Wednesday, October 8, 2014

[Update] Infinite: Koi Ni Ochiru Toki 1st Japanese Full Album Review

As new official Infinite products seem to be on hiatus (as in Woollim isn't releasing any new albums or DVDs for awhile), I decided that I want to try and collect all seven random member photobooks from the Japanese full album, Koi Ni Ochiru Toki! I originally bought a new album in Japan and received Hoya, which I traded for my friend's Myungsoo. Though I have my bias's book, I love this concept and photoshoot so much, and the fact that the random element is an actual book instead of a photocard, that I decided to try and collect more! Here is my original review of the album, and in this blog post I'll describe my game plan for collecting all seven photobooks and continue my review of the album.

I prefer buying new albums, but because I want to collect specific books and ask sellers which member's book they're selling, I decided to go to the used market on Amazon. While there are few sellers on eBay selling specific member's photobooks, they're offering ridiculous prices so buying used from Amazon seemed best. I emailed many sellers for which members they had, some of who ignored me, some who said they don't have access to their warehouse, and others who gave me the member and immediately hiked up the price three-fold. I'm pretty hesitant buying from an independent seller on Amazon (as I've had way more than my share of bad experiences), especially because the random member photobook may be missing from the album. Yet I gambled with the cheapest seller, SHINJITU JP, who also never responded to my email. I paid just under $16 and my used album arrived exactly two weeks after shipment.

My album arrived in a paper envelope lined with bubblewrap, and there was a thin cushy layer around my album that was taped onto the album itself...luckily it didn't leave a mark. But of course the first thing I checked before opening my package was whether or not the random photobook was inside-I gave my package a shake and everything seemed to be there! Overall the exterior casing had a few nicks, but the photobooks were in excellent, practically new condition!
I'm pretty meticulous when it comes to documenting my Infinite merchandise, so that's why most of this post is pointless. But anyways, my album came with, in order from top to bottom: the CD/DVD case, the regular photobook, the advertisement slip, and lastly the random member photobook. The only thing that's missing is the lottery ticket.
And if it wasn't for this album, I wouldn't have known that the perforated exterior case is also a slip that goes over the album! So the real album covers under the cover slips look like this, with a simplistic front and with a group photo from the regular photobook, the CD and DVD tracklists and technical information on the back.

Of course the first thing I checked after opening the package was which member did I get...I got Woohyun, the one I wanted the most! Admiring every page of pure amazingness, my hands were trembling so much in happiness that I finally got what I had wanted. While all the member photobooks include photos from all three photoshoots (white suits, black and white suits, pastel suits), the number of pages per each shoot is different. Excluding the front and back covers, Hoya's and Woohyun's are 6, 4, 8, and Myungsoo's is 6, 6, 6.
Here are the covers of Woohyun's photobook. Like the front cover, the rest of the photos from this shoot show Woohyun calm and distant, and then the last shoot is more cute and fun.
Mostly every page has its own photo, but for some reason that one photo of Woohyun was's still a gorgeous photo though^^ Then there are the black and white photos, which are cute as well. Many of Woohyun's photos (5 to be exact) are full body, and many more (8) are half body...I was hoping for more close-ups. Included are Woohyun's profile information and printed autograph, and the last two pages are fun poses!
I never got around to posting about Myungsoo's photobook, but it's never too late! Here are the front and back covers.
I cannot get over the first photoshoot; it is just pure perfection. These pages show Myungsoo being cute and charming, and also expressionless L! Included again are the profile information and printed autograph, and the last two pages are so cute!

Again, I cannot state how esctatic I am to have both Myungsoo's and Woohyun's. Part of me wants to continue collecting the rest ASAP but then I feel like I won't cherish my top 2 as much as I do now...we'll see^^


  1. Hello, are you planning on buying INFINITE F's debut Japanese album? :)
    Also, I heard that some of the Over the Top albums had photocards in them. Do you know anything about that? :)xx
    PS. I love your blog

    1. Hi, thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate it!
      I'm definitely going to pre-order Infinite F's CD, type A (with the DVD), but I'm not sure when I'll get the other two versions. I'm soo excited for their debut!!!!!
      Hmm, I haven't heard that Over the Top has photocards...I was sure that they never came with photocards. My friend has OTT 1st press (they released a 1st and 2nd press despite being limited) and hers didn't come with anything.

  2. I'm so excited as well!! But, I hope they get to release a Korean album as well.
    Yes, my bad. I was at school and I had to type really quickly...I meant their Inspirit album :)

    1. I really hope they'll debut in Korea too! I'm just so happy that the maknae line can really show their talents now as a subunit!

      Oh no worries^^ Yah, only the first press of Inspirit came with a photocard! They're super super rare now so I haven't bothered trying to buy them because many of them being sold are fake and/or super expensive :/

  3. Yes, I'm praying for a Korean album which has the song "Heartbeat" in it, because I absolutely love that song. I'm excited to listen to their beautiful voices :)

    Is there like any difference between the first press and the second press albums?
    Ugh fake albums :// That's the reason I'm scared to buy stuff that are out of print ://

    1. I feel the same exact way!!! I'm so obsessed with "Heartbeat" and I'm hoping it'll be on the High School: Love On OST, if not an Infinite F album!

      Usually first press albums come with something extra: First Invasion came with a sticker with their logo, Inspirit came with a photocard, Infinitize came with a random member's audio message, New Challenge came with a random instrumental track. The first press of Over the Top also printed Sungyeol's name incorrectly, but during second press it was fixed. And for some reason Paradise comes with 0 to 2 photocards, maybe depending on the press?

      I have the same fear as you, so now I always pre-order to guarantee that I'll get first press and genuine photocards!

  4. Yes, I hope they release it soon.

    Oh, that's the reason why I got two photocards in my Paradise album...and I thought I was lucky, lol xD I think I've seen Sungyeol's name written incorrectly in Evolution and First Invasion as well.

    Also, another question. I don't know if I want to buy their official card collection. I really like it but I don't know if it's worth it. What would you suggest?

    1. It's still cool that you got 2 Paradise photocards! I only got 1. Yah Sungyeol's name was always misspelled, but I guess with Over the Top it was the last time they made that mistake.

      Hmm the first 2 months or so after I got my collection cards, I was so addicted to collecting every card that it really drained my time, money and energy lol. They're really fun to see which cards you get, but then you just want to buy more and I suggest, if you do buy a set, prepare to want to buy more or just have good willpower to stop at one! Also, you can just always look at scans of the cards online instead of buying them, if that's enough for you. Right now is selling a set for $34 (including shipping to US) which is much cheaper than when it was first released last year.

  5. Yeah, I'm still thinking about it. At the end though, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna end up buying them. haha. And if I buy them I'm gonna have to buy the binder as well.

    1. Hahaha we have the same thinking. Definitely the binder is a good investment! It keeps the cards nice and organized and you know which cards you're missing (which makes you want to fill up the sleeves by buying more cards lol).

  6. Haha yes :D
    And I always love it when something is organised. But it makes me even more happy when I'm able to see all my cards/photocards organised :D
    Yeah, that's true. If I end up buying them I'm going to try hard not to buy more and just trade them :)

  7. Haha, I ended up buying them yesterday along with the Second Invasion DVD. Finally, I was looking for that since last time (when I was asking you if I should buy their Second Invasion or their That Summer DVD) haha yeah, that was me :)

    Oh, also, was their song "A Person Like Me" (Till I...) released in 2012 in their Merry Christmas album?

    1. Ahh, nice to talk to you again~ I'm glad you ended up buying Second Invasion, it's really really nice! And congrats on buying the cards too hehe, happy collecting!

      Yup, in 2012 Infinite released a digital Christmas album that had "Follow Me" and "A Person Like Me"! So I was a bit annoyed that Infinite tested out 30+ songs for their album Season 2, yet they put in two tracks that they've already released a few years earlier.

  8. Haha thank you :') Yes, I initially wanted Second Invasion but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I'm happy. I hope I get good ones, and maybe some that you don't have so we can trade :D (but that's if you need any of course lol)

    Okay good, cause I got confused for a bit, but yeah, now I know for sure. Though, they are really lovely songs and after they were put in their Season 2 album they got more acknowledged than before :') Did they record them again or did they just put them the way they were? xD

    1. I actually didn't think strategically about the collection cards, and thought I'd only buy one set. So I only bought one set, but then I bought individual cards as well to try and fill up my the end, I completed my normal cards (with two duplicates after lots of trading) and kept buying individual rare cards. So I don't really have duplicates, but maybe we can trade my two normal duplicates if you don't have them! I'd love to hear about the rares you get! (Those fabric cards...)

      Wow, you bring up really good points that I never considered! Honestly I didn't really listen to either of those tracks until it was released on the physical album, so you're right, it definitely brought those songs to light since many people didn't know about them as a digital album. And that's a really interesting question, I don't know if it's a new recording or not! I'm so curious to find out now. [10 minutes later...] okay so I went onto YouTube and listened to audio files of "A Person Like Me" from 2012 and from 2014, and they sound just slightly different! Listening to Sungyeol's part, the newer version has women's backing track voices while the older version didn't. I think they did do a new recording? But don't take my word for it, as I'm so not musically knowledgeable lol.

  9. So you basically have the majority :') Daebak :D It will be hard to get a card that can please you haha xD I can tell you which ones I got when I finally receive them.

    I will go and listen to them and compare them myself as well. Haha, not that I'm musically knowledgeable either but it will be cool to listen to the evolution of their voices. :)

    1. Happy card collecting^^ And I'm sure they'll release a vol 2, so I'll be ready to trade cards then!

      Haha yah it is pretty cool to hear their recordings from 1.5 years apart to hear the change!

  10. Oh I'm really sad :'(
    They e-mailed me that they don't have the Second Invasion DVD anymore and it was a mistake that they had it as "In Stock".
    And now I'm trying to find a place to buy it again but I can't :(

    1. Actually, I just found it on Amazon and bought it xD Now I'm happy again xD

    2. Yay I'm so glad you were able to find another one!!! That happened to me a few times when I was trying to order Second Invasion Evolution on Amazon...hopefully your order goes through and you'll get it soon!!

  11. Thank you :')
    OMG, I heard about their headphones release yesterday and I'm so excited because I really want them. Are you getting them? :)

    1. The headphones look so luxurious and beautiful! I really want them, but I don't think I'll get them...they're so expensive, but definitely high quality. I heard they're only releasing 1200 and I have no idea how to buy them...they seem like only for the Korean market? I hope you can get a pair!!!!!!!

  12. I really want them as well but they're so expensive and I'm not sure if they're worth it. But, since I know myself if I'm able to buy them, then I will. Wow, 1200 is a small amount. Yeah, same I don't really know how to buy them yet. I'm guessing they're only for the Korean market, but I hope not!

    1. I hope 1200 was just a you said, it's so little! I hope you'll be able to find them! Since they're German headphones, it would make sense not to just sell it to the Korean market...right? Now that I've seen some members of Infinite wearing the headphones at the airport, I really really want them too...and the rarity of them makes me want them more! But I'll try to resist!

  13. Yeah, I guess that would make sense. But I haven't found any proof as to where they sell them yet. I hope 1200 is a rumor because by the time I figure out how or where to buy them they will have been extinct lol.
    Me too, I saw Sungjong wearing them and they looked perfect on him. But still...I guess I have to continue my research as to where I can get them from. fans. We go through the most :|

    1. OMG, I think I found it.
      But I can't understand Korean lol. I'm using google translate for everything.

    2. I found that site too, I think it's the only site selling it. I tried making an account, but you either have to be a Korean citizen or a foreigner with an alien registration card :( It says free shipping, so it's probably only shipping within the country...haha this just seems like a lost cause for international IS so hard being international fans! Like even for American fans, Infinite went to LAX and signed and took selcas, yet I'm no where near there...that is the hardest for me, seeing them being so nice with fan service in my country, and I couldn't be there.

      Anyways...if there's a will, there's a way! So hopefully...somehow...we'll be able to buy them!!!! Because they don't even seem like they're sold out on the site! I feel like because Koreans can see Infinite all the time, they don't care as much about collecting everything, but for international fans, it's the only way we can show our love!

    3. After I found that site, Infinite posted it on their Facebook page so it looks like it's the only website where you can get them. But yeah, I've been trying all morning to make an account but it won't let me. They don't accept gmail or hotmail, they only want something like daum. So now I'm pretty sure it's not for us :(
      I've been feeling bad all day because I can't get them and I really want them. Yeah, I shouldn't be feeling like that lol, but honestly I would be lying if I said that it didn't affect me.

      I's so hard being an international fan. I saw the pics from LAX as well...and I totally understand...I wouldn't be able to imagine them being in the same country as me and me not being there to see them. I'm Anastasia btw (but call me Tas) and I live in Greece.

      I hope there is a way for us to get them. They're not sold out yet, and I hope they don't sell out.
      Haha, I've bothering you for like the past 3 months xD and I'm so grateful because you've been answering all my questions and helping me a lot. [does a 90 degree bow] 감사합니다 ❤

  14. After I found that site, Infinite posted it on their Facebook page so it looks like it's the only website where you can get them. But yeah, I've been trying all morning to make an account but it won't let me. They don't accept gmail or hotmail, they only want something like daum. So now I'm pretty sure it's not for us :(
    I've been feeling bad all day because I can't get them and I really want them. Yeah, I shouldn't be feeling like that lol, but honestly I would be lying if I said that it didn't affect me.

    I's so hard being an international fan. I saw the pics from LAX as well...and I totally understand...I wouldn't be able to imagine them being in the same country as me and me not being there to see them. I'm Anastasia btw (but call me Tas) and I live in Greece.

    I hope there is a way for us to get them. They're not sold out yet, and I hope they don't sell out.
    Haha, I've bothering you for like the past 3 months xD and I'm so grateful because you've been answering all my questions and helping me a lot. [does a 90 degree bow] 감사합니다 ❤

    1. I feel like these headphones are actually practical (compared to all the Infinite goods I get if I ever grow out of liking Infinite, which is obviously impossible...), but I can actually use these headphones all my life. Maybe within time some Korean sellers on ebay will sell them...but hopefully not at a big markup!

      Nice to meet you, Tas :) Wow, an Inspirit from Greece, that's so cool! I hope someday Infinite will visit Greece~

      Haha don't worry, you haven't been bothering me at all! I love talking to other Inspirits about Infinite^^ If you have any other questions or anything else you want to talk about, I'm right here^^

  15. HAHAHA omg i'm actually laughing now cause I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same. That they're actually useful. What happens if I stop loving Infinite? I don't want that to happen...I would be miserable xD

    Oh it would be nice but it's most probably never gonna happen. But if they visit, I hope I'm here since I'm moving this summer (going to Canada for college)

    Aw, thank you. Same here. I love talking to Inspirits about anything that has to do with Infinite :D
    Haha, about the questions, you're the only person I trust so I only ask you :')
    Oh, btw, I'm about to finish Reply 1997. I only have 2 episodes left. I'll tell you about it when I'm done watching it (later on today lol) And then I can fangirl about Hoya xD
    Have a nice day! (since you're gonna see this when you wake up :D)

    1. Hahaha sometimes I have my down times where I start to drift away from Infinite (like if my Infinite album arrives damaged, I just give up all hope of being an international fan), but then I think about how much time, money, life I've invested into Infinite, and I know I just have to keeping loving them forever! I've gone too deep to get out now lol.

      Wow, that's so cool to study in Canada! If you're near Vancouver or Toronto, I know a good Kpop shop near both cities!

      Awww you're so sweet, I'm glad you trust me about Infinite related stuff^^ Though so much of the time I don't have actual answers lol.

      Yay I'm glad you watched Reply 1997! Oh wow, Hoya~ I can't get over him in that drama!!

      Thanks, have a good...night, I think, in your time!

  16. Haha, thanks. I'll be going to bed soon.
    Yes, I understand. I can't imagine my life without Infinite right now, so I don't want that to change. I've been dreaming of having my own apartment with a huge cupboard with many shelves where I can put all of my collections.

    Yeah, I guess it's cool. I'm going to be in Toronto because I have relatives there :')
    I know all about the k-pop stores over there. I did my research before August because I went there this summer in order to check out some colleges and visit family and actually bought a lot of stuff from Broadcast Entertainment & Fantasia in the Pacific Mall. Also, I had asked you as well in case I couldn't find anything in that store. But I ended up finding a lot of stuff. See? I told you that I've been bothering you for the past 3/4 months haha xD sorry about that :P

    I finished it today. was so good, just like you told me. Daebak. Hoya's acting was amazing. You couldn't tell that he's not an actor. I was getting the feels every time something happened with Seo In Guk. He was so cute~
    Also, I'm sad it ended :( and I'm also sad that My Lovely Girl is going to end next week.

    1. Ahh, your dream apartment sounds so beautiful! Oh since you're moving so far, it must be hard to part with your Infinite stuff :( That's actually a big reason why I decided to live at home while in college lol. I couldn't leave my Infinite stuff for so long!

      Oooh Toronto will be nice, that's perfect your family is there and you already know all the stores there hehe.

      Yay I'm so glad you liked Reply 1997!! I completely agree, he definitely seemed like a legit actor. It was really cool his character is from Busan, just like him! I love hearing him speaking in Satoori!

