Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Infinite: 24 Hours Single (All Member's Versions) Review

Woollim released nine versions of Infinite's Japanese single, 24 Hours, in April 2015. Being the crazy Inspirit that I am, I got all nine versions (though I really can't justify getting nine versions of one album). I wrote more about this single in my review of the first press normal version here and in this post, I'll be showing all seven member versions of the single. But because all of them practically look the same, I'll do a general unboxing of only one member's.

My family got these for me from a Kpop shop in Hong Kong's Sino Centre. They were all priced at $75HKD, except for L's which was $130HKD and Sungyeol's at $110HKD. Sadly the Sungjong one was broken such that the clips holding the CD in place broke off, yet it was still at regular price -.- Woohyun's case is also cracked...
Here are all seven member versions. You can see that it is a clear case to display the picture label of each CD. The clear wrap is still on the albums here, but once you remove it, the white slip on the left comes off (it's not attached to the case). These images are different from that of the normal version, however they're very similar to the back cover of that version.
The backside has the same image for each member version.
From here on, I'll mostly focus on L's version. I was a bit disappointed at the lack of packaging for the member version. It's simply a jewel case (but the super thin kind) without any booklet, and the member's image on the picture label.
Here is a closeup of the back cover. The top left sticker is on the outside of the clear wrap and has information about the promotional event I believe. The black box on the bottom right indicates which member this version is.
The paper spine (that thing on the bottom with all the wording) is in between the jewel case and the clear plastic wrap, so sadly I can't properly keep it with the album.
Pictured are Sungjong's (top) and L's. The black corner is meant to be ripped to enter into the lottery event. Sungjong's has a "9" printed on it while "L's has an "8," so you have to get one of each member in order to enter the event. Of course the event ended a year ago...
Opening the jewel case, the CD is held together on the on the left. I really don't like this design, because it's easy for the CD to fall out (you swing the side that the CD is attached to to open the case) and because it's easy to get the underside of the CD dirty.
Here is the mini photo pamphlet. Attached at the end is the spine of the album.
Inside is a loose leaf sheet explaining the event.
The underside of the pamphlet as the Japanese lyrics for "24 Hours" and "Just Another Lonely Night."

Instead of having the three Japanese tracks "24 Hours," "Just Another Lonely Night," and "Together" like in the normal and limited versions, these member versions have the respective member's audio message in Japanese as the third track, replacing "Together." Each member's message track is somewhere over a minute long.

Overall...I honestly don't think these member versions are worth it. Hopefully this guilt will help me steer clear from buying any future Japanese member versions.
Update: I originally opened four CDs with difficulty as the plastic wrap was really tight around the album. But it wasn't until I reached Woohyun (I opened it from youngest to oldest), that I realized that there is a little plastic tail hanging out at the top left side of the album.
You can just keep pulling it (like a pack of Juicy Fruit chewing gum), then the entire wrapper easily comes off.

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