Monday, May 23, 2016

[HOW TO OPEN] Nam Woohyun: Write.. 1st Mini Album

Here I'll just be presenting how I opened Woohyun's album Write.. My full unboxing/review of this album is here. Woollim tends to have simple packaging, but they really went on the creative side with this one. On the left side of the album, the edges are perforated.
The top left corner has a black triangle and a slit in between.
I used my thumbnail to slip inside the slit and lift upward until it was like the picture above. It was convenient for me to open this album because I'm left handed, but hopefully it's naturally instinctual for right handed people too.
Then I used a sharp box cutter and really slowly, ran it against the perforation bit by bit. I only cut the long edge connected to the backside of the album, as pictured above. It's really easy to lose your grip and scrap the exterior of the box, or worse, cut so deeply that it runs through the inside album spine. Even with my patience, I did scratch both parts a few times -.-
After running the box cutter through the long end, then I ran the box cutter across the bottom edge as well. Note that there is more cardboard space (like they didn't make perforation marks throughout the entire bottom edge), so you may need to freely cut the edge a bit. After cutting just these two edges, I carefully unfolded the flap. You can see the uneven edge after I cut it in the top photo, and you can kind of see the scratches I put into the spine in the bottom photo (center of spine).

I hope this quick tutorial of how to open Woohyun's debut album helps those who haven't opened their albums yet!

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