      I know, My Lovely Girl went by so fast! It even surpassed High School: Love On by so many weeks...I'm actually only on episode 9 of MLG, I delayed watching it for awhile because I didn't want to see Myungsoo and Hoya fighting nor Myungsoo liking Krystal...but now that Myungsoo's dyed his hair back and it looks really amazing, I've been watching the drama again lol. (Wow I sound sooo shallow...)

  17. Yes, that's bothering me a lot. I'm gonna be going somewhere that's far away and I want all my stuff with me. But I have no choice. It is better to study abroad plus I can't get into any Greek universities/colleges cause I go to a British school and I'm not familiar with the greek system. But yeah, that's not bothering me xD Greek schools suck lol

    I don't know all the stores yet but I'm pretty sure I'll figure them out by the time I move there.

    I loved their Busan accent!! Especially Hoya's. He was being so cute, I couldn't stand it. But then the next day I had to watch MLG and I thought that they weren't speaking Korean haha. I finished Reply 1997 in 3 days so I got used to the accent.

    Yes, it did surpass Hi School: Love On. But it was airing 2 episodes a week, that's why. Plus HSLO wasn't airing for sometime due to the sporting events. I actually thought Myungsoo and Hoya fighting was acted out really well, so I liked it. I loved Myungsoo's blonde hair. I think it's the very first time he changed his hair colour. But, he stayed loyal to brown and now he's back to it. I love it as well. About him and Krystal...they're really cute together :) I'm curious to see what's gonna happen and how it will end next week.

    1. Haha in that sense it's good to be studying abroad. I actually was contemplating to go to a university in Canada but decided not to. I hope you'll still be able to bring a few Infinite things with you, or buy some once you're there!

      Hahaha wow, 3 days is impressive! I'm really excited for Hoya's movie coming out next year, since he'll also be speaking in his accent again!

      Yah that's true about HSLO. I'm just sad how it keeps getting postponed, so people who aren't Inspirits who were watching it have probably lost interest by now. I thought Myungsoo and Hoya acted really well too, it just made me sad to think if that's how they actually felt about Infinite too. Haha I really wanted them to come back (during Back promotions) with all natural hair because that's my favorite, but then the person I least expected went blonde, so it was just such a shock to me. I'm so behind on MLG now, I'm still only on ep9, but I hope it ends well!

  18. Yeah, if there are Infinite stuff that I'm missing, I will buy them so I can complete my collection :D
    I'm so excited for Hoya's movie as well, it's so exciting that he can speak with both accents. I love it so much. But after it's out, it takes a while for people to sub it so I can't really watch it the time it comes out and that makes me sad.

    Yeah, I hope people haven't lost interest and stopped watching it. Yeah, I thought about that as well. I didn't want Hoya & Myungsoo to feel like that about Infinite. But yeah...I'm pretty sure that's not the case. I believe they have a great relationship with each other.
    I love them with their natural hair colour. I also loved everyone's hair colour in their New Challenge cd photobook. Actually, I didn't only like their hair, I loved everything. There's something special about that album. haha.
    I'm pretty sure you're gonna enjoy the rest of MLG :')

    1. Oh I didn't even think about that, it'll take such a long time for us to be able to see Hoya's movie, especially if it'll be playing in theaters first...then we'd have to wait until it's out on DVD first...

      You're probably right, Hoya and Myungsoo probably do have a good relationship.

      The Man in Love era was my absolute favorite!! I loved the concept, the outfits (Sungjong's hat!), the hair, all the songs...I know exactly what you mean, the entire album is just really special lol. It was also the first comeback where I was an Inspirit, so it's more meaningful too.

      So for the headphones, it's a bit far fetched, but someone told me about this online shop on facebook called NabiSun. They're based in Seoul but mostly ship to the Philippines. The person I talked to online was like the first person they shipped stuff to the US, so maybe they could also ship it to Greece? She said to just message them about ordering the headphones, but that they might not respond :/

  19. Yeah, I hate it that we have to wait a really long time in order to watch movies :(

    Ugh. I just love everything about the Man in Love era. Actually no...I just love everything about them xD and I'm waiting for the Infinite H comeback. If Sungkyu said they're preparing for comeback then I believe him and I'm waiting with excitement ❤

    Ugh the headphones. That is a miserable story xD lol
    Yeah. Are you gonna buy them? :)

    1. Oh btw, what's up with the "Grow, Infinite's Real Youth Life"
      is it their movie? >.<

    2. I'm waiting for Infinite H too; I could not get over how amazing Alone was from Season 2, so I'm so excited for their next album, especially since they participated in writing the songs! And OMG I am soooo excited for Infinite F now! Especially because the teaser came out, and it's "Heartbeats"!!! So finally we get a recording of that song, though it's in Japanese.

      Huhhhhhh those headphones, I keep going back and forth between "I don't need them" and "I can't live without them" thinking is, if I don't buy them now, I won't buy any headphones ever in the future, so it's now or never. Because I keep going back and forth, I'll probably 100% want to buy them once they're all sold out -.-

      Yup yup, Infinite's releasing a documentary movie! I think it covers the past year of their life, or at least One Great Step and One Great Step Returns, and I guess footage from their daily lives and their thoughts. There was a rumor that Woollim would release a documentary of OGS at the beginning of this year, but that clearly didn't happen, so I guess this is it. I really hope Woollim will still release a DVD of both OGS and OGSR too though...

  20. Yeah same, since I wasn't able to go to their concert I really want to see it. But, I think they've already released too many DVDs so I'm not sure if they're gonna release this one.
    I'm so excited for their documentary. Though we're probably not gonna be able to watch it until someone subs it :( I was blown away yesterday from the trailer. I just want to watch it xD

    Ugh Infinite H, I will wait patiently for your comeback. And omg Infinite F drove me crazy yesterday when I watched the teaser. And especially when I read that their title song will be kaseumi ttwinda ❤ AHHHHH our wishes have finally come true. I mean...a month ago we were talking about how much we would love that song to be in an album. But, I would love to have the Korean version.

    Yeah...those headphones. Now, I want them even more, after I saw pictures of them online. They're so perfect. And I saw pictures from the photobook online and they all looked so gorgeous. So I'm probably gonna beg my dad to death until I buy them. So I'm gonna need your help again xD Haha sorry about that :X You have every right to swear at me xD

    1. I really hope Woollim releases OGS, OGSR, and That Summer Concert 2 (and this documentary movie...maybe within the OGSR DVD)! They're all very special concerts for me and they're so different from their other concerts, so I have my fingers crossed. Some of their concert DVDs took just over a year to release, so I'm still waiting...I'm excited for the documentary too! Since it'll show a different side of Infinite we usually don't get to see.

      Infinite F, I'm so happy it's that song!!!!!! Like you said, we were fangirling over that song so much and wanting it to be on an album. So I guess it won't be released in the HSLO OST album. (Speaking of OSTs, My Lovely Girl OST is being released in a week...I'm sad Myungsoo's songs from the drama aren't sung by him in the OST!).

      Sighs, I was so sure I was going to buy those headphones, but now I think I won't...I can live with my current headphones, and maybe I'll just save my money for future "useless" albums that I won't listen to in 30 years lol (though that's probably not true...once an Inspirit, always an Inspirit!). Hahahahahaha I'm so glad one of us is determined to get them, to spread the Inspirit love worldwide. Haha I'll do my best to help you, if I can!

  21. I really hope they release them as well because I want to listen to the songs of those concerts which did not exist in their old DVDs. I would love to buy them, but if I make my dad get me the headphones I don't know if I'll be able to buy them if they get released. Ahhhhh, the struggle.

    Yes, same! I'm so happy it's that song. Now, I'm gonna wait for their Korean debut. I really want that song in Korean. Like, I really really want it! :P
    I already have some songs from the My Lovely Girl OST because they were being released one by one every week. I'm sad as well that Myungsoo's songs are not sang by him in the OST (though they have his picture on the album cover lol) But at least, we got to hear him sing them in the drama.

    On the other hand, I don't have headphones. I only have the Apple earphones which I use all the time, but I always wanted headphones. I was thinking of buying Beats, but that was a year ago. And thank God I didn't because there is an opportunity for me to buy headphones now and they're not just simple headphones...they're Infinite's official headphones and I think they will be useful.
    The only thing is, I want them but I also want other Infinite albums. I want their She's Back Japanese Limited Edition and I still can't find the Second Invasion DVD. Ugh the struggles of an international fangirl. Also, I'm sad and I regret the fact that I recently got into k-pop. But, I've been so happy since I then.

    1. Yah, I love seeing them performing non-promotional songs in their concerts, and like you said their new songs not in previous DVDs, so I can't wait until the concert DVDs are released.

      I completely feel your pain, I really really want that Infinite F song in Korean...ever since they performed it at OGSR, I've been waiting for it! I think it's one of my favorite songs, and we haven't even heard a full studio recording of it yet. You're right, I'm glad we got to see Myungsoo performing those songs in the drama. It's so different seeing him perform solo! I usually don't buy digital singles if they release a physical album, because I want the photobook too lol.

      You totally have a legit reason for getting the headphones!!! Since you don't have a pair and love listening to music, you'd make great use out of it. Also you can use it for your long plane rides, when you're stressed and want to be alone, etc. And to top it off, like you said they're Infinite's official headphones, and that's just a done deal. I have Beats now and they just seem so flashy and clunky, whereas Sennheiser looks really classy and streamline. I think you should try to get the headphones before anything else, since that seems the hardest to get and it'll be easiest to get it now, when it's still on sale. Aww you couldn't get Second Invasion? You've been trying to get that since forever! I know what you mean, like you've missed out on so many promotions and comebacks, but at least you've joined the fandom now^^ I started watching dramas in the summer of 2010 and only listened to OSTs until late 2012, when I finally found out about Infinite. I knew about kpop when Infinite debuted, yet I was stupid and didn't know about them! I really wish I could have followed them since debut, but I'm happy to know them now, since they're practically my whole life now.

  22. Haha yeah, I agree. I remember that I heard that song somewhere and that I loved it, but I can't remember where. And then I heard it again when I was watching HSLO but I couldn't find it anywhere because it wasn't released. So, I'll wait for it. Infinite F, please release a Korean album as well xD Then, I'll be happy forever haha.

    You think it's a legit reason? Yey, now I'm happy. I have a better reason to ask my dad to get them for me. lol But yeah, I still feel bad cause I've bought so many Infinite stuff lately xD But I really want them so yeah. I will get them. I will need them. Yeah, getting the headphones was on my checklist before getting anything else since I know they're limited edition and I really want them. And then the second thing on my list is the Infinite H comeback album. Yeah, I'm waiting patiently haha :D
    Yes, I haven't been able to get Second Invasion yet. It's paining me, but I'll wait for that as well because I want to get the headphones.

    It's true that I've missed out on so many promotions and comebacks, and I feel sad about that. I wish I was there to support them from the start and let them know how proud I am.
    I remember myself this summer, right before Be Back was released. I didn't know anything about Infinite then. The only thing I knew was: omg I really like the song Last Romeo and I want to have more Infinite songs on my phone. And then, when they released the teasers for Be Back, I said omg comeback. This soon? I had no idea what a repackage album was (lol) They promoted it on M! Countdown before the MV was released and I loved it so much. I remembered their release date of by heart so I could be the first one to download the song. But that was the date for the release of the album, not the release of the MV. So, when I came home from the beach that day and the MV for Back was out, I totally went crazy. I was watching it with like...I don't know how to describe I had no idea who was who. I was just enjoying it. The day of the release, I didn't sleep until I downloaded Back. I just wanted that song so much. Back made me love Infinite and made want to have more and more Infinite songs. When I went to Broadcast Entertainment and Fantasia, I saw Be Back and I was like omg Infinite! and I was freaking out. I still didn't know anything about Infinite. I didn't buy it though. (Now I have it lol)

    Basically, after I returned from my trip this summer, I decided that I have to get to know Infinite. It was like a MUST. So, I learned their names and watched HSLO and many of their shows. So, now I'm a crazy Inspirit who loves all their songs and cannot live without them. [And I wish I could marry Dongwoo but that will never happen hahahahahaha]

    1. That's so cool you heard that song randomly, since you didn't know Infinite before! I'm so glad it stuck with you and made you obsessed with it! And together we'll wait until the Korean version comes out!!!

      I hope you'll be able to collect all the Infinite things you want! It's really like an addiction, like I HAVE to have their latest debut/comeback or else I feel like I'm in withdrawal if I can't listen to the new songs. And I only play songs after I receive my album, because I like listening to the songs through my own CD for the first time, but the waiting for my CD always kills me!

      Wow, you're so quick to learn so much about Infinite in such a short time!! That's so impressive. I'm so happy "Back" was the song that got you really obsessed, since it's kinda different from their other songs!

      Haha I was trying to figure out who your bias was! You mentioned Sungjong wearing the headphones, and also Infinite F, so I thought he was your bias, but you kept also mentioning Infinite H's comeback...hahahaha how did Dongwoo become your bias?? I'm so curious to know, since it's OT7, and they're all so amazing in their own ways!

  23. Yey, I have a waiting partner xD ❤ Come on Woollim. We love you. You can give us a Korean album.

    It is an addiction. But I love it. All their albums are perfect. I always listen to the CDs I have. But waiting for them to come is painful. Since I live in Europe it takes even more time to come here. But, I found a Japanese website that's really fast. (eg. I receive my orders 5 days after they ship them) That's a record haha.

    I'm actually impressed at myself. I feel like I've known Infinite for more that a year but it's just been (almost) 3 months since I got to know them. And I don't regret a thing. I'm so happy they're "my life." Back will always have a special place in my heart. Something random but Dongwoo and Myungsoo's high notes in Diamond...they melt my heart.

    Haha, I'm 100% Dongwoo biased. When I usually like a group, I tend to want to love all the members equally and try to hide who my bias is. It's not that I don't love Infinite. I love them so much. But for once I cannot hide the love I have for Dongwoo. How did he do that to me? >.~
    I mentioned Sungjong wearing the headphones cause he was the only one I saw wearing them. Hahaha. Actually, I think I saw Sungkyu wearing them as well. I love you Sungjong, and I love you too Hamster Gyu.
    Ahhhhh, yes. They're all amazing in their own ways. After I started watching their shows, Dongwoo stood out for me because he is exactly what my ideal type is. Exactly how I want my ideal type to be. Not that I the rest are not perfect. They're absolutely perfect. Just, Dongwoo has the personality and basically everything I look for. So he wrecked my bias list. I can't rank the rest of the members. They're all number 1 for me. (Dongwoo is 0 lol)
    Anyhow, if I'm correct your bias is Myungsoo. I want to hear your stories as well :D

    1. Okay, so I just found out about the is selling them now! They're (brace youself...) $412.70USD after shipping. Also, there are only 10 available (they don't list this though-I just kept adding to my cart to see what was the max). As amazing as they are, I don't think I'll get them...

      Oh, I forgot shipping takes forever to Europe! I usually wait up to 2 weeks and even that is way too much, especially seeing Korean Inspirits' upboxings on twitter. Ooh what's the Japanese website? Maybe I'll order from them for Infinite F. 5 days is record timing!

      Diamond...yes, those high notes are to die for. Haha Dongwoo just has that specialness about him! Hehe I'm glad you found Infinite, which led you to Dongwoo~
      Ahh, also yup Sunggyu, Woohun and Hoya wore it to the airport that same day. And Sungyeol wore it during Myungsoo's solo stage at TSC2 Day1, back in August! Now if only our biases were shown with them hehe.

      Haha yup, my bias is Myungsoo! I hate how people tease me for it because he's the visual. But back two years ago, I only watched dramas, so I started watching Shut Up Flower Boy Band. Usually my biases are idol-actors that I saw in a drama and then I got into their group (but I honestly don't follow any other groups besides Infinite now...before I'd occasionally listen to other groups, but now it's Infinite 24/7). (And random note, also I watched the first three episodes of Reply 1997 before SUFBB but it wasn't my drama style, so I stopped watching it...if I stuck through with it, maybe Hoya would have been my bias)! Anyways, I was watching SUFBB and fell in love with Myungsoo's character, I just got so obsessed! And then there was that karaoke scene where they sang Be Mine, and I started listening to Infinite because of that. And there's that saying some member said (was it Dongwoo?) like "once you like one member, you like them all" and I really thought I'd only like Myungsoo, because that's how it was with me and other groups. But then I started liking everyone, and fell in love with Infinite! I was really stupid back then, I had the hardest time recognizing Woohyun, so I used to not believe he was a part of he's my 2nd bias! It was really hard for me when Myungsoo's dating scandal came out about 10 months ago, and I couldn't listen to Infinite for a few days...but that nonsense also stopped and my obsession came back. Do you sometimes get those days, where you need a break from Infinite? I've gotten it like 3 times, but I always bounce back. And because I've now like dedicated my life to Infinite, I feel like I can't pull out now because of how much time and money I've invested into liking them lol. Wow that was a big rant at the end, I'm sorry.

  24. Haha, not at all. I wanted to hear your story as well :D
    I heard Myungsoo created an Instagram account. Do you have one? :)

    I actually talked to the Facebook store you told me and they're selling it for 308$ so I told them I'm going to buy them.

