Thursday, August 27, 2015

Infinite Collection Cards Vol.2 Mini Haul from eBay

I couldn't help but start buying on eBay to complete my Infinite Collection Cards Vol.2 set. I really like buying from the eBay seller tobewithkpopbuyer; I bought from this seller three times (once for my most favorite photocard, New Challenge's Myungsoo, another time for Paradise's Sungyeol) and both times my merchandise was really well packaged to guarantee its safety. This seller's items are usually bidding style, starting as low as $0.99USD, and they were always free shipping. Because this seller sells the same photocards every few weeks, I was able to wait a few rounds until finally I won the Sungyeol photocard for under $5. Now onto my latest purchase~
I really didn't want to get into bidding on eBay again because it's really addicting, but I wanted to get the Sungyeol rare solar system card (#002) for my friend. So I bid it and won at $6.50, which in my opinion is too much. I think a rare card should be at most $4 because if I were to buy another box just for rares, each rare would've cost me $4 (as a box with shipping is roughly $40).
And somehow I ended up bidding and winning the Sunggyu standee at $9.02. I honestly wanted the Woohyun and Hoya standee and my thinking was if I have Sunggyu and Sungyeol, eventually someone will want to trade with me. I'll probably just end up trying to collect all seven in the end.

I was really happy about the packaging of these items! I know how difficult it is shipping out standees, but this seller knows how to package these goods well. First the envelope was made of plastic so it was waterproof, and the seller added a "DON'T BEND (PHOTO)" sticker on the top. It was tightly wrapped around the goods inside.
Inside, the Sunggyu standee was on one side and the Sungyeol card was on another side of a thick piece of card stock, then tightly wounded together with saran wrap.
Then it was placed inside a really snug bubblewrap envelope before being placed in the plastic envelope.
The seller also gave an unofficial Exo photocard as a gift. With my lack of knowledge in Exo items, I thought it was an official photocard at first. But then I compared it with my own Exo photocard (I don't want to talk about why I have this photocard...), and they are different.
The only damage was to the back of Sunggyu's head, where the tip got a bit squished. But this is understandable, as my Sungyeol standee came like that inside the tin box.

I'm so happy with the packaging, that I definitely wouldn't mind ordering from this seller again. Bidding is so addicting though (and I always bid more than I originally say I would), so hopefully I can hold off from eBay for a bit.


  1. Are you going to do an unboxing of Infinite's Paradise/BeBack LP Limited Edition's?

    1. Hi! I don't think I will preorder them (as cool as they sound), but I might get them and do an unboxing in the far future^^