Saturday, June 20, 2015

Shara Shara Repairing Hair Essence Lotion Review

Today I'm reviewing Korean beauty brand Shara Shara's Hair Repairing Essence Lotion. The product label and the product's webpage here have have very little English, but here's what I got from it~ The backside states that this "Hair lotion cares damaged hair intensively with vegetable oil and protein ingredient."
The webpage and the rest of the label are in Korean. According to my friend, it says that you can use this product on both wet and dry hair, by combing the product through your hair. If your hair is wet, make sure to towel dry it first.

The product smells really good and sweet, like peach gummy rings. It is also smooth and a little runny. Looking at the photo, this is about how much one pump is. I use this much on about a five inch section of my hair, and clamp my palms together from the top of my hair and drag it to the bottom to fully disperse the product throughout my hair. I used a lot of this lotion on towel-dried hair, and after a few hours I noticed that the lotion left a sticky residue, like hair gel, all over my hair. It became really knotty and made my hair bothersome especially when I ran my fingers through my hair. The lotion had set my hair and was especially noticeable on my bangs. I think this product fits more as a light-hold hair gel that sets regular and light hairstyles and flyaway strands rather than fancy curls and buns. As for its repairing effects, I'm not sure how to test that. To recap:

The Pros
  • The sweet, candy peach scent is heavenly.
  • The lotion is smooth and runny on the hands rather than sticky, so it's mess-free.
  • The lotion lightly sets hair, like a light-hold hair gel.
The Cons
  • The lotion dries like a gel, making hair knotty and sticky (this can be a pro if you like hair gel).
Overall, this product is more of a nuisance since it makes my hair knotty and feels like someone had drenched my hair in soda; however, that is kind of how gel feels like as well, so if this product were labeled as a light-hold gel, I'd be more satisfied. The bottom line, the one con really outweighs the pros for me, definitely not making me a fan of the product.

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