    The store is HMV Japan ( and I've ordered from them twice. The first order took a week and the second one took 5 days. They also sell Korean albums and you get tracking, so you always know where your orders are.

    Oh, how can people tease you just because he's the visual? Just ignore them. Myungsoo's perfect :) I really want to watch SUFBB because of Myungsoo, is it good? I'm happy that I got to watch Reply 1997 and loved it :') Maybe Hoya would have been your bias. Who knows?
    I listen to many different k-pop groups, but no one compares to Infinite. My favourite group used to be B.A.P but Infinite have taken over...majorly xD
    There was a scene in SUFBB where they sang Be Mine? Now I want to watch it even more!
    I had no idea about Myungsoo's dating scandal. I had to google it. I really don't know if it's true. This is something I don't like about the k-pop world. The fact that they're not allowed to date :| And if they're caught dating, it automatically becomes a scandal. :/
    I don't know if I've had a day like that. I usually listen to Infinite songs everyday, so I'm not sure if I have a day where I haven't listened to them.

    1. Yup, I have an Instagram! I don't post anything anymore, but I just use it to keep up with Dongwoo and Woohyun, and now Myungsoo! My user name is spring_blossom.

      Yay I'm so happy you're getting the headphones!! Did they give you a shipping quote? If it's reasonable, maybe I'll consider getting them...

      Oh I know HMV! I've never ordered from them, so I'm glad to hear that they're really prompt!

      Honestly, SUFBB wasn't really my style, since I like the typical romcom, but I continued watching just for Myungsoo hehe. Now that I've seen a whole bunch of dramas, I think if I rewatch it, I'd appreciate it more because it's different from the typical bubbly romcom. Yah, they sang Be Mine, you should watch it! My favorite group was CNBlue, and I still would check out their new songs, but no one compares to Infinite.

      It's weird to say that Myungsoo's dating scandal was actually a scandal, since dating is so normal in the western world. I was so taken aback by it, but now I've realized that it's their right to live their private life how they want to, and it's just sad that they can't expose that or else people blow it all out of proportion. The one thing I didn't like was that the girl he dated seemed really bad, like based on her past celebrity relationships, it seemed like she was just using them. Speaking of scandals, Sunggyu also had one, when he was on the show The Genius (which is SO good, I highly recommend it!), he jokingly called one of the older women on the show a gold digger, and people blew it way out of proportion. Sunggyu felt so bad, he deleted all his Twitter posts that he had for years and left one tweet apologizing sincerely.

  25. Haha, it's me that followed and spammed you :') I think you noticed. I don't post a lot of pics anymore either.
    Sorry for not being able to reply earlier, but when I try to reply from my phone the comment doesn't get posted so I have to write it all over again from my computer. It's happened to me before when I tried to reply to you from my phone.

    I'm 99% getting them. I've told my dad so it all depends on him. The price I told you was not including the shipping. They ship it using EMS so they will tell you the value for the shipping later. It's actually pretty expensive (for me it's 55$) but it's still cheaper than the original price of kpoptown. So yeah, they only accept PayPal. If you message them on Facebook, they will tell you the details.
    As for HMV Japan, I'm pretty happy with their service, so you can pre-order the Infinite F album from there if you haven't already done so :D

    Sometimes it's interesting to watch dramas that are not mainstream, that's why I really liked Reply 1997. I haven't watched a lot of dramas either but I've liked all of the ones I've watched. So, I'm planning on watching SUFBB.

    Actually, I really love everything about the Korean culture/mentality except from the idol dating scandals. I believe we find it normal for the idols to date since we're raised (dunno about you? :P) in the western world as you say so. It's true that fans would be upset though. But, overall, it is their own life and if they're happy with it being that way, we can't really do anything about it.
    About Sungkyu, it's the first time i'm hearing it and I feel terrible. He is such an angel. I'm pretty sure he didn't do it on purpose. He would never want to insult someone. So I guess that's the reason why he has 2 Twitter accounts.

    1. Hehe nice to meet you on Instagram^^ As you could probably tell, I posted on there before my big obsession with Infinite and then shifted to here lol. Oh yah the whole mobile thing, it's a nuisance.

      Hmm, roughly $360 isn't too bad for the headphones, definitely much better than kpoptown. I'm so glad you're getting them!

      I think you'll like SUFBB! It's darker and more realistic than those fluffy dramas and it's always interesting seeing dramas about the music industry. Though I say this, I'm having a hard time watching My Lovely Girl for some reason...I've been stuck on ep10 and just can't get myself to continue.

      Reflecting over those past two scandals, they're really not scandals at all in our eyes, yet it gave Myungsoo and Sunggyu so much hardship. Actually some Myungsoo fansites closed because of it! And my Korean Inspirit friend even switched her bias from Myungsoo to Sungyeol, even though she liked Myungsoo since their debut.

  26. Yes, nice to meet you :D Haha, yeah I could tell.

    It's definitely better than kpoptown, since it's exactly the same price kpoptown has it, without the shipping. I'm glad I'm getting them as well. I can't believe that my dad agreed to buy them for me.

    I hope I'll like SUFBB. When the right time comes, I'll start watching it. Cause now, I'm dying from the huge amount of work the school gives me >.<
    I dunno if you'll like the ending of My Lovely Girl. Because I finished it last week. The ending was ok [not that perfect]. I'm not gonna give anything away though :)

    Yeah, in our eyes they're not scandals but for them it's serious :'( I feel really sad because it caused them so much pain. I hope they've moved on and they don't hurt anymore. Wow, how can you swap your bias just like that? I would never, ever be able to do that. But, I'm not judging her. She took it really seriously. It must have affected her as well :|

    And also...Dilemma. Omg, what's up with all these Japanese releases? Won't we get a Korean one? :(

    1. Hehe thanks for not giving anything away! I'll definitely finish the drama...sometime. Though Myungsoo's the second lead, I am just not really drawn into the drama. There are so many dramas with not-so-great endings :/ I'm finally getting back into Hi School Love On though! The past episodes were really slow and repetitive but finally it's going somewhere.

      Hmm I never thought about it like that, I shouldn't judge her either for switching biases...I guess the mindset is just different in Korea. I could never switch was Myungsoo that led me to study Korean, study abroad...that's something I'm forever grateful for and don't want to change biases just because he's so meaningful to me (wow I sound so lame right now!).

      I know...another Japanese release! Starting with Infinite F, this is the first time that they're releasing new Japanese songs, and not just translations of their Korean ones! I couldn't resist, so I already heard Infinite F's song "Love Sign/Heartbeats" and it sounds amazing, but not as amazing as the Korean version. I really hope Infinite will focus back on Korean releases...and I wonder if Dilemma is a digital single or a physical CD...I read that Dilemma is vol2 and Last Romeo was vol1, which doesn't make sense at all.

  27. You're welcome. Yeah, I agree. I wish Myungsoo wasn't second lead. I really liked watching the drama because I wanted to hear him speak. That's because we rarely hear his speaking when he's with Infinite. I love his precious voice :)

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure the mindset is different in Korea. I've studied about it in Psychology. [I sound like a nerd lol]
    And no, not at all. You don't sound lame. Wow, so you studied Korean. So you can understand and speak, I guess? That's so daebak. Especially having Myungsoo as a motivation. I totally understand. He is so meaningful to you. I don't think you would ever be able to change biases. To be honest, Infinite are my motivation right now, because I was thinking about going to Seoul to study. But I have so much in my mind right now. The last year of high school is really stressing.

    Yes, they usually translate all their songs to Japanese but now we're getting new Japanese songs. I downloaded Infinite F's Koi No Sign/Heartbeat because it sounded amazing. But I just want the Korean one! What I don't like about this is that when the Korean one is released, what happens if I'm used to the Japanese one and I don't like the Korean one anymore? Every time they sing "Koi no sign," I sing "가슴이 뛴다" in my head lol. I hope we get Korean releases of Infinite F's single album and the Dilemma single.
    In the beginning I thought that it's going to be a digital single but I read it somewhere that it might be a physical CD. We don't know yet. From the info we have now, I think the song is gonna be pretty daebak, but I would have been even more excited if it was a Korean release. (not that I'm not excited already)

    1. Haha that's so true, it's like only in dramas when we get to hear Myungsoo's speaking voice hehe. In the Infinitize album there's a hidden track with a member's message, and sometimes I replay Myungsoo's just to hear his voice over and over. And my alarm is also of Myungsoo's voice...each member made their own ringtone and alarm during their Destiny promotion! If you haven't, you should listen to them!

      I only studied Korean for one year, and actually it was a difficult decision for me to enroll. I'm Chinese and my family wanted me to take Chinese (I speak Cantonese, not Mandarin), so they were upset at my decision. But I'm so glad I did, because I made so many friends with similar interests (I found other Inspirits!) and I became more confident in myself. Wow, I'm so glad Infinite are your motivation too! I hope your last year goes well and I'm glad Infinite isn't distracting you too much, but instead are your motivation! I really hope you do study abroad in Seoul, and get the chance to study Korean in college! Learning Korean was really fun because now I'm able to understand Infinite's tweets and random lines from their songs and dramas. And it helped a lot for studying in Korea-a lot of people appreciated me more for trying to speak Korean to them (like Woohyun's brother! he doesn't speak any English so he really tested my Korean skills!). Do you know a little Korean? Because sometimes you type in Korean!

      I totally understand you about the Japanese/Korean song change thing! Haha I always sing that Korean part too, it's just so catchy. I have this Infinite playlist where it's all of Infinite's songs, in order of most played. So of course the Korean versions are at the top, and the Japanese ones are at the bottom, since the Korean ones are released earlier. But now with the Japanese version of Heartbeat being released, it'll throw off my playlist...which has been bothering me. Yah Dilemma seems like it'll be a pretty amazing song, and since they wrote it in Japanese originally, I wonder if it'll be translated into Korean.

      Talking to you has somehow convinced me that I want the headphones for sure...I contacted that online shop so hopefully they'll be able to order another pair for me!

  28. Haha omg, I'm pretty sure you won't regret getting them :) I can't wait to get mine!

    Oh, so you have Myungsoo's recording in your Infinitize album. That's so cool. I would love to have all of their recordings...I would have most probably replayed them over and over again. Yes, I will go listen to their Destiny ringtones and alarms now. Though I'm not going to use any of them as my ringtone cause my phone's always on silent lol.

    So I'm guessing your parents are from Hong Kong? Daebak. My mother's from Taiwan so I can speak Taiwanese.
    That's so cool. I would love to learn Korean and get to know some Korean people who have the same interests as me. I think that will be more possible in Canada. I'm most probably not gonna get to study Korean in college cause I barely know anything. The reason why I type in Korean is because I can only read/write. But, that's about it. Haha yeah, so when they tweet something, I will be able to read it and then not understand it. But, yeah, if you were able to talk to Woohyun's brother, then your Korean should be pretty amazing.

    I usually don't have any Japanese versions of their songs, but this is my first one. When the Korean version of Heartbeat comes out I'm gonna delete the Japanese one and add all the plays from the Japanese one to the Korean one haha. I organise my Infinite songs in order of most played as well. My older songs have more plays so I know that they're older. Though lately iTunes has gone crazy and it's randomly adding plays when I sync my phone, so I'm trying to fix that because if it adds more plays to one of my new Infinite songs and it ends up having more than one of my old ones, I go crazy xD As for Dilemma, I hope it gets translated and released in Korean as well :)

    1. I really hope I can get the headphones now! It's been like 7 hours and they haven't messaged me back, so I'm getting antsy...

      Sadly only the first press edition of Infinitize has the special recordings, but my friend sent me the files for all members so I downloaded them...though I usually only like downloading from my CDs. Dongwoo's message is so cute though; his personality really shows and it's so adorable! Out of all my albums, I've never been able to get Myungsoo...someday hopefully! My phone's always on silent too and I'd feel too embarrassed to have a Korean ringtone lol. That's why if I'm in public, I would set my alarm or ringtone to an instrumental version, so it's still kinda Infinite related hehe. And speaking of first press, this is why I really wish I became a fan and preordered albums from the beginning...there are so many first press goodies we missed! And like Over the Top isn't even available anymore-it's this fear that I can't get an album that I always preorder right away now.

      Yup, my mom is from Hong Kong! And the rest of my relatives are from Guangzhou. Oh that's so cool you can speak Taiwanese! Can you read also? I can't read at, it's cool you taught yourself how to read and write in Korean! I did that too, but it took me so much motivation (back then I didn't know Infinite, so I only had dramas as motivation lol). Hahaha that's still really cool you can read their tweets!

      Haha yay, I'm glad I finally met someone who is also anal about their music count! It really bothers me when it goes haywire...I hope your iTunes gets fixed!! The order is so important, and if it's inaccurate, it's so aggravating! I felt really annoyed the first time I put Japanese versions on my playlist since it's like duplicating the song, but I've accepted it now. Since I buy Japanese albums, mind as well make use of the songs. Haha that's smart, converting the Japanese Heartbeat count into the Korean one. Do you do that manually (like keep playing the last second of the Korean one until it adds up) or is there an easier way?

  29. I think they will message you back, so don't worry :)

    Yes, I remember you were telling me about the first edition of Infinitize. I will have to find them online and listen to them. Omg, I never thought of downloading the songs from my CDs xD I'm so dumb lol. Ahhhh Dongwoo. I can imagine it being so cute. And I can also imagine how the rest will be. I bet they're all so amazing and they want to make you hug them >.< Haha, I used to make ringtones for my old phone but now I don't want to. Not only because it takes too much time to make one for an iPhone and I always have my phone on silent, but because I'm afraid I'm gonna get bored of listening to my ringtone, and if that's an Infinite song and I get bored of it, I'm gonna hate myself. [Though that will never happen cause they're songs are amazing]
    Yeah, this is the struggle. I wish I was a fan from the time they debuted, I would have been able to have everything I want. To get an original Over the Top, you now have to pay more than $100. This is sad because that album means so much to Infinite and to Inspirits as well. ❤ 내꺼하자 ❤

    That's so cool. One day I want to visit Hong Kong. I've only been to the airport over there because we had a connection flight to Taiwan lol.
    I'm just like you. I can only speak, not read. That's funny cause we actually know how to read Korean, but we can't write or read in our "native" language. Though, I want to continue learning Korean. I love it so much :)

    If something goes wrong with my music count/plays on iTunes, I go completely crazy haha. That's how I organise my music, so I hate it when something goes wrong. Haha, I really don't know what's wrong with my iTunes so I keep on restoring my phone when the plays randomly increase. The order is definitely important. When the Korean version of Heartbeat gets released that's what I'm going to do. The problem is that I have to do it manually, so I have to keep on putting the song to the last second so it gains a play, and then replay it again and again. An easier way does not exist :'(

    1. How long did it take them to message you back? The headphones are slowly selling and I want them more than ever now lol. I realized I can make a lot of use out of it when I have breaks between classes at school so now I'm so desperate for it!

      Haha do you usually just download the songs online? I have this thing where I HAVE to listen to the songs from my own CD, since I buy the CD anyways mind as well use it lol. Oooh I used to make ringtones and alarms too! Haha yah I don't think you'll get bored of your ringtone, though I understand what you mean. I don't like playing an Infinite song as my alarm because it doesn't count as a play count and it totally throws me off, so that's partly why I use the ones that Infinite made with their messages.

      Yah, Over the Top is so meaningful! And they also had a special gold version of Over the Top that Woollim gave as's so hard seeing Woollim give such rare things and knowing I'll never get one.

      I hope you get to visit Hong Kong! It's really nice and the food is amazing. Ooooh the next time you go to Taiwan, I hope Infinite is promoting there!!! That'll be so cool!

      Haha yah that is funny we know how to read/write more of another language. I really hope you can learn more Korean! Or in college, maybe you can volunteer as a language exchange partner and you help a Korean with English, and they help you with Korean!

      Ahh that's annoying that you have to increase the play count manually. Especially since you'll probably listen to the Japanese version soooo much before they release the Korean version!

  30. They actually messaged me back immediately when I asked them if they sell the headphones and I was surprised cause it was past midnight in Seoul. But yeah, I told them that I wanted them and they sent me a form to fill up. But now that I've paid them they told me that they'll contact me when they receive them from the supplier, so I'm still waiting :/

    Yeah, I usually download the songs online. But I always listen to the CDs I buy. Exactly, might as well use them if you buy them. Thank God I still have my CD players from elementary school xD Oh that's totally what I would do. I would be annoyed as well if it didn't count it in the play count.
    Ahhhhhhh :'( Now that I know that I'm even more sad. Why couldn't I have been an Inspirit since 2010?

    Haha, yeah I will visit Hong Kong one day and maybe I'll get the chance to go to Taiwan again since I've only been once. But my priority right now is South Korea :D I think you can guess why ^_^

    Wow, that's so daebak! I can do that? [Introducing Tas, the clueless person lol]
    The truth is that I've heard of it but I never thought of it as an option. That's a pretty good idea. If that exists in my college I'm sooooo going to do it xD

    Yeah so true, I'm trying to keep myself from listening to it a lot but that's not working since I absolutely love that song. And omg, the CD's gonna be out in 3 days. I can't wait to see your review on it :D

    1. Wow, I'm so jealous they contacted you right away and you already secured your order! I contacted them again out of desperation lol. I think I'll have to end up just ordering from kpoptown, which is killing me, knowing that this shop has it for so much cheaper. I feel like it'll take a looooong while for kpoptown to sell their 10, so I can wait to see if the shop will ever reply to me.

