  At the same time, this line is environmentally friendly, as made clear on the other side of the box with its labels.  This box is made entirely of recycled paper and printed using soy ink.  The hand creams from this line has also won two awards for design.
Here is the English side that states the mission of this line, an introduction of the fairy penguin, the main ingredients and the directions.  This is a hand cream, but it can also be used on arms.
You can see just how small this hand cream is, as it fits in the palm of my hand.  The arms are in different positions, showing realism and detail in creating the looks of this penguin.  In between the arms is a cotton bud, showing the scent is like cotton.
The inside packaging is more updated since nine months ago when I had bought the Seal.  There is a thin, clear film protecting the lotion from leaking to the top of the lid.  After twisting off the lid, I immediately smelled the strong baby powder scent.  This scent is really innocent and different, but smelling it for too long might overwhelm me.  The side of the box states that this cream is a blend of herbs, shea butter and olives "to moisturize, heal and soothe hands."
Here is a swatch of the cream.  It's more on the runny side so a little goes a long way.  The amount on my palm is the perfect amount to cover my hands thoroughly and the residual smell is rather pleasant and light, not overbearing at all.  I will definitely use this as a daily lotion to keep my hands from drying out.

Overall, I love this hand cream.  The packaging is to die for, and I like how Etude is spreading awareness through its products in this line.  And the lotion itself works well and leaves a pleasant scent.  I'll definitely be collecting more from Etude's Missing U line!


  1. The packaging is too cute for words! I absolutely adore it so much!!!!! =D Love the review! :)

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