Monday, February 17, 2014

The Face Shop Mini Pet Floral Hand Cream Review

While many products from The Face Shop don't focus on cute packaging, they do have the Lovely ME EX line that includes several adorable products, such as hand creams and lip balms, that are also small enough to be convenient while on-the-go.
Within the Lovely ME EX line, The Face Shop has four Mini Pet hand creams in the shape of a cute pet peeking out of a colorful flower pot. Each animal designates a specific scent: baby powder, sweet fruits, white floral and fruity floral. All of these hand creams are 30 ml and are for all skin types. In the photo, you can get an idea of just how small the container is. According to the product's page on The Face Shop's website, these creams are light, not sticky and absorb well, containing moisture and nutrients for soft hands. And after testing this product, I totally agree that everything that the website stated about this cream is definitely true!
I decided to start of with the Mini Pet Floral, which has a cute pastel pink kitten poking out of its hot pink flower pot. The pot screws open just under the lip of the pot. Inside, there is a clear plastic film to avoid the cream from spilling. The lid always closes back so the kitten is facing the "Mini Pet Floral" label.
This hand cream has the white floral scent. The scent is initially a bit strong when first scooping the cream from the pot, but it doesn't remain that strong once I rub it on my hands. This white cream is very light and smooth, and the amount in the picture is the perfect amount for my hands. 

The Pros
  • At first the packaging may seem childish, but the cuteness has really grown on me!
  • A little goes a long way; despite being such a small container, this cream will definitely last for awhile.
  • My hands don't feel greasy at all; just five minutes after using this cream, I'm willfully typing this review on my computer without leaving gross grease marks. My skin absorbs the cream really quickly, which is very convenient for on-the-go.
  • My hands are well-moisturized!
The Cons
  • There is nothing I don't like about this product!
Overall, I love this hand cream! My hands feel moisturized and I absolutely love the non-greasy feeling. I'll definitely use this every night before going to bed to have continuing moisturized and non-chapped hands during this winter.

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