      OOOH this is random, but it's "might as well..."...thank you! I used to think it's "mine as well" (as still seen on my Instagram, as I'm too lazy to change it" and then I thought it's "mind as well" (as I just responded to you with). Sorry for this lol...and to think, I'm obsessed with grammar too.

      Hehehe I really really hope you can go to Korea!!! If you were to ever study abroad (on top of being an international student already), summertime really is the best time to go, then you can just take random Korean classes for general electives, if your school can transfer the credits. If not studying abroad, I hope you can just go there sometime soon, especially during the time you like Infinite the most, it'll be the most amazing thing ever!!

      Hehe yah I hope your school has the language exchange program! I was really lucky with my first partner, she was an Inspirit! So she's the one that took me around while I was in Korea. And then my second partner was into it was a bit harder to talk with her lol, but it was still fun knowing about another fandom.

      Dang I didn't realize the CDs are coming out so soon!! Thanks for the reminder, I really have to preorder mine! And I can't believe someone already posted a photo of all 3 online...I have no idea how they got it so soon! Haha yah usually I wait for my CD until I listen to the whole song, but I really couldn't resist with Heartbeat. But when I was listening to it, I still felt guilty for giving in so soon! I promised myself I won't listen to the other 2 songs yet though, and hopefully I can wait it out!

  31. Ahhhh sorry I'm so annoyed right now cause I had already written what I wanted to tell you but the internet stopped working and I lost everything so I have to retype everything :((

    I think they'll contact you so don't worry. Though I'm kind of worried cause I haven't gotten a reply yet either. But I hope we're both worried for no reason and at the end we'll both end up getting them! As for kpoptown, their price is really high so it will take them a long time to sell all of them.

    Haha omg, I thought I did something wrong xD I'm kind of grammar and spelling obsessed too. If I make a mistake, I always have to correct it.

    I really hope I get to go one day. When I read your posts about Korea I just feel like I'm destined to go there. Ah, summertime. I love summer! I can't imagine a better summer holiday than me going to Korea. But yeah, to make all of that happen I have to study and get into college. If studying is the way for me to go to Korean then, I'll do it.

    Haha, omg TVXQ. I have like none of their songs xD You're so lucky that your first partner was an Inspirit. Do you still keep contact? :)

    I think they found them at the Infinite F pop-up store in Japan. I'm guessing that's where they got them from. I haven't seen the photos yet, but if I actually search around I'm pretty sure I'll find them. They're most probably gonna be everywhere by tomorrow xD It's true, Heartbeat was irresistible. I think I can resist the rest of the songs until a Korean version of them gets released.

    Oh also, something random. In Sungkyu's solo album, there's a hidden track right? And I think it's an acoustic version of 60 seconds. Did you get that in yours cause I just found out yesterday. When I played my CD (a while ago, I don't know when) there was a track 7. And I was asking myself why isn't track 7 playing? Did they just randomly add a blank track 7? >.<

  32. Actually I figured it out cause I listened to my CD again today. The hidden track starts at about 1:00, that's why I thought it was blank >.<

    1. Aah that is so frustrating!! Sorry >.< About the seller, maybe they haven't received the headphones yet, so I wouldn't be worried^^ I want my headphones by the time next quarter begins, so I think if they don't respond to me, I'll buy it from kpoptown, which I'm really dreading...

      I really really really hope you visit Korea one day!! Especially since you're already learning Korean, obviously the next step is to go there and practice your skills! And it's just so magical going to certain places in Seoul (like all the Infinite related places lol) and like it's so meaningful to you and you just fangirl like an idiot and passerby are weirded's a really surreal feeling. Sorry for rubbing it in, but I know it'll be just as amazing when you go!

      Haha yah I don't really know anything about TVXQ except for their split :/ I still message my Inspirit friend everyday! And she sometimes helps me get Infinite stuff that I can't get online!

      Haha yup, more photos of the Infinite F albums are out. It makes me so jealous of all those Japanese Inspirits already with their albums, listening to their songs...I finally placed my order for Type A, so now the wait...If I were at that Infinite F pop-up store, I'd be so conflicted! Most of me would want to buy everything, but part of me knows I don't need 3 sweatshirts and beanies with an awkward F in the center. Lol I'm glad I don't have to deal with that.

      Haha yup that hidden track is truly hidden!! The first time I listened to it, I was confused too. Now I just set it to start playing after one minute. I like it when Woollim puts hidden tracks on their own track, but like for Season 2, 'Hey Hello' is at the end of '소나기' so the 3 minute gap is annoying if I can't get to my ipod. Lol random rant. But that's why I don't play 소나기 much and its play count is so low compared to other songs from that album lol.

  33. Omg, I know right. It is really frustrating. I got an e-mail today telling me that I haven't payed the correct amount -_- but I actually did pay the correct amount. So, I have no idea what's happening right now. Did he reply to you as well since he replied to me?

    Yes, I really hope I visit Korea. Yeah, learning Korean is amazing and it will definitely be worth it. Oh, not at all, I don't see it as you rubbing it on my face. I can actually feel your excitement through all the posts you've made from your adventures in Korea. [lol I've read them all] But I believe that if I go with someone that's not interested in what I'm interested in, I won't be able to show my full excitement. When I was looking at the pictures you took of their old door and practice room I was getting so emotional. Omo, it's such a great experience that made me so happy even if I was watching it through my screen, so I won't be able to imagine myself actually being there.

    HAHAHAHA omg same!! That's the only thing I know. Oh, actually no. I also know that they're a part of SM Entertainment lol. Wow daebak. That's so good thought. You can get a lot of stuff that you can't find online :D

    Haha, omg. I totally agree with you. That's exactly what I do. I always ask myself: "is this worth it?" even when I know that it's not worth it and then I'll end up buying it. So, I have no idea what could have happened if you and me went to the pop-up store. Did you order it from HMV? I hope you get it soon!!

    WHAAAAAAT? There is a hidden track in Season 2? Okay, my life just got better today. I can't wait to go home and listen to it. Oh, I get it. It's because you downloaded the track from your CD, that's why you have the 3 minute gap and you don't listen to it that much. 소나기 was actually my 3rd Infinite song. I really love it, but I have downloaded it so I don't have the hidden track and when I listened to my CD I never noticed xD

    I'm so sorry, I don't know what's up with me today and I'm laughing so much and capitalising everything xD
    Oh btw, why do I feel like anyone can actually come and read everything we've said on this post and then they'll end up knowing everything about us >.< haha

    1. What, that's so weird!! I really hope you can get it resolved! If you paid the correct amount, of course you shouldn't have to pay more on top of that! He replied to me too, but only gave me the price ($308+$64EMS which my brother says is ridiculously high for shipping...maybe it's really heavy?). I asked if I'm supposed to fill out a form, and I know he read my message but hasn't responded...I'm just kinda starting to feel so frustrated with them, and I've never dealt with an online shop before so I'm so weary. Maybe the headphones just weren't meant to be...

      Hmm I totally understand! My family was with me for the first week in Korea, and obviously they didn't want to go on an Inspirit tour with family only went shopping and still really enjoyed the city, but it just wasn't as meaningful to me since Seoul means sooo much more to me, in so many ways. Aaah yah seeing it on my screen, I fangirl so hard, and then seeing it in person is just soo surreal. Like seeing Infinite in LA, I just didn't even believe I saw them live.

      Hahaha yah 1) TVXQ broke up and 2) they're part of SM...oooh SM...

      I ended up ordering from YesAsia! I also wanted to preorder the My Lovely Girl OST (even though I am still stuck on probably the photobook will ruin the rest of the drama for me lol) and I couldn't find it on HMV. I'm sad that Type A has the illustration version of Infinite F, and today I accidentally saw the photocards (though I really hate album spoilers!) and one of them is of that same illustration...I really hope I don't get that card. If it's already the album cover, I don't want the same photo in card form. Plus I want a real photo of Infinite F, not some cartoon, no matter how famous this artist is. Lol sorry for that rant, you'll most likely be reading it on my review post too lol.

      Ooooh yah the hidden track is called "Hey Hello" and it's adorable! The format of this hidden track is just like in Over the Top: the last track also has a gap and includes the hidden track at the very end I think. Oooh that's so cool 소나기 was your 3rd download! What were the first songs that you downloaded? For me, it was Can You Smile (remake), and it's my most played by a lot! My next most played are Inconvenient Truth, Man in Love, Be Mine and Reflex!

      Oooh yah that's true, though honestly no one reads this post lol (I have a tracker for each post). Instead, you can email me if you want! My email is (clearly I made this email before I became an Inspirit lol...)

  34. Thank God, I finally resolved everything. He even shipped it and gave me an EMS tracking number. I agree, $64 is a lot. For me it was $55 and I thought that was a lot as well. How can yours be more expensive if I live in Europe? >.< EMS is supposed to be the "fast" delivery of Korea. Maybe that's the reason why it's so expensive, plus they weight about 3kg. I've never dealt with an online shop either and I'm pretty sure I'm never gonna buy something from them again lol.

    I would love to go shopping and tour the city generally, but that will come after my Inspirit tour xD Yes, that would be my priority. I totally understand, it's exactly what I would have felt. And that's also what I felt this summer, when I was given like 10 minutes to buy everything I want from the k-pop stores I went to. It's so stressful cause I didn't have time to go through the whole store and I had to know everything I want beforehand.
    Wow, if I was seeing Infinite live...I have no idea what I would have done. I wouldn't have believed it was true. The fact that you're still alive after you had Dongwoo almost next to you is just amazing. Haha, okay I'm overreacting a bit xD

    Oh so you got the My Lovely Girl OST as well. Nice, I hope you get to finish it before you get your album so it doesn't spoil the ending. I saw a lot of pictures of the Infinite F album online and it looks so amazing and I really want to buy it. Haha, omg It's not like the artist is bad, but I want their faces. He's actually pretty good, but I know exactly what you mean. I wouldn't like it if I got the manga cartoon photocard if I bought the Type A album.

    I went home yesterday and listened to it. It's so adorable and I really want it on my phone, so what I'm gonna do is download the song from my album and then crop it so I only have that part. The hidden track in Over the Top is the same one as the one in Paradise, right? Cause I don't have the Over the Top album :'( I love Can You Smile. I remember you telling me that it's your favourite song.
    The first Infinite song I downloaded and my most played one is Last Romeo, the second one is Back, the third one is 소나기 and my fourth one is Destiny. But Destiny has exactly the same amount of plays as my fifth downloads (I downloaded them together) which are Paradise and The Chaser.

    Haha, if someone actually read this post they would think we're crazy about Infinite...which is so true though hahaha. I actually like talking to you here, because I know the exact time you reply to me and I'm always excited cause I know that when I go to school you would've already replied and I can reply back. Plus, I never use my e-mail xD Yes, I'm one of those people :P

    So yesterday I watched ep. 10 of Genius with Sungkyu and I was crying when he got eliminated. I was so sad, I don't know why. Though I was so happy he brought the CEO with him. I love that guy, he's so cool. Thank you for telling me to watch it, I absolutely love it! I wanted him to win and prove everyone wrong. I have 3 episodes left though. I'll be done by tomorrow.

    Also, I'm guessing you know what's happening with Jisoo's scandal. What happens if everything is proven right? What happens to Woollim for accepting that kind of person as a trainee? And what happens to Infinite? I don't want something bad to happen to them that's why I'm worried. Not that I don't care about Lovelyz but, I just don't want anything bad to happen to Infinite.

    1. I'm so glad it's resolved and it's finally shipped!!! Wow that's so exciting, since we were freaking out over how to get it just a few weeks ago. I looked up EMS fees from the Korea post, and it is $64 to US and $55 to's nice to know that they're not trying to rip you off from shipping. Yah I think it's easiest to order from a real website, which makes sense why they'd be more expensive. Sorry to ask so many questions about the online shop, since you already went through with the order, but did they send you an order form to fill out? I know on their page they have an order form, but the page says it's unavailable...

      Wow 10 minutes is not enough time at a kpop store!! Every time I go to one, which is really rare for me, I'm always in amazement, like a kid in a candy store lol. I need time to soak it all in that I can actually choose exactly why copy I want, like the fate of the photocard is in my hand. I hope you were able to get everything you wanted within those few minutes you had!!

      Hahaha gosh I still am beating myself up for giving up the plushie I got from Dongwoo!!! Yah I don't know how I'm managing to live a normal life now after seeing when I first got back home from Seoul, I just felt my life was meaningless now, because I was always doing everything for Infinite, trying to see Infinite, but now I'm back to being an international fan.

      I don't think I'll finish My Lovely Girl before my CD arrives...I just really lost interest in the drama. Hahaha yay I'm glad you understand me about the Infinite F cover. Like I'm sure she's a highly respected artist, I just don't want cartoons when I can have real photos lol. I'm really really hoping this time I can finally pull a Myungsoo card, because it's never happened yet! But if I get the cartoon card...gahhhh frustration.

      Oooh that's smart to crop the hidden track from your CD! Yup, the hidden track is the same in Over the Top and Paradise. Wow that's cool 소나기 is so high among their title track songs!

      Haha I'm glad and kinda surprised you prefer talking on here! It always seemed kinda inconvenient if you have to purposely go onto this page just to see if I replied. I always reply before I go to bed, and I love reading your reply when I wake up! Fangirling early in the morning hehe. Hahaha looking at all our replies, they're literally like essays!!

      Oooh yay I'm so glad you're watching Genius!!!! I know, I was soo sad when he got eliminated too!! He was so strategic and smart despite being so young throughout the show that I really wanted him to win, like even if I weren't an Inspirit. He also cameoed in season 2 as a mentor, but I never watched it. Haha I love the CEO too, he really seems like such a good guy who genuinely cares about his employees and the fans.

      I've been reading up a bit on Jisoo's scandal, and it said that the police have found the person starting the rumors online, so hopefully/surely the scandal is just a scandal. I'm just so sad that this scandal had to arise during their debut, so she had to miss such important and exciting parts in Lovelyz' debut! I understand where you're coming from, but it seems like they have everything under control and I don't think Infinite will be affected.

  35. Yes, thank God. He told me that it takes about 7 days which is actually really fast. That's actually interesting, but it's like the first time that the shipping is cheaper for Europe. I'll e-mail you what they sent me exactly. I still think it's worth it to get them from this online shop if they still sell them, because it's too expensive at kpoptown. But I'm never gonna buy anything from them again lol.

    Haha, I just grabbed everything and left xD And then I had to listen to my mom shout at me for buying a lot of stuff >.< but it's ok. That's why I haven't told her about my headphones yet, but she'll probably figure it out once I receive them and start using them like my life depends on them.

    Omg, when I first read it I felt like you did wrong for giving it away. I mean it was yours to begin with. But if that girl was about to "kill" you, then there was no other choice. Yes, I get it. Though for us international fans, it's always special when we get to see them live. So I'm pretty sure you're still trying to do everything you can to see Infinite once more :D I get the feeling that I might never be able to see Infinite live, but the fact that I get to see them on my computer screen is already so much special for me! I'm just so thankful.

    I was waiting for it to come out every week so I didn't lose interest in it. Though now that I've finished watching it, I don't think I'd ever watch it again. Except from the Myungsoo and Hoya parts. I'll replay those over and over. Haha definitely, I think it's pretty normal to be annoyed if you get the cartoon version. Oh you haven't gotten Myungsoo yet? So that's what you were telling me last time...I thought you meant that you've never gotten a Myungsoo hidden track. Ok, now I get it. I really hope you get Myungsoo then :) and if not, I'm thinking of buying Type B so if I get Myungsoo, I can trade with you. The only one I'm missing is Sungkyu. I've gotten everyone else except from Sungkyu. I got Myungsoo in the Destiny album and in their Infinite Idea Photobook. Ugh speaking about the Photobook, I know you hesitated to buy it at first because of the unification with SM, but I absolutely love it.

    Yes, it's pretty high up but it was the third Infinite song I downloaded so it deserves to be high. Plus I absolutely love it.

    Haha, omg that's exactly what I was thinking. They look just like essays. But I enjoy reading them so much!! Sometimes my friends look at me laughing when I'm at school and I'm reading your reply. You know, that smile when you read something Infinite related. If that makes sense lol. And I'm pretty sure they're like: "What the hell is she doing."

    Haha, thank you though for recommending. It's such an exciting show. Sometimes I get thoughts about it xD Yes, I heard about that one episode in season 2. I actually really enjoy the show so I might watch season 2 and 3 as well. Yes, the lovely CEO who we can thank for life for creating Infinite!!
    Haha just remembered the part on episode 10 where Sungkyu tells him to put his strategic mind on, just like the time he did when he created Infinite and he tell Sungkyu that there was no plan back them. I laughed so hard.

    Yes, I guess so. But I just got worried because after the person who started the rumors was found by the police they posted more stuff online saying that they're not guilty and blah blah. I was reading it and I went crazy cause it really might affect the company. So I ultimately hope it comes out to be a rumor!!

