Friday, February 28, 2014

The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Lemon Hand Cream Review

Realistic food and drink items seem to be the trend in Korean cosmetic brands. The Face Shop has its own collection of realistic looking (though not as pretty as Tony Moly's) fruit hand creams. This line consists of the Apple and Blueberry (which both look very unrealistic and like any ordinary container, or even a lame toddler's play toy, no offense), as well as the Lemon, which looks much more realistic. Here's how the Lemon looks like. It still looks like a play toy, but more realistic than the other two. And that annoying expiration date is printed so obnoxiously!
The ingredients and information label is printed vertically on the side of the container. This label strategically has perforation where the lid turns and slits at the ends so the label won't come off even after unscrewing the lid. You can also get a sense at how big this is compared to my hand.
Once the lid is unscrewed, there is a clear plastic film to protect the cream from seeping out. The lid always screws back on so the labels line up properly. According to The Face Shop's website, all three fruits contain 30 ml of product and can be used on all skin types. This cream is meant to moisturize and hydrate hands using "botanic butter ingredients."
The cream has a slight lemon scent that resembles Purell hand sanitizer. It has a translucent, pale yellow hue that easily becomes  more clear when spread. The amount on the left is enough to cover my hands. It feels very light and runs like gel. The more I rubbed my hands, the stronger the lemon scent appeared. Afterwards, the cream left my hands with a layer of shiny grease, which can be seen on the right.

The Pros
  • The scent is light and refreshing, and makes me crave carnival lemonade!
  • The lightness of the cream is nice.
The Cons
  • The exterior packaging could look more realistic, though it's not a bad design currently.
  • The greasiness is overbearing...I definitely can't use this cream throughout the day. I honestly shouldn't be writing my review on this right now, right after using it on my hands.
Overall, I am not a fan of this hand cream. I'll just be using it right before bed so the greasiness can stay contained in my bed and quickly use up this lemon to add it to my collection of cute hand cream jars.

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