Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Infinite "Lucky Guys" Official Collection Cards Vol.1 [New Box]

Now that it's been almost two years since the release of Infinite's Lucky Guys Vol.1 collection cards and Woollim recently released Vol.2, I decided to buy another set of Vol.1 at a cheaper price. I found a new one on eBay for $29.98 including shipping, sold by Korean based seller grapemusiccd. They've since raised the price by $5, so I'm glad I bought it when I did. Originally Vol.1 was selling for about $32 before shipping. I did a review of Vol.1 (it was one of my earlier posts so it's not that great) here, the Vol.1 binder here, and bought two separate packs here. I'll just show the cards I got from this set instead of doing a full-on review. I decided to make the photos bigger since the cards are so small, so it's best to view it on desktop version.
My package was shipped the following day and arrived in 15 days with registered shipping. It came in a small box that has enough room to fit three sets inside.
My one set was surrounded by one layer of bubble wrap and then the remaining room was filled with a bundle of bubble wrap, so it was overall very well secured and my set arrived in perfect condition.
This is the order of the 10 packs I got (left: Sunggyu to Myungsoo (top to bottom); right: Hoya to Myungsoo (top to bottom)). I was really surprised that I didn't get any Sungyeol packs (and not just because I get Sungyeol the most often); I always thought every set should come with one of each member, and then three duplicates. Though I already completed my normals, I'm so excited to see the 10 rare cards! Maybe today will be the day I pull a Myungsoo card...
Here are all the cards I got, in the order they came in inside their respective packets, so some of the cards are upside down. This set is such a great collection; I can't believe my luck has come again. The last Infinite item I got was the limited Reality album, where I got two Sunggyu photocards and two Sungyeol event cards. And now I got an extra rare card in one of the packs, for a total of 11 rares! And...I pulled TWO Myungsoo rares, this is a HUGE moment for me! And it's a Myungsoo scratch card, wow. I was surprised to have only pulled one Sunggyu normal as well.

And now some of my random observations~
For one of my normal cards, the machine had cut it incorrectly. In the left photo, you can see the red line on the left where the end of the card should be and on the right you can see how half of the card number information is cut off.
Something else I noticed as I was laying out my cards, the backside of # 091 and the front side of #098 use the same exact image of Hoya (though the colors are slightly different), whereas the other members' cards for these same types of cards are different.

In all, these cards are really addicting and getting this box is making me want to finish my rare collection...but I have invested way too much into this and should really stop myself.

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