    Oh, I finally received my Infinite collection cards yesterday. They're so gorgeous omg. Also, the store gave me Korean chocolate and SHINee socks lol, so I'm planning to eat that xD If it's expired or something like that I guess you'll see me at the hospital >.< haha, jk. I hope that doesn't happen. I'm not that stupid. xD

    1. Thank you so much for your email! It was so helpful and detailed...something that the shop should have done themselves. They sent me the email after I sent the form, but I'm asking for a PayPal invoice and they have no idea what that is...I'm so frustrated with them! Sorry I had to let out my annoyance, since I know you've gone through it too. I'll never order from them again either, unless something ridiculously rare like these headphones are released again -.- which I hope not for my sanity and my wallet! Yay I'm sooo happy your headphones are finally coming!!!!! My fingers are crossed that you get one with an autograph!

      Oooh I'm so glad your dad supports you buying so much, and hopefully your mom will see how happy you are fangirling over everything lol. And I think it's only the beginning where you buy the most, since you need to catch up on previous comebacks and other releases. From here on, it's just preordering new releases from time to time.

      Ugh I was just so naive and stupid giving up that plushie, and I was so dazed from happiness of seeing Infinite that it just...happened. But I've definitely learned from that mistake in case I get to relive that moment again. Inspirits are known to be really kind and thoughtful, so I just like to think that she wasn't a real Inspirit. I don't think I can see Infinite again, but my mom said maybe I can go to Korea again, so I'll be waiting for the perfect time when Infinite's actively promoting or holding concerts or something! Ooh if you go to Korea in the summer, it should be when Infinite holds their That Summer Concert, since they'll try to hold that every other year! Awww you're such an amazing international Inspirit, like how seeing them through the computer is enough. But it's true, just their existence is what makes me have something to live for.

      Ahh sorry, yah I meant that out of all my merch, I've never gotten Myungsoo for the random member track/photocard/etc straight from my own merc. I actually never got Dongwoo either, until I bought 4 Back albums and got Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun and Sungjong. But other than that, I never buy duplicate albums (oh, except for this post, the Japanese full album lol). But anyways, I can't believe my luck with Myungsoo...I mean with the collection cards, I only got 2 Myungsoo cards out of 60, and they were the same normal card! Oooh wow I'm jealous you got your bias at least once already, since you're only missing Sunggyu! I'm really glad I got the Photobook too, it's absolutely gorgeous! And to know it's in the US, that makes it more meaningful.

      Hahaha fangirling over reading our essays...I get that all the time! I could never do that in school, people would think I'm so weird lol! Haha your friends just don't understand! Being in a fandom is like the best thing ever lol.

      Haha I don't remember that part from Genius! I have to rewatch it! Ooh if you watch seasons 2 and 3, tell me about it! Maybe I'll watch it too~

      Ooh I haven't been following too closely with the rumors (I don't follow Lovelyz that much...though I'm trying, I just don't know the most updated fanbases)...I guess the whole scandal is worse than I thought! I really hope they can settle this all quickly!

      Ooooh omg those collection cards are sooo fun! Seriously collecting every card is SO addicting. Did you get the binder too? My favorite cards are the rare lenticular ones! And also the tarot cards are so pretty. LOL they gave you chocolate?? That's so random!! And SHINee socks -.- why not Infinite?! lol

  36. I hope I helped you. I sent you another e-mail today. Lol, to be honest I don't know what a PayPal invoice is either, but it's normal for me since I rarely use it. But they're a shop, they should know. Haha, no problem at all! I understand, I had to go through them as well >.< and yeah exactly what you said. We're never ordering from them again only if something rare gets released again and we're desperate for it. Some of them are autographed? Wow, I didn't know that. That's awesome. I'm not a lucky person so I'm probably not gonna get the autographed ones, but I hope you get them!! I'm so happy that we're both finally getting them!!

    Yes, I agree. So now that I have everything that's necessary, I'll just have to wait until their new releases. So I'm fine now and I'm not getting shouted at xD Yes Infinite H. Do you hear that? Me and Macey are still waiting ^^

    Oh I'll support you that she wasn't a real Inspirit since we have evidence to back it up. Plus, it's rare for a k-pop group to go to America so I guess any fandom would go to their concert in order to support them. That's great! I hope you get to go to their next concert. And maybe I'll be able to go as well at least once. Going to their That Summer concert would be amazing. Oh, I'm tearing in class. I hope the teacher doesn't see me xD But as you said, it is true. The fact that they exist and make us happy every day is just so precious!

    So you now have Dongwoo and you're only missing Myungsoo, so I hope you get Myungsoo in the Infinite F album. I think you mostly get Sungjong. Be Back was the first album I bought and I got Dongwoo. I never buy duplicate albums either. Wow, so you got only one Myungsoo card out of the 60. I hope I get Sungkyu in their next album. I'm glad I got the Photobook as well cause it's so gorgeous. Yes, it is so meaningful. The fact that I went to those places this past summer is just so amazing.

    Haha omg! Yes. They will never understand. It's like the best thing ever.

    Yes, if I have time. I'll watch them. I think they're really fun, just like season 1.

    I hope they settle it quickly as well! I feel bad about them. I don't follow Lovelyz that much either, but the scandal's everywhere so I read the updates about it.

    Yes, I got the binder as well. I expected it to be way smaller. I really like it cause it keeps everything tidy. I like the rare lenticular ones as well. I got Sungyeol for that one. My favourite ones are actually the normal individual ones cause they're so cute. Which ones are you missing? I guess they didn't have Infinite that's why they gave me SHINee. But I still wear them. They're actually cute.

    1. Oh by the way listen to this ^_^

    2. Omg I am in love with this version of Paradise!!!! I can't stop fangirling at how amazing their singing is, and how amazing this version is!!!! Thank you for sharing^^ though because in case something goes wrong with the order (like they don't send it, or it gets lost, etc) I want to be backed up by an invoice (like a more legit order form than the one they sent us via email) in case I need to claim back my money from the credit card company. I even sent the online shop in detail exactly how to make the invoice, yet no response...they're being so irresponsible for a business, that I absolutely can't stand it! My brother said I should just forget them and order from kpoptown, where it's a real website, because it's only ~$30 more. Since kpoptown still didn't sell any yet, I'll just wait around and then buy it from them. Ugh, all of this chaos, I just feel so guilty buying them at such a high's so expensive!! I am still going back and forth whether or not I will buy it..........yah, some are autographed! I only seen maybe one each of Sunggyu, Dongwoo, and two others, so they seem super ultra rare.

      Hahaha yah Infinite H, it's been way too long!!!! I just read the translated ver of Geek magazine, and Infinite said that Sunggyu and Woohyun are both working on solo songs, and hopefully they can each release their own songs soon!! But sadly no mention of Infinite H :(

      Hahaha fangirling in class is the hardest!! Like I'm staring at the teacher pretending to be listening, then I start smiling so stupidly because I'm thinking of Infinite...I hope the teacher doesn't think I have a crush on him lol! And it's soo hard in math especially, because he says "infinite" and "L" and just a few weeks ago he said "the only answer to this function is L" and I was thinking, yesss L is always the answer!!! Partly the reason why I keep taking math classes in college hehe...

      Yah I get Sungjong a lot! Also Gyu and Yeol...the three Sungs hehe. I haven't gotten Sungyeol for awhile so I hope I kinda just stop getting him...I feel kinda sad every time I think about Sungyeol. Oh, and the sm photobook, I also really love the DVD!! The part where Woohyun's joking about going home to the gutter after work, I can't get enough of that!!!! I'm laughing so hard right now just thinking about it lol. Oooh you visited those places this summer? That's so cool, and it's even more meaningful then!!

      It's weird, I got a lot of Sungyeol's for the collection cards, and I was looking at others' collections and it seemed like they got a lot of him he's the most common card. Oooh the normal individual ones are cute! I'm missing about 40 of the rares, the only complete rare set I have is the lenticular. I hope you didn't get a lot of duplicates in your set! Trading is honestly such a hassle between strangers, because you never know if they're trustworthy so it's more being anxious than exciting (I'm talking about complete strangers, not us!)! Hahaha I'm glad you can make good use of the socks!!

  37. Isn't it amazing? Paradise is one of my favourite songs! I know Dongwoo's rap of by heart and I sing along every time it's on. I love it when they write their own lyrics for the songs. I found this version yesterday when I was on the school bus and I couldn't wait to go home and show you! Do you have tumblr btw? Mine is I'll follow you (>‿◠)✌
    Oh I get it now. Yes, you have a legit reason for wanting an invoice. I hope they understand and give it to you, or else you're gonna have to get them from kpoptwon. Oh actually I just remembered. The owner of the shop went on vacation somewhere ._. Oh how could I forget and not tell you? Now I feel bad. It's nice that you have a brother that helps you with your orders. My brother is just bored of his life and the only thing he does all day is play LOL on his computer -_- The autographed ones should be super duper extra rare as you say lol but it would be nice if we could get one of them.

    Oh, 진짜? It's good to hear that they're working on solo songs! But I remember Sungkyu oppa saying that Infinite H are working on their comeback. So I expected them to have a comeback before next year. But since Infinite are having their movie, their Japanese single on the 24th of December and the launching party for the Diesel I'm not sure if that'll happen till next year.

    Hahaha omg I'm like laughing and clapping just like a seal because I know exactly what you mean. Omg HAHAHA it's getting even funnier as I read along. HAHAHAHA, okay that's the funniest thing I've heard today. L is always the answer. Yes yes yes!! Thanks for making my day!!

    So yes, I'm hoping you get Myungsoo this time. I ordered my album yesterday so I'm guessing that I'm gonna have it by Friday since I got it from HMV. Yes, I have to watch the DVD of the Photobook. I haven't watched it yet haha. So after I watch it, I'll know what you mean and I'm most probably gonna be laughing while watching it and saying that Macey told me she loves this part!! Yes, I got to go to Las Vegas and Los Angeles after my stay at Toronto, which was pretty amazing since the only place in America I had been to was Ohio cause some of my cousins live there.

    I actually don't know if I got a lot of Sungyeol. I should check that. Yes I know what you mean. It is kind of worrying me when I have to trade with strangers so I don't think I'm going to trade my duplicates. Also because many people would have almost completed theirs cause they were released like a year ago.
    After counting my cards: without counting the group cards I have: 6 of Hoya, 6 of Sungjong, 6 of Myungsoo, 6 of Dongwoo, 5 of Sungyeol, 5 of Woohyun and 2 of Sungkyu.
    After counting the duplicates: 7 of Hoya, 7 of Sungjong, 6 of Myungsoo, 9 of Dongwoo, 8 of Sungyeol, 6 of Woohyun and 2 of Sungkyu.

    1. Oh by the way did you hear the preview for Dilemma? It sounds so good.

    2. I listened to the preview for Dilemma! It sounds really good!!! Also I saw that it'll be released as a physical single, 2 versions......when it comes to Japanese releases, they always have to have at least 2 versions, and they're always limited press release so they become so rare so quickly!

      Wow that's SOOO cool you know Dongwoo's rap by heart!!! Omg that's just amazing!! Hehe thanks so much for sharing, I love hearing versions like this! It's always so breathtaking. I love it when they write their own lyrics too!!! That's why I was disappointed that Dongwoo and Hoya didn't really get a chance to participate in their first Infinite H album, but I'm glad they're working much more on it for their upcoming album (is what I heard)! It's always that much more meaningful when they write their own lyrics. Yes I have a tumblr! But I don't reblog often...I'll follow you! My name is something like this blog name, so that's me! Hehehe your tumblr name is so fitting^^

      Oooh really the shop owner went on vacation? Hmm okay now I'm like back to "I shouldn't buy the headphones...$400 I can preorder so many upcoming Infinite albums"....gahhh okay now I don't know what to do. Like I already asked for the invoice, I feel like I can't back out now if they send it to me?

      Oooh right, Sunggyu did say Infinite H is working on their comeback, so definitely it should happen soon! But I think that Infinite H won't come back for several months...because I feel like they'd want to hype it up with a few teasers and announcements which will last a few weeks before their release date. Or Woollim will totally surprise us with a release in like one week which sometimes they do with these random, unannounced teasers lol.

      Hahahaha I wish you were in my math class! The teacher honestly kept saying "infinite sums" and "L" in every sentences for several days, and I could not stop fangirling!!!

      Oooh watch the DVD, you'll love it!!!! I love that it has different footage from the Destiny in America DVD, though it's from the same time. Oooh yay I'm happy you ordered Infinite F's album! Did you get Type B with the photobook? Lol hmm Ohio is so random! Hehe I'm glad you got to go to Vegas and LA, just like Infinite! It'd be so cool to do the Universal Studios backlot tour and say "that's where Infinite danced!" or "that's where Woohyun was showing off as a dancing machine!"

      It doesn't seem like you have too many duplicates! Haha it's never a bad thing to have more duplicates of Dongwoo hehe. Oh right that's true, probably not many people are trading anymore. But also because it's been so long since it released, maybe cards are cheaper if you buy them individually now (which I don't's still better just to buy another set if you really want to I think).

  38. Ahh it does sound really good. I heard that there's gonna be a DVD for it. It says it on the post under the link I sent you. And apparently you can pre-order. Ah there goes my Christmas money hahahaha. Yeah, but it's worth it!!

    Yes, and it's the only rap I know of by heart because I haven't spent that much time on learning the other ones. I can sing a bit of the rest as well, but not all of them. I love hearing versions like that as well. If you press the something underneath the link it'll lead you to a page with more of those kind of versions. I've heard them all so, enjoy them! :D Yes, so now that more work has been put in I want to show them how proud I am and buy the album like right now even if it hasn't been announced yet that they're gonna have a comeback.

    I still don't know if they're gonna send it to you. I'm guessing the reason they're not answering back is because he's on vacation. I hope he comes back quickly. I know that feeling. In the beginning I had to think about it a lot because I knew that I really wanted them but they were expensive. But let's be serious. This is something useful that we're gonna use for the rest of our lives even if we stop loving Infinite. [God please don't let that ever happen] compared to their CDs :( and I feel really bad saying that. Ah...I shouldn't have said that. But the choice is yours :)

    If Sungkyu said so, then we believe him. If they do that I won't be able to sleep from my excitement >.< Haha. Those slow teasers. Making us wait for a long time. They will be the death of me. If Woollim decides to do the one week teaser that would be exciting as well. I don't know if I'll have much time to suck up what just happened lol.

    Omg, hahaha I bet we would be looking at each other and having that silly fangirl smile on our faces and we would know exactly why we're laughing while every one else would think we're weird. But screw them, we know what perfection the teacher said "Infinite" and "L is the only answer."

    Yes, I was planning to watch it, and I will. So, that's what I have to do this week. I got Type B with the photobook cause Type A has the DVD with no eng subs and my Japanese and Korean skills are terrible xD Plus they have uploaded the Type A DVD online and subbed it already. Haha, I know right. Ohio is so random. I hardly remember anything from my stays there. Fail lol. Haha, so cool though!! Woohyun, he's such a tease. I love him so much!!

    Hahaha, actually I think I had a lot of duplicates, but yeah..I'm not that lucky, that's why. You were right, I'm getting the "I want to buy more" disease. I want to buy more, but at the same time I'm thinking that It's a waste of money and I'm gonna end up with a duplicate pile that's higher that the Season 2 album lol.

    1. Haha exactly, it's like Woollim releases something once a month...I can't keep up with so many pre-orders!

      Oooh I'll definitely check out those other songs, I can't wait to hear them!! That's so cool though, by heart that's amazing!! I can vaguely go with the tune of the songs, but I can't just sing any of them straight. Except for maybe Can You Smile, because one of my Korean projects was to record myself performing that song, so I did it soo many times. But I never get sick of that song!

      Hahaha yah you're right about those headphones, but the part that hurts the most is the normal version of Sennheiser Momemtum On-Ear Headphones (I hate how the online shop spells it wrong...really? On-Air??? anyways lol) is only $150, and I'd be spending almost 3 times as much technically just for the color, nothing technologically different. Ugh but once they're completely sold out, I'll be so devastated...Infinite really makes me go so crazy hehe

      Hahaha man those teasers, I don't know if I could handle them either. Gahhh Infinite H just come back already!!!! Have you seen Tasty's MAMAMA ft. Infinite H? Wowww they were so amazing there too.

      Haha I'd love to have you in my math class!! I have an Inspirit friend in that class, but she doesn't look at me and fangirl laugh often like I always do, so I just look stupid doing it alone lol.

      Oooh the cover for Type B is so beautiful!!! I really really like Myungsoo's sweater lol. Oooh do you know a little bit of Japanese too? I always get the DVD version first...why is that...I think because BTD with the DVD is superrrr rare now (like more rare than Over the Top), so I wanted to avoid that. Also I'm so anal when it comes to this, but I have to watch something on my own DVD rather than online because I know I'm going to buy the DVD anyways, so I'd feel bad not watching it on that. Though I wouldn't understand anything lol. It's like the same thing with my CDs, I have to listen to the songs from my CD, not from online. Which sucks because I have to wait forever for my albums to come!! Gahhh Infinite F please come quickly~~

      Haha don't buy any more collection cards!!! Wait until there are no more new items being released and maybe in a few more months/years they'll be cheaper! Because I feel like collection cards are kinda just a fad, like you said, people aren't going to be trading a year after its release.

