Monday, September 8, 2014

Infinite Magazine Haul!

Throughout my stay in Seoul, I was able to purchase some magazines with Infinite on the cover, both recent and past! Here are the ones I was able to find~

@Star1, July 2014
I had arrived in Seoul and had some free time to go exploring at the end of June. I stumbled into a small bookstore in Sinchon, and they still had a few copies of this magazine! It cost only 2,800₩. Also, the four big magazines are about 10.375 inches by 15.1875 inches and are of slightly better than newspaper quality and stapled at the spine, so different from other countries' magazines!
This spread is only 12 pages long, so I decided to just post all the photos here.
Besides the cover photo, there are two other group photos, and then individual photos, with a total of three outfits. There is also an interview with behind the scenes photos, mostly of Myungsoo and none of Hoya.

The Star, July 2014
I was trying to look for this magazine at several stores during the same time I was looking for @Star1, but every store said that this magazine had sold out. So my friend and I decided to order online instead for 3,000₩ plus shipping. And a week later, oddly enough I see a huge stack of this magazine, alongside @Star1, at a large bookstore in Myungdong.
The cover is really charming, with Infinite grouped together like a marching band!
This spread is 16 pages long, includes two group photos, individual member photos, and subgroup photos, again with three outfits.
All of the photos show Infinite's fun and quirky side, playing around with band instruments and tossing their hats. It's definitely one of my most favorite magazine spreads! The last two pages has an interview and behind the scenes photos.

High Cut, December 5-December 18, 2013
I made another trip to a Kpop shop in Myungdong Station, and this time they managed to have a whole stack of months old magazines, including last year's High Cut and The Star with Infinite on the cover! High Cut had originally cost 700₩ but the store charged 3,000₩, while The Star was now 4,000₩ (I couldn't read the original printed price) which is still fairly reasonable.
Besides the spread, there are also photos of Infinite along the way. The contents page includes some behind the scenes photos from Infinite's photoshoot. In the Celebrity News section, there is a wound-inflicting reminder of Myungsoo's dating rumor.
This spread is 16 pages long and has a gloomy and drowsy concept. The photos show Infinite in dark and heavy clothing, and looking quite chic, but tired.
To contrast, there's one photo of Infinite celebrating the upcoming new year by opening up a champagne bottle. And lastly, there's the interview with some more behind the scenes photos. High Cut also has a Japanese version that includes a shortened version of this Infinite spread, but that also includes a few different photos (there was another photo of Myungsoo holding a sleeping mask).

The Star, June 2013
This magazine shows off Infinite dressed for an adventure on a remote island...or at least that's what I got out of it. Besides the cover, there is one other group photo to start off the 18 page spread. It finishes with an interview and behind the scenes photos.
In between are two pages dedicated to each member, one (almost) full body shot and another closeup, with Infinite in cute headbands.
This photoshoot was a bit...unique, with the grapes on Sunggyu's head and Sungjong's random puffy shorts, but overall it was very cute and summery! I absolutely love the closeup shots of the members; they all look so pure and handsome. I love how they added freckles on Sungyeol's cheeks as well! And that last image is just a closeup of the interview as filler.

ASTA TV, August 2014
I had a few hours to kill at Incheon Airport before I had to say goodbye to Korea, and what better way to do so than to buy something Infinite related. While I usually don't buy celebrity entertainment magazines that just have paparazzi photos rather than interviews and exclusive photoshoots, this issue of ASTA TV magazine was particularly meaningful to me. This issue has photos from Myungsoo's departure on June 21st from Incheon Airport to Taiwan (I had just arrived in Seoul a few days prior and saved all the photos of Myungsoo as his airport fashion was so spot on!), the Korean Speed Festival/Brilliant Motor Festival (my first time seeing Infinite in Korea), the M! Countdown 10th Anniversary (which I regret I missed) and more. This magazine is basically my two month Inspirit life study abroad in a nut shell.
This magazine has a 50 page spread on Infinite! It starts off with an advertisement of High School: Love on! And then, as summarized above (why am I just repeating myself...), there are photos of Myungsoo's airport fashion to Taiwan, then a few of Sungjong from Infinite's mini fan meeting, then stills, behind the scenes and photos from the press conference of High School: Love On, then photos from the Korean Speed Festival along with Infinite on the red carpet of the M! Countdown 10th Anniversary concert and lastly, a few airport photos. This cost 11,800₩, definitely much more expensive than those other magazines, but I'm so happy with the magazine.

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