Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Infinite: Last Romeo ~Kimi Ga Ireba Ii~ Single (Type B) Review

In July of this year, Infinite released their latest Japanese single, "Last Romeo," with a normal version and two limited edition versions, all with different photoshoots. I reviewed Type A and gave an overview on all three albums here and I'll review Type B in this post.
Type B contains the CD and a large photobook. Based on the front and back covers, you can tell this album contains mostly photos of the unfortunately Myungsoo Cow Outfit. Despite this, all the other outfits look great and I do absolutely love the composition of the album cover, as Woollim once again has tried to create the Infinite symbol with their stances, like in one of the New Challenge posters. Though these photos do look practically identical to the ones from Infinite's Korean version, Season 2, I do know that at least the front cover of this Japanese album is slightly different (Sungyeol changed his pose). The front cover also has information about the August hi touch event in Japan. The back cover has the tracklist: the Japanese versions of "Last Romeo," "A Person Like Me" and "Nothing's Over."
While websites list this as having an A4 sized album cover, it's actually smaller, at 10.875 inches by 7.5 inches. Also this album is just as thin as Type A and the Inspirit album and is made of the same papery material.
The album is cheaply designed, as the album is just a piece of cardboard folded over and the photobook just comes out. I wish the packaging could have been better; websites say this is an A4 album, so I expected something like the She's Back limited edition album, but this album is far from that quality. The left side has a photo of each member and the tracklist, and the right side has the CD wedged into the center.
Inside the photobook is also a slip of paper detailing the hi touch event.
The photobook has 50 pages containing photos of the Cow Outfit, as well as the white lace outfits to my relief. There are three group photos spread throughout the album that look very similar to those from Season 2. Most photos in this photobook look very similar, but I did cross reference them with my Season 2 photobook, and the poses are just ever so slightly different from the photos in this album.
The first set of photos dedicates two pages per member, with either one or two images of that member and in either or both of the two outfits.
Then there are a slough of random individual photos, some of which are obviously different from Season 2, like the above Sungjong photos, and some too similar, like Woohyun's photo. I didn't really like this photobook, as the layout of the photos seemed sloppy, as if they just threw random photos onto the page.
The last four pages contain the lyrics and staff credits.

Overall, I'm really happy that all three versions of the Last Romeo Japanese single contain completely different photoshoots or I'm really sad because Woollim makes me broke so easily but I wish the quality of this album were better designed and please rethink the dreadful Cow Outfit. It's so infamous that I now had to capitalize that attire. Also, because this album is special for its huge photobook, I wish the photoshoots from the Japanese Last Romeo single were used, instead of the Season 2 outfits.

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