  39. So true. And that's why we wonder where all our money goes. I think we can guess the answer lol >.<

    I hope you get to listen to them because they're really good. That's so cool! To be able to record your own Infinite song! I'm never, ever gonna do that. I have a terrible voice xD The only song I can sing of by heart, like all of it, is Back. I can even sing it without listening to the music. But I just learnt it because I've heard it a lot. But if the song is hard, I can't learn it. For example, I've heard Last Romeo more times than Back but for some reason I can't learn it. As in I can't learn the lyrics. I can sing it in my head without listening to the music.

    HAHHAHAHA omg that's hilarious. I never noticed. On-Air, ahahahahaha. It's like we're on a flight or something xD That's actually a good point. They're way more expensive than the normal ones. I hope they're good. I think mine are arriving today. Should I send you pics on Instagram?

    No, I haven't. I'm going to watch it now. Ugh but there's someone weird sitting next to me and if I start watching it they're gonna be looking at me weirdly. "Why is this person watching videos of Chinese people?" I hate it when they say that >.< But I don't care. I'm gonna watch it. Haha Infinite H, you're driving us crazy.

    Haha, it feels like exactly what I do cause I usually fangirl alone. But I don't mind. I try to hide it when I'm in class.

    I really like the cover for the standard edition. Actually, I like all the covers. They're all unique in their own way. Myungsoo's sweater in the Type B cover is so pretty, but it's something that doesn't suit me if I try it on :'( Oh do you think Type A becomes more rare than Type B? Yes, I know what you mean. That's why I'm avoiding to watch the Second Invasion DVD online cause I want to buy it. I hope your CD comes quickly and I hope mine comes quickly as well cause I haven't heard the songs yet, on purpose.

    Yeah. I think you know better. I'll try to contain myself and not buy more. But, I really want them xD

    1. Haha I can't sing for my life either! I would put Infinite to shame if I even attempted singing their songs in public! I only read out the lyrics. I tried singing for one of them, and it was a terrible mistake. Oooh I know what you mean. Now that I think about it, I can do most of Back also, just because it's so slow that I can process it. But yah, Last Romeo...I love that song so much but I can't learn it even though I have it on repeat so often!

      Wowwwww I can't believe you're already getting your headphones!!!!! And to think, we thought it was impossible to get like a month ago hehe. That's so exciting!!! Oooh I'd love to see them!!

      Ugh yah I hate it when people do that! It's one thing to be judged for listening to music you can't understand (which I HATE when people judge me for), but even worse to assume all Asians are Chinese (though Tasty is half Chinese lol...but that's besides the point!). I was so tempted to get Tasty's album just because Dongwoo and Hoya were in the credits for writing the song hehe.

      Yah, all the covers are so pretty! I love/hate how Woollim almost always makes the regular version different from the limited versions, making Inspirits want them all...Oooh yah that sweater won't look good on me at all either! But it looks great on Myungsoo hehe. I don't know if Type A will be more rare than Type B here, but because of BTD I'm just so scared that will happen again. Awwww I hope you can find Second Invasion someday!!! I know you've been looking forever for it :( There were fancams of Infinite F performing My Girl, and I'm dying to see it!! But after my CD comes and I've heard the song, then I'll watch! I hope our CDs come soon! Which photocard do you want the most? I'm hoping to get Myungsoo, the group one (of course the non-cartoon one lol) and then Sungjong, once I buy all three album versions.

      Woollim will be releasing the Japanese version of Diss Is Infinite...finally an Infinite item I'm definitely not going to buy! Since it's in Japanese. Though I also said I wouldn't buy the collection cards, and I did eventually lol. Wow, Infinite's actually releasing something each month...headphones and Infinite F in November, Dilemma in December, Diss Is Infinite in hopefully Infinite H in February hehe!

  40. Oh I'm never ever gonna sing. I don't sing. Especially in front of people. I just know that I'm soooo bad. If I attempt to sing an Infinite song, they will never want to see me, even if I'm an Inspirit. I'll just stick with the rap in Paradise xD Those songs are perfection, just like the rest of their songs!!

    Yes. I got them yesterday night. I can't believe it! They're so gorgeous. They came in a huge box. Like a really massive one. I would have never imagined that it would be so big. The colour is amazing and unique and the photobook has really thick pages. The sound is really good as well. I already uploaded one picture on Instagram cause I couldn't hide my excitement. I'm gonna send you more!! I feel like this is the most precious thing I own. It's so amazing to know that you're one of the 645 people who have it.

    At the end, I watched it. Even if that weird person was sitting next to me. When Dongwoo and Hoya came out of the car, I seriously believe I got a heart attack. They were so gorgeous. omg. Then you know what follows...that silly smile you have when you're watching the best thing on earth xD. I absolutely hate it when people judge me for listening to better music than them. Yeah, better music. That's what Infinite is. And I hate it even more when they assume that all Asians are Chinese. When I used to have Infinite H as my profile pic on Facebook, 3 people asked me why do I always have Chinese people as my profile picture. I didn't even want to waste my time on those losers. Why do they even care? My picture is locked, no one can see it. Yet, they still ask me >.< Just accept the fact that not all Asians are Chinese. When random people see me they always ask me if I'm Chinese ._.

    Woollim...they're so intelligent for doing that. That's how you sell more and that's how crazy Inspirits like us buy them all xD Everything looks good on Myungsoo! Actually, everything looks good when Koreans wear them. I don't know how they manage that, but everything they wear, even if it's the ugliest piece of clothing, looks good on them. I'm so jelly haha. Yes, I saw the fancams of Infinite F performing My Girl, but I haven't watched them yet. I'm waiting to get my album, then I'll watch them. I haven't seen the photocards yet, so everything is a surprise for me. I can't wait to see!! I don't mind which ever one I get, though I prefer the non-cartoon ones lol. I hope you get Myungsoo!!

    They are? Why do all their reality DVDs get released in Japanese versions? I really like their Ranking Kind DVD but it's in Japanese and it's making me so sad. I know you have it thought :D Haha, true, true. Let's wait and see what else is going to be released. Woollim you have to calm down xD

    1. Omg those headphones...I can't believe you really have time, gahhh they're sooo gorgeous!!!!! I'm sooo happy you got them!!!! Just when I firmly decided I would not get them (since Infinite's having a parade of releases recently -.-), I really want them again lol.

      Hahahah yesss I'm so happy you finally got to watch it!! It's seriously just perfection right before your eyes. Ugh that's so annoying, those Facebook comments!! I grew up in a practically all-white K-12 school where everyone knew everyone, and so I was really white-washed. When I finally found out about Kdramas in 11th grade, I was too ashamed to post anything about it online on websites where my classmates could like I never posted on Facebook or Instagram because I hate being judged. So then I started posting my obsession on G+ but then my classmates found me there too >.< So now I only have my blog to fangirl without being judged for the most part. Well that was really long winded...I'm just happy that you're not afraid to show who you are and you're proud of it, that's something I really have to learn.

      Hahaha for sure, I don't know how they do it, but they pull (almost) everything off! Like the ugly cow outfit from Last Romeo, Myungsoo managed to pull that one off even though I still despise that outfit lol. You're lucky you haven't seen the photocards yet! For me it's inevitable, because people always post unboxings on twitter. I try so hard not to see them beforehand though, I love the surprise of seeing it myself for the first time. Haha yes just not the non-cartoon one hehe.

      Hahahaha speaking of more things Woollim is releasing, I forgot to mention the Season's Greetings 2015. ANDDDDDD Infinite F Korean debut single!!!! OMG I can't express my conflicting feels. Like my Japanese cd hasn't even arrived yet, and they're already releasing the thing we've been waiting so long for, but it just overshadows the Japanese one. It makes me wish I had waited to buy the Korean one first. The only thing that makes me feel better is seeing Myungsoo holding Type A, my version, hehehe. I bought the version Myungsoo's holding, that makes me so happy!! This is what I'm talking about:
      I think Woollim strategically did this, like to let Lovelyz debut in Korea so Infinite F wouldn't steal the show during music shows. And so people who prefer the Korean version but want the Japanese consolation version (like me) would order the Japanese version, then of course have to order the Korean one shortly after. What bugs me is that during the hype of Infinite F debuting, they said that they were in talks to debuting in Korea, but nothing was finalized...that makes it seem like they were lying, and they were planning to debut immediately after Japan the whole time.

    2. And those reality DVDs only being released in Japan...maybe because they know Japanese are the most spendy? Since Koreans can watch it when it first aired. Sighs...everything's being released in Japan...but lol they are not worth it! Like after watching the Eng subs on youtube once or twice, I can kinda get the gist of what's going on while watching my Ranking King DVD, but it's not worth it. If only I got Myungsoo's shirt, then maybe it'll be worth it hehe.

  41. Haha, I'm sorry that I couldn't send you the pictures/videos earlier, but I was so busy yesterday. I know what you mean. It's really hard to resist when it comes to Infinite stuff. But that's true. What's up with the Infinite releases? lol

    It really is. I'm so happy that you told me to watch it!! Actually they weren't even comments, since I always lock my profile picture so only I can see it. They were sending me messages on the chat. Like seriously? Why would they care that much? I know, I know...It's because they will never be as perfect as Dongwoo & Hoya >.< Ok, I'm being mean now. xD
    Believe me when I say that I was never like that. I'm like a person who hides their interests a lot! But when I find someone who shares the same interests as me, I tend to open up a lot. I've always hidden everything I liked from my friends because I thought that I would be judged and they wouldn't want to hang out with me anymore. But that made me realise that if they don't accept me for what I am, then there is no reason for them to be my friend. I think that's why I don't hide my interest for everything that has to do with Korea as much anymore. I mean, now I upload photos or lyrics written in Korean. I still get stupid comments but I don't answer back cause I don't care. I believe that someone shouldn't be judged for the music they listen to. Once, I read this post on Tumblr that I really liked, talking about this and I think it inspired me not to hide my interests about Korea. I used to have a wrestling obsession and I used to post on Instagram about it a lot because not many people I know follow me there, but I'm over that and I'm happy. I've deleted most of the pics because if anyone finds out about it, it will be embarrassing >.<
    I'm happy and grateful that I get to talk to you everyday, and I always look forward to it! I don't have anyone who I can share these interests with. Only my best friend Robert, but he lives 2 hours away (that's where my summer house is) and I rarely get to see him.

    Omg the cow outfit, I remember reading about it in your Season 2 review. It looks so good on him. I really wanted the photocard of him in the cow outfit, but instead I got Hoya. That blue hair though xD Yes, I know how you feel. I despise spoilers, but sometimes I watch unboxings in order to know if I want to buy that item. Oh, Twitter...I'm never active on there but I have an account. I don't think I use it at all. I saw some pictures of the album on Tumblr but I put my hand on the screen and skipped them quickly so I don't spoil it for myself.

    Woollim, you're driving us crazy. Yes, the Season's Greetings! I was pretty sure we're gonna have one of those. Speaking about the Infinite F Korean debut single...I've already pre-ordered it. Haha omg, when I found out about it yesterday I was thinking that for some reason we're getting everything we've talked about wanting lately. I really hope the pictures they're putting inside that single album are not the same ones as the ones in the Japanese one. Do you think they're gonna do that? Oh, I watched that video. It's the one where Sungjong says he's the dance machine and Myungsoo was chocking to death from laughter. Yes, that's very intelligent from the part of Woollim. Haha, yes in the beginning I was telling myself, don't order the Japanese version, there's gonna be a Korean one for sure, but I clearly didn't do that. I hope they get to promote the songs on the music shows. I really want to see them. I think I can call it my first comeback as a full-Inspirit, because for the Back promotions, I was so excited but I didn't know anything about Infinite then.

    1. Haha that's so funny. Do you think Japanese people are the most spendy ones? Yes, I thought about that. Since they air in the Korean TV, why would people pay to watch them again when they're on YouTube? >.<
      Ok, something random but one of the best parts of Diss is Infinite was the "small school" and the "elephantary school" I think I cried out laughing.

      Ok another random thing but I'm wearing my headphones right now and I can't hear a single noise from the "outside world," so I'm really happy. Also, it's really nice to listen to Be Mine, Paradise, Back and Shot with them.

      Sorry, I had to cut my comment in half cause it wasn't letting me post it. I passed the word limit. Whoops :|

    2. I can't believe those people went completely out of their way just to insult your profile picture!!! That's seriously going too far. Hahaha soo true, they're just jealous of the perfection!

      Wow, what you said about friendship is so true! If they can't accept you for who you are, what is that friendship really worth then? Ever since college I've just been trying to find friends who like kpop just to avoid having to hide my interests and my true self, but maybe it's good to be more diverse.

      Aww you're so sweet! I love talking to you too; I have other friends who are Inspirits, but they just don't discuss any of this with me. I love talking to you because we always have so much to discuss, and in such length! Oooh does your best friend like kpop too? Or do you mean he's the only one that can listen to you fangirling and not be judging lol?

      Ooh I watch unboxings to see if I want things too! But when it comes to Infinite stuff, it's most likely a given that I'll end up buying it anyways lol. I first started using Twitter since Infinite sometimes posts on there, and now I just use it as my main source of Infinite news. Omg haha I do the same thing!! I put my hand on the screen and keep scrolling until I pass the spoilers!

      Haha yah suddenly everything's being released! You're so fast at pre-ordering! I'm contemplating whether or not to get a random poster or both versions...I just want them to release the poster images so I can decide before preordering. 2 random photocards out of 9, 3 per member...part of me thinks I just won't get Myungsoo, even though my chances are so much higher than usual. Oooh I really hope the images aren't the same either!! Since the cover looks completely different, maybe the photobook will be more like the cover, and not like the Japanese version? Like for Last Romeo, the cover was practically the same as an image from the Season 2 poster, and all the photos were basically the same, so since the covers are different this time...hopefully they'll be different. Ooh did you watch that video with subs? I haven't seen any subbed videos from their Japanese promotions yet...aww that's so exciting, like fully following this comeback and being a full-Inspirit! My first comeback was Man in Love, and I knew all the members by then, but I still only cared about Myungsoo at the time. They released one member's teaser a day, and waiting for Myungsoo's...his was the sixth teaser, so I had to wait so long! My friend got mad at me for me being upset that everyday it wasn't Myungsoo...that made me realize that I wasn't really an Inspirit back then.

      I think that they can charge a lot more to Japanese the One Great Step world tour goods, the prices were much higher in Japan than for the same merch in Korea and other countries in Asia. So I think that's why Woollim invests so much in Japan; they know they'll make a nice profit. Like the pop-up store, they've never had one in Korea!

      Hahahaha omg the "elephantary school" was soo funny!!!! I think my favorite episode was the Valentine's Day one (gahh Myungsoo's stare...I don't know how that girl lasted so long!).

      So jealous, those headphones sound so nice!! There are some songs where you just can't hear certain things (obviously I don't know any music terms lol) like for Reflex, there are three heartbeats at the beginning, but I can't hear them when I play it on my speakers! Now I'm more tempted to get the headphones...I can only imagine listening to Back with them!

      Haha wow, there's a word limit? Lol dang

  42. Yeah, I guess that's true. Infinite is perfection, so why wouldn't they be jealous? ^^

    I think it's good to be more diverse as well, but I would still be the person who hides their true interests. For example, when I meet people, I never tell them that I only listen to k-pop. I wait for them to find out themselves, or maybe they will never find out, which doesn't bother me xD
    I love it when I'm able to have someone to talk to about everything and I thank you for that! It's true that our convos are lengthy and I love reading them so much. As I've said before, it's the first thing I'm waiting to read in the morning! :D
    Yes, he loves k-pop as well. I got him addicted to it >.< For some reason, he gets addicted to everything I like. When I used to watch Sailor Moon everyday he got addicted to it and started watching it as well. So, I always have something to talk to him about. Even if he is in love with BTS, he doesn't judge me when I talk to him about Infinite.

    Haha, yes before I buy my Be Back and my Paradise albums I watched unboxings of them so I know where the photocards are, so I don't see them when I'm opening my album. I always look at the photocard after I've gone through the album because I love the surprise of which member I got. I usually get my news from Tumblr since I don't use Twitter, which is fine since they usually have the links to the Twitter accounts so I can read them from there as well.

    Isn't the version with the random poster exactly the same one as the version without the poster? It's just that one has a poster in a tube...That's what I'm guessing at least. I pre-ordered the one with the poster but I'm thinking about it since I don't have a place to put my poster xD I really hope that the pictures are not the same in the Korean version and the Japanese version. I'm not sure though cause they're wearing the same clothes in Type B and the Korean version cover. So, we just have to hope they're different. No, I didn't watch that video with subs. I watched it Japanese. None of their Japanese promotion videos have been subbed, except from the Type A DVD making. But I saw gifs of that video on Tumblr, that's why I know what it's talking about. Oh, I should watch the Man in Love era teasers. I bet they're gorgeous. We've talked about how awesome that era was ^^

    Somehow I feel bad for Japanese people. Aren't the Japanese versions of the Infinite F single album more expensive than the Korean one?

    Actually the only episode that you can't find online for some reason is the Valentine's Day episode. I've only watched cuts from it because that's the only thing I could find. But I've seen the part where Myungsoo was singing and playing the guitar for that girl. How did she manage to last so long with all 7 members? When Sungjong proposed to her with the ring, I was dying.

    Don't you have beats? I think you can hear them really well with your beats. Oh, I noticed the heartbeats in Reflex with my old earphones but you can hear them way clearer when you're wearing headphones. The same thing with the rain at the start of Back. It's so amazing.

    I had no idea there was a word limit >.<

    1. I'm like that too!! I discreetly try to find out if someone likes kpop, or like I'll wear my Infinite necklace and see if they comment. And then when I find out they're an Inspirit, I just let out my true self and fangirl lol.

      I'm so happy to be able to talk to you!! And I really appreciate that you like Infinite not just for their looks...there are a lot of people that I meet who only like them for their looks, and I just don't know how to I'm happy to have found another Inspirit, but I can't talk to them except for "yes they're handsome"'s like, they don't even like the music, which is what they do, they only like their face.
      That's so cool you got your friend into kpop! And that even though you guys have your own fandom, there's still that bond where you can still talk all you want about your respective groups without boring the other person.

      Oh wow, how can you have such strong willpower of not seeing which photocard you get?? That's so impressive! Right away that's the first thing I see lol. Wow especially with Be Back, that photocard is practically the entire album lol.

      Yah the Infinite F cd is the same with or without the poster, I'd just like to order them together once I decide if I want 0, 1 or 2 posters. Ahhh yah sorry I wasn't clear. I meant if I wanted one random poster or just both posters, since there are two versions. Of if there's obviously one poster that's better than the other, then I'll just order the poster separately from the cd, though it'll be more expensive. Did you order a poster for any of your other albums (besides Paradise)? Ooh do you ever put up your posters? Oooh I should look up those Japanese gifs. I saw non-subbed gifs, and it looks so funny!!! Now I just need to figure out what's going on in them. Yesss the Man in Love teasers are amazing!!! I love how they made 7 completely different teasers for like a 3 minute song; it's amazing. Yes that era was awesome, and these teasers definitely added to it.

      Yah the Japanese version is always MUCH more expensive, like at least double the Korean version. But I think it's because they can afford it, which is why Woollim keeps heading towards Japan.

      Awww oh no, I hope you can find the entire Valentine's Day episode sometime! Hahaha so true, how DID she manage to last so long, with any of them?!! Hulu has it online, maybe you can try there? They call it Dis Is Infinite.

      Haha yah I have beats, and I can hear the heartbeats well using them...but I was trying to convince myself that I should buy the Sennheiser even though I already have beats lol. Oooooh I never heard Back through headphones...I really want to do that now!!! *grabbing my beats* Omg I never knew there were rain sounds at the beginning...I It's beautiful.

  43. Omg, I got worried cause you hadn't replied yet. But you replied so I'm ok now! :D

    I wear my Infinite necklace all the time as well, and when I realise that I don't have it on I go crazy and I try to find it. Haha, yes, then you can finally be free and fangirl!!

    I wouldn't be 100% sure if they're truly an Inspirit if they only care about their looks. Yes, obviously they're handsome but they are also perfect human beings with great personalities and they provide us with happiness and laughter every day. I couldn't think of a better thing than listening to their music. I'm absolutely grateful for everything they do.
    Haha, it's funny because we know each other for 8 years and still, we don't get bored of each other >.<

    The photocard is the thing I always look forward to. I always keep the best for last ^^ so I wait for until I've gone through the photobook and then see the photocard. The last thing is always the CD. I love listening to them and going through the photobook at the same time. For Be Back, I had already seen the unboxing so i knew where the photocard is. When I got my album the first thing I did was close my eyes and take out the photocard.

    Ok, so if they're the same, then I can try to change my order from the one with the poster to the one without, since I don't have any more space plus it will take longer to ship and arrive. I have a Hoya poster from Infinite H's Fly High and a Toheart poster from their First Mini Album. I've put them up really carefully. I usually prefer to frame them but my parents would kill me if I ask them for permission to frame a poster. Oh, you can check out some of the gifs I've reblogged from the videos over here:
    I'm loading the Man in Love teasers so I can watch them during break time! *excited*

    Woollim is being really intelligent and Japanese people keep on buying the more expensive stuff >.<

    Oh I didn't know that. I'll try to find it on Hulu, since it's the only episode I haven't seen.

    I love the rain at the beginning of Back. It adds on the awesomeness of the song. You hear the rain at the beginning and then it stops and you hear Dongwoo's voice saying Can you save me? [Uhm, yes anyone would save you] I love this part though where the beat drops. The choreography is daebak. I always wanted to learn it, but let's face it. No one can dance like Infinite ^^

    1. Hahaha don't worry, I always reply within 24 hours!! Honestly I had my entire response for hours, but I still had to listen to Back with my headphones lol. I had my Infinite playlist on shuffle and I went through 103/144 songs and I didn't want to end the shuffle so soon...but I did lol.

      Hehe that's cool you have an infinite necklace too^^ My mom bought me a necklace for my birthday in 2012, but I didn't like it so I exchanged it for an infinite necklace. And that was 5 months before I even heard of Infinite! Ahhh it was like a sign.

      Yah you're so right, they're definitely not true Inspirits. I think they just like kpop in general, and just choose all the visuals to stare at -.- Ahh I completely agree, just basking in Infinite's music is happiness.

      When I get an album, if it's a song I've been obsessed with (like Man in Love, Last Romeo, Heart is Racing...when I get it!), I always upload the CD first, and then listen to it while I go through the photobook too.

      Ooh that's cool you have posters from the subunits/collabs. I don't have any of those. How did you hang up your posters? I tried so many ways to put them up, but they always fell while I was sleeping and I'd roll over and crush now I just frame them and lean them against my walls, but I've run out of floor space.

      I went through the entire link!! Hehe thank you~ It's getting me so pumped for their album!!! I think our cds will come any day now!!!

      Hahaha so true, without a doubt I'll save them in a heartbeat! Aahhh that part of the choreography is amazing!!! Have you ever tried learning their dances? Like singing, I can't dance at all and am so self-conscious, but my friend taught me the intro to BTD. I felt like I learned so many moves, but it only ended up being like the first 15 seconds of the song. It's crazy how many moves go into each choreo, and how Infinite always knows it all, and in sync!

  44. Haha, omg I know that feeling. The sacrifice you made in order to listen to Back with your headphones! I'm late today. I usually reply way earlier >.<

    Oh that's so cool. Yes, it looks like it was a sign telling you about what's in store for you in the future ^^ I have the Destiny logo one. It's so pretty.

    Yes, I know what you mean. I dislike it when people only know one person in a group and say omg I love this group.

    That's actually a great idea. I should do that when I get my Infinite F album on Monday! And of course leave the photocard for last.

    I used to hang up my posters with blue tack, but when the blue tack gets old it leaves an annoying stain on the poster. But those weren't important posters. Now I have my Infinite posters which are important. I still use blue tack but I put tape between the poster and the blue tack so it doesn't stain my poster. That way when I'm able to frame them I can still have a "clean" poster since you can't see the tape or the blue tack.

    Yes. Can't wait!! It's so exciting. I think their digital release is tomorrow at 5:00 pm for me / 7:00 am for you ^^ Plus, I'll be waiting to read your review on Type A and My Lovely Girl OST!

    Indeed, that part is my favourite. I haven't really tried learning their dances. It's mostly what I pick up from watching them perform live. I can do parts of Back, Last Romeo, Destiny, BTD, The Chaser, Be Mine, Come Back Again, She's Back and Cover Girl. But that's only some parts, not the whole dance. I wish I could do it, but I've never put a serious effort in to learning them. I'm guessing that if I spend time I'll be able to learn it. It's crazy how good they are. Personally, I believe that singing and dancing together is really hard. It's amazing how much time and effort they put in in order to perfect everything. They're so amazing.

    1. Haha this time I was worried that you didn't reply when I woke up. Ooh the Destiny logo is so pretty! My favorite is the Over the Top one, and my friend gave me that necklace for Christmas! I just love Infinite's name and logos in general, they're just so timeless compared to other group names and logos.

      I should try to leave the photocard for last too! But I think I'll just be rushing through the photobook and not enjoying it then. I'll see what happens lol.

      Oh I should try that blue tack! That's smart to put tape underneath it to protect the poster; they're too precious to not keep clean!

      Yup, it's at 7am for me, in just under 1.5 days! I wonder if the Korean music video for Infinite F is the same as the Japanese one, since they haven't released teasers or anything. It'll probably be practically the same, just like Last Romeo (except for the outfit change). Haha I keep forgetting I ordered My Lovely Girl OST! I just ordered it so I could get free shipping, but I've just been so focused on Infinite F....I needddddd that songggggg...I thought my CDs would come today, so I was just waiting for 1.5 hours today for the mail, and sadly it didn't come. So I'll have to wait like 2 more days, when I come home from school on Monday *sighs*

      Aww that's cool you can do like a grab bag of their dance songs! I think my most favorite dance from them is that part in Chaser where they're like doing that staircase thing? Gah I'm bad at explaining! But I'm always so captivated by that. Singing and dancing do seem so hard, especially when just doing one is hard enough! It must be hard memorizing lyrics and the corresponding dance moves. And also when they have to perform with a missing member, then they have to work around that, it truly is amazing. I have so much respect for them!! Especially to be known to have 99.9% synchronization, that's a huge name to live up to, and they totally deserve it! A long time ago when I only knew about Can You Smile, my Inspirit friend asked me if I preferred someone who sang and played guitar, or someone who sang and danced. I said of course playing guitar, since Myungsoo does in Can You Smile, but now seeing them dance so perfectly, it's such a hard choice!

    2. Lol yah I guess I was a day off about the music video release...I thought that November had a 31st day lol. And I guess I answered my own questions about the music video haha. But it's finally really coming true!!!!!!! That song will be released sooo soon, Infinite F is for, happiness.

  45. Haha, sorry about that. I went to my country side house this weekend and when I go there, I spend my whole day with Robert since it's the only time I get to see him. I had seen your reply from the morning but I couldn't reply. But now I'm back :) Indeed, the Over the Top logo is pretty and the most meaningful one (that's what I believe at least.) Yes, exactly. I love their name and the fact that they have a different logo for every comeback. It's so cool. I hope they never run out of ideas.

    Haha, you can try and leave the photocard for last. Though it's true that you might be rushing through the photobook just to see the photocard. I wonder if I do that. Haha, I honestly don't know if I rush through the photobook.

    Yes, hahaha. My precious posters. I do that because if I decide to frame them one day, even if I can't remove the tape, they'll still be clean and I won't be able to see the tape.

    I already watched it! I was so excited. I had planned my time so I would finish washing the dishes five minutes after it was released. Actually I had no idea what was being released >.< so I had to check the website and that's where I figured out that the MV was out. I guess Woollim didn't upload the Japanese version on YouTube because they wanted to upload the Korean one. I was right...I got used to the Japanese version so when I watched the MV I thought I was listening to something weird. But I did sing the 가슴이 뛴다 part and I was happy lol. I'm waiting for the album to be released so I can replace my Japanese version with the Korean on, as we were saying before. I really like the website design for Infinite F. Especially the pictures and the "Profile" site. They should add Infinite H there when they come back, as well. Add them and not remove Infinite F, because then I'm gonna be sad xD Haha, yes Yesasia is the place to order stuff when you need many of them because of their free shipping. I've only seen 2 pictures from the MLG OST so I want to see how it really is. It's annoying sometimes when Yesasia doesn't tell you how long it takes for your order to arrive. But I've realised that if it's light, it takes a less time. I know that feeling *sighs with you*

    Haha, I don't know a lot. I wish I knew more. Actually not more. I wish I could learn the full dance to one song. Whichever song, I don't mind. Haha, I know what part you're talking about. I like that part in The Chaser as well. There's this part in the MV where Myungsoo slides in like a ninja and it makes me cry from laughter. I don't know why, but I find it so funny. I'm weird lol. [it's at 1:15. Sorry I searched my whole Tumblr to find a gif of it. I was so sure I had one ._. but I can't find it.] Indeed, I have so much respect for all the groups that are able to do that because it's really hard. I used to dance so I know how hard it can be. Though in my eyes Infinite is always number one. I'm always happy when I see the articles and hear other people talking about how synchronised they are. Because it's true and it makes me feel even prouder! The fact that their hard work gets acknowledged makes me so happy. Yes, it's so hard to choose between playing an instrument and singing and singing and dancing. I wouldn't be able to choose either. It's perfect when they sing and dance so gorgeously and it's also perfect when they're singing a ballad and playing an instrument. I'm in the middle.

    Haha, I guess I'm late as well since you've already woken up and watched it >.< It's true. They're a real subunit now. And it's gonna be even more real when I see them perform the song live at M! Countdown this Thursday. ^^

    1. Oh I'm glad you got to spend the weekend with him! I hope you guys fangirled/fanboyed lol.
      Me too, all their logos are so unique and so pretty!!! I love how for Be Back they added the wings to the Season 2 logo, since it was a repackaged album of that full length album.

      Haha this time you should see if you rush through the photobook or not! Though you'll be conscious about it now. I don't think I'll be able to wait, I'll probably end up looking at the photocard first hehe. Ooh I hope one day you will frame your posters!

      Oh that makes sense that Woollim didn't upload the Japanese version. It's like our play count obsession thing, they want all their play counts to count toward the Korean version for music shows and whatnot. Haha when I watched the MV, I was a bit taken aback too because of the language difference. But then that chorus...*sighs*. Yah the website is really nice! I hope they keep Infinite F too and add Infinite H...SOON. They should also had Sunggyu's solo! But I'm not sure where Toheart would go :/ I haven't ordered from YesAsia in awhile, but I always thought they were quick on shipping. But it's been 11 days and that's just too long...

      Hahahaha I just saw the 1:15 mark, and at first I didn't know what you were talking about, but the second time around, omg that is sooo funny!! I can't stop laughing XD

      Because Infinite dances much more than plays instruments, I can't contain my feels when they do play instruments. Just thinking about it right now, I couldn't stop squealing lol. When Myungsoo plays the guitar for Can You Smile and That Summer, or Sunggyu on the piano for Only Tears...I can't handle it.

      Wow, I completely forgot they'll be going on music shows!!! I'm so excited!!!!! Yay promoting in Korea again, I can't wait! I wonder if they'll also perform My Girl too.

  46. We did. I showed him a lot of Infinite videos. I don't know if I'm turning him into an Inspirit >.< Yes, every single one of their logos is perfect. I love the Be Back logo so much. It's really cool that they added the wings since with the repackage of Over the Top they kept the same logo. They've already started selling the Be Back necklace with the wings. It's so pretty!!

    Yes I should see if I actually rush through it, but know I'll know so maybe I will try to go as slowly as possible lol. I'm probably leaving the photocard for last, just like I always do. I'm worried about mine because it's been a week since they shipped it and the tracking keeps on showing me that it hasn't arrived yet. It should arrive today if my calculations are right. I hope it didn't get lost :'(

    Yes, if they have more plays then Infinite F can be nominated for first place. Wow, it would be amazing if they could win. I wish we could vote. Yes, the chorus! I'm trying to learn the Korean lyrics so I can forget the Japanese ones. I already replaced my song. That's a good idea. They should add Infinite H, Sungkyu's solo and Toheart. Then it would be so pretty!! Not that it's not pretty right now...They're usually quick on shipping but sometimes the heave stuff get really delayed. Eg. the fastest I've receive something from YesAsia is 19 days and the slowest is 33 days.

    Hahaha, I'm sorry. It's because of my bad explaining. Though, you got what I meant at the end. I was trying to find a gif of it because I was so sure that I had one so, I went through all my Myungsoo posts on Tumblr and I couldn't find it, that's why I gave you the exact time from the MV. Oh something random, but I hate it when 1theK posts the Infinite MVs and they end up having more views than the ones Woollim post.

    Sameeeeeee! It's amazing when I see Myungsoo playing the guitar and Sungkyu the piano. I love it so much. It's also amazing when I see them dance so perfectly. Who made them so perfect? How can someone be so perfect? Ahhhhh, I love them so much.

    I'm excited as well. I love watching them perform live, so I'm looking forward to that. I wish they can perform My Girl too! I'm confused with the name of the album. Some people say it's Blue and others say it's Azure. Also, everyone has a different name for 가슴이 뛴다. Also, is the album including a poster inside? Cause I haven't got that yet.

    And I'm excited for Wednesday cause it's the MAMA awards and I want to see Infinite perform. I'm planning of not going to school cause I have to watch the whole ceremony xD

    Oh, by the way, did you see any of the previews of Dongwoo from Laws of the Jungle? You have to see them. It's hilarious!

    1. Hehe slowly you're Infinitizing him!!!! Next time you see him, hopefully he'll be a full Inspirit^^ I hope your album arrived!!! It's been 12 days, so I'm starting to get so weary. YesAsia's really testing my patience :( I just want the song...!!!! Wow, it takes awhile for your YesAsia packages! Now I understand why you'd prefer HMV!

      I think there was one music show where you can use an international online texting service to text while the show is live. But when I did it, there were people saying you should use one hashtag, two hashtags, with/without a was really confusing and I didn't even know if my texts went through. Ugh I wish we could help out more!!! Ugh I hate those 1theK posts too, because Infinite's MVs don't have many counts compared to other artists! I think the highest is around 8 million with Destiny, and some groups get that many views in a few days.

      I asked my Chinese friend about the album title, and she said it's similar to Blue, but it's more of an off color, so I think Azure is more accurate. Like I guess it means a more specific color, besides Blue. That's why some things just shouldn't be translated :/ Also about 가슴이 뛴다, my Korean friend said it mostly means "Heart is Racing" so I use that title. Because that last part is a verb, so I don't like the title "Heartbeats" or the one Woollim uses, "Heartthrob." I think it means nothing like heartthrob. You're talking about the poster for Infinite F's Korean single? It's completely separate from the album. If you order folded, then they fold it and send it along with your CD, and if you ordered unfolded, then it comes in a poster tube. The only time a poster was inside an album is Paradise, other than that it's always separate. It's always unfair for international fans, because posters in stores in Korea come for free with the album, yet sellers get so much buy selling it separately from the CD!

      Wow, I didn't realize MAMA was already happening so quickly!!! Hahaha you're allowed to skip school? I wish I could, but I have a final that day :( Which is why I'm sad, if my albums come on Tuesday, I can't enjoy them much since I need to study!

      Omg I saw a video of Dongwoo imitating all those animals, it was sooooo hilarious!!!!! I just watched the clip you sent, hahaha and they have those Dongwoo fans!!

  47. Wow, I can't believe that it's already December. Time has been flying and I have to study hard since my exams are right after Christmas. Do you have any plans for your Christmas holidays?

    I don't think he'll become an Inspirit. I think he's pretending to like what I show him when I'm there xD That's ok with me. I guess I would prefer it if he's not an Inspirit. I don't know why though, lol. Do you think it will be a coincidence if our albums arrive on the same day? Yes, I does take a while for my YesAsia packages, but I still order from them. I guess I'm used to stuff arriving late, so I don't really mind that.

    I think I've heard of that, but it's so confusing. I should do more research on that. Same. I just wish I could help. It's one of the ways to show your support. 1theK is so annoying though...Infinite's most watched MV, Destiny, has 9 million views and The Chaser has 8 million on 1theK -.-' I wish they stopped doing that. It's annoying since the views could be doubled if only one channel posted it. The most viewed videos are usually SM, YG or JYP and none of those videos get posted by 1theK xD

    Fail. I should have asked my mom. I google translated it but it told me that it's not a word lol. Google translate gives terrible translations most of the times, eg. I'm pretty sure 소나기 doesn't mean Shower. I like the title "Heartbeat" cause that was the one I was used to but I guess I have to change it now. When I read the description of the MV and it said Heartthrob, I had no idea what that meant. Heartthrob sounds like a disease lol. I had to google the definition of it. *fail lol* That confused me so much because some websites tell you that you get a folded poster so I thought there was a poster just like in Paradise...but I guess I was dreaming xD Those lucky people. I wish I could get free posters as well, if I bought the album. I would have one for every album.

    Same. I realised it on Saturday when Robert reminded me. Because me and Robert were planning a way of not going to school on that day from the day when the official date was announced. Since it starts at 11:00 am over here. Well...I'm not really allowed to skip school but I told my mom that I have a lot of revision to do because I have an oral commentary exam of Saturday and I have to memorise 15 poems and some extracts from Hamlet. So I will stay home, watch the MAMA awards and do work at the same time. Multitasking is something I'm good at. Oh, you have a final tomorrow? I hope I'm not distracting you. Good luck on that. Fighting!!

    I really want to watch Laws of the Jungle now. Actually I always wanted to watch the episodes with Sungyeol. When I saw the video of Dongwoo drying his underwear I laughed so hard and I was telling myself: "That's my man!" I love it when he does these hilarious stuff. He's such a cute idiot!! (the good meaning of idiot ^^)

    1. Wow, that's such bad timing to have finals after the long break!! Mine are all this week and next week, then I get a month off. I'll go visit family in San Francisco for a week (sadly no kpop stores there...), but for the rest of the time I'll stay at home. And I think I'll go to Vancouver, Canada for a day, and visit that kpop store up there! They always have rare concert merchandise! Do you have holiday plans?

      Ooooh oh my gosh, I feel the same exact way. With my non-Inspirit/kpop friends, I still can't help but blabber about Infinite, but at the same time I don't want to Infinitize them because it's like my thing...which is just being selfish lol. It's not like I can claim Infinite, but I would prefer meeting people who are already Inspirits and found out about Infinite on their own. I think that's why the girl that got me into Infinite doesn't talk to me anymore...which is sad.

      At first I didn't think it'd be coincidence that our packages will arrive on the same day, but now I do!! My album still hasn't arrived and tomorrow will be the 14th day...which is a long time for me, so it'll be weird if yours comes then too!

      Wow, it's ridiculous how many views 1theK has!!!!!!! That's so unfair that they don't post other companies' videos on there!

      Oooh about 소나기, lol I thought Shower was a weird translation too. It actually means something like "rain shower," which is common in Seoul, like in the first episode of High School Love On! Oh I completely understand about like getting used to a certain English title and wanting to keep it. That's how I felt for 그해 여름 which is technically "that year's summer" but I'm so used to "in the summer." Or maybe "Heartbeat" is like "Heart Beats" like the heart is beating, which makes sense. Hahahahaha Heartthrob does sound kinda gross!! It seems like one of those terms that last century used lol. Haha no the folded poster means that they fold it themselves, to save on shipping. But why buy something tarnished; if you're going to buy a poster, it should be unfolded!

      I decided not to buy the poster for Infinite F...I saw the two versions, and they're just okay. One is like three split photos, and I don't like that because it just they're not one. And the other version is okay. But I like posters with composition and uniqueness, like the Destiny one where they're on the stairs or New Challenge where they're standing and their heads made the Infinite symbol (kind of).

      Wow your exams seem sooo intense!!!! I cannot imagine an oral commentary exam...and on a Saturday on top of that. And all that memorization...I think your mom will understand if you want to stay at home lol! Did you watch MAMA last year? Since you liked kpop before Infinite. Hehe thanks! Don't worry, I've been so distracted these few days literally waiting for the mailman all day every day, so this is hardly a distraction! And it's nice having a fangirling break from studying!

      Haha Dongwoo's episode looks sooo great, I can't wait until the full thing is subbed! Hahaha don't worry, I totally gotcha^^

      Wow I hit the character limit too LOL. The max is apparently 4,096 characters. (cont)

    2. (cont) Ahhhh I feel like you're the only true Inspirit I can talk to and who cares about the politics of Infinite(?) if that makes sense. You've seen the movie trailer for their movie Grow, right? You know the part where Myungsoo cries? It turns out, he was crying because he was thinking about leaving Infinite after the dating scandal, but the members stuck by him and convinced him to stay. This makes me sooooo sad, like the saddest I've been because of Infinite. Yes the scandal hurt people, but it's not like it actually did any harm (like people don't date...); like this scandal is just a passing pain. But if Myungsoo left, then that's permanent and that would have hurt everyone so much more. I honestly didn't know that the scandal hurt Myungsoo so badly to this extent. Some time after this, he had a fansigning event for this second photobook, and he wrote and performed a song for Inspirits, because of this scandal, but I didn't know it meant that much to him. Gahh sorry about all this, I was just so sad when I found out the reason he cried!

      Oh my gosh I did not realize I wrote SOOO much.

  48. Wow. That's cool. I hope you go well on these finals so you enjoy your holidays. They sound really fun ^^ I don't have any plans besides from studying. Yes, I have to study but I have no motivation to do so in the holidays. But if I don't, then I'll fail. So I'll better study xD

    HAHAHA, omg, we're being so selfish. I think that's what I meant from the beginning when I said that I don't want him to become an Inspirit. You completed the missing words. Same here, I prefer to meet people who are already Inspirits. Wow, the girl that got you into Infinite doesn't talk to you anymore? That's kind of sad. Does she listen to Infinite anymore? Maybe it's because she doesn't, and she lost her interest about k-pop so she believes that there's nothing to talk to you about. I know people like that :X

    Haha, we'll see when our albums will arrive.

    I still have my 소나기 as Shower. I like it that way, even if it doesn't mean shower. I have my 그해 여름 as In the Summer even if I know that it's wrong. I just get used to them and I can't change them. I keep on thinking I should keep them the Korean way but I change my mind without knowing why, and I continue having them in English. I guess it means Heart Beats. That sounds better. Though the stubborn me is going to keep it as Heartbeat *fail* Why would they fold it themselves? Just buy them unfolded or else you'll have a poster like the Paradise one where most of their faces are deformed >.<

    Me too, I decided to change my order to the one without the poster because of lack of space. I haven't seen the poster pictures yet but they sound ok. I mean if it's three pictures stuck in one poster they do sound like they're not close, which is not what happens in real life, but still I wouldn't want it. I should go check the posters for Destiny. The Man in Love ones are so adorable!!

    It's not that hard if you've memorised everything because you pick a random poem or extract and you have to talk about it for 10 minutes. Though you are being recorded and getting sent to another country to be marked by someone else. No, I didn't watch the MAMA last year cause I wasn't a k-pop fan then, but I've watched the whole ceremony since I became a fan. Haha, I know what you mean. I'm always happy to have a special time slot where I can talk to you! I send everything to the company my dad works in so he can pick them up, so I wait for him everyday to bring something for me. We can call him a mailman as well.

    I can't wait for the whole episode to be subbed. I want to watch more of Dongwoo's dorkness!!

    That character limit though xD

    1. Yes, I totally understand. When I watched the trailer for Grow, I watched it with English subs and I got really emotional. I had no idea it was for that reason. Wow, that makes me even more sad. The fact that people don't understand how much they can hurt a person if they spread rumours about him. Even if the rumours are true, they're still rumours and they still get spread. The fact that it made Myungsoo cry makes me feel so bad. When I cry, it's usually about stupid stuff cause I always get so emotional, but seeing one of should I call of the reasons I smile...cry, it just makes feel terrible. Because he is one of the reason I'm happy every day, I can't see him like that. I wish I was the one crying instead of him. It breaks my heart knowing that I can't do anything about it. That I'm completely powerless when it comes to these stuff. If Myungsoo had left it would have affected everyone, even him. He's so lucky to have the members who care about him so much. I love this bond that they have. I'm so happy that they're still going on, so strong! And I don't want to imagine how much Sungkyu's scandal hurt him. Now that I know the reason Myungsoo was crying, I can be sad as well.

      Have you seen this by the way? Infinite's Facebook page posted it and I watched it without subs and I was laughing so much!!

    2. Good luck on studying!!! Infinite's always my motivation hehe. Haha I'm really glad I'm not the only one that feels that selfishness. It's such a weird feeling, like maybe because Infinite means so much to us? Yah that girl ignores my texts and everything now...before when we hung out, she only liked Infinite, but now she likes lots of other groups too. The time I knew her, I think she was annoyed that I was getting their albums so quickly whereas it's harder for her to get albums, and I was being rather picky ("I hope I get Sungjong, Myungsoo or Sungyeol for my Paradise photocard") I'd say things like that, and she'd say "You should just be happy with any member's photocard!" And then we never really talked since then. I think she was more annoyed with me than losing interest in kpop lol.

      Did you get your album yet?!?!?!?! I got mine, but it's damaged! :( I have the songs on my playlist now, but I just don't feel as happy as I thought I would, knowing that my album is damaged.

      Haha I know what you mean, I like having my song titles the way I originally set them. I usually have the Korean name and then the English name in parentheses.

      Haha yah the deformed faces from the Paradise poster...that's one of my favorite posters because of the whole composition and uniqueness, but it sucks you can't buy it unfolded!

      That's such a good point, having individual pictures in a poster is like they're separated and not close! I don't like how Woollim sometimes does those posters, like for First Invasion, Infinitize and one version of Be Back. Oooh the Man in Love posters are all sooo adorable!!! Again, the best era hehe^^ And the Destiny ones are really cool too! Especially since they're from Universal Studios, and we've both been there!

      Wow, other people are grading your work from another country?? That seems sooo much more intense!!!! At my high school, it was so small that you knew the teachers really well, so once I got an A- for a class and I just talked to my teacher and said I'll try better next quarter, and she turned it into an A lol. It seems like the complete opposite of your school!

      Haha that's adorable your dad is your mailman. I ran into my mailman today as I was heading out for school, so I had to lug my package with me all day but couldn't open it until I got home. That was torture! That's amazing you watched the entire MAMAs!! I couldn't do's too long and I only care about Infinite lol. How was the MAMAs this year? I only saw photos from it, not any Infinite clips yet.

      Haha yesss I can't wait to see the episode for Dongwoo's animal calls!!

      Yessss I feel exactly the same way, every member of Infinite makes me so happy, and seeing them smile makes me happy, but knowing that they feel sad, it makes me feel so sad too. It's sad that he has to always cover up his feelings too in front of fans, always pretending to be happy in front of us. I guess that's why he really wanted to do My Lovely Girl; he said he wanted to show the side that idols hide from fans, which I was weary about because it makes me feel sad thinking about the dark side! Watching Grow whenever it gets released and subbed will be sooo hard to watch. I agree, I'm so glad that Infinite is truly a team that cares about each other like family, unlike other groups that are just a part of a group to work and everything is fake between the members.

      Hahahahaha omg yes that video was soooo hilarious!!!!!!! Sungyeol is soo funny here. I hope they'll release a part 2! And the credits, Woohyun did practically everything lol. This is what they do while waiting for MAMAs haha.

  49. Thank you, haha. I'll need it. I guess we're feeling it cause they mean the world to us. When I talk to you, I don't get jealous. It's exactly the opposite, I feel excited and happy! Wow, that's kind of rude. She randomly just stopped talking to you. I think we all secretly wish we got someone specific when it comes to photocards. For example, I wanted to have one photocard of each of them though, it wouldn't bother me if I got someone twice. But there are people that do unboxings and they get someone they don't like and make a fuss about it. I hate those people cause personally I think that you can't like a group if you don't love all the members!

    Actually there's a story about what has happened to my album. HMV gives me tracking so I can track my album. I know it arrived on Tuesday but my dad hasn't brought it home yet. I don't know why. I think it's because I got in a big fight with my brother on Tuesday and he's doing that to punish me and I don't dare to ask him for my album...but I really want it. I saw the pictures of your album. Wow I had no idea that something like that could actually happen. I know that they don't take care of stuff but I had no idea it was at this extent.

    I think I finally made a decision of changing my song titles and having them just like you have them. I always wanted them like that but I guess I wasn't doing it cause they would all be listed at the "#" on my Music.

    Same. I love the quality of that poster as well. Once, my brother asked me if they have a problem with their faces cause they were deformed on the poster >.< I didn't even bother responding to that stupid question. Yesterday I was watching live performances of Man In Love and it was getting me so happy cause their outfits were so colourful and pretty. I noticed that Myungsoo's shirt had polka dots, Dongwoo's had pineapples and Woohyun's had flowers. It was so gorgeous. I love colours ^^

    I guess I'm used to it. Since it's an international school we don't take the Greek exams that Greek schools do. (thank God, cause I find those useless lol) We follow the British educational system so we take those exams and our official exams get sent off to examiners from different countries so they can mark them. So I never find out who marked my exam and he doesn't find out whose exam he marked. I could do that as well when I was in middle school but after that, our official exams had to be sent out. I'm used to it now and it doesn't affect me.

    Oh I wouldn't be able to open it up either if I was at school. I would pray for the time to go by quickly so I can get home and open it. I thought my dad was keeping it in the car to give it to me today morning but I guess he really thinks I need a punishment and is not giving it to me ._.

    The MAMAs were so good. You have no idea how excited I was. I watched the whole show plus the red carpet. I was so happy when Infinite were on my screen and I was even happier that they received 2 awards. I thought the Best Dance Performance award was gonna go to EXO since their fans are crazy and never stop voting (plus they're from SM. Yes, it's our friend SM again -.-') So when the presenters said Infinite I started jumping. When it comes to dance performance is there someone better than Infinite? I don't think so lol. They deserved it so much!! You have to watch their performances. They performed Last Romeo & Back. I'm pretty sure you're gonna like it because they were different versions of these songs.

    1. I'm pretty sure their lives are not that easy as we think but I have so much respect and love for them. What they do is not easy yet they still do it and always keep us smiling! Oh Myungsoo's such a cutie. I think he did manage to do show what he wanted. I don't know if I'll be able to watch Grow by myself. I would get really emotional. I kind of want to watch it with you but I know that can't happen :'(((((((( Indeed, they're like family and I hope they stay that way forever!

      I hope there's a part 2 with Sungkyu!! Love it how they try to escape practice and they get dragged back. The manager's face though lol, and Sungyeol's face hahahaha. When I read the credits I was laughing so much. I love credits like this. I find them hilarious (I don't know why...the weird me xD) And then there was the script by Sungyeol.

      We were right about Infinite H ^^ I think you heard the news!!

      That character limit though xD

    2. Found the video ^^

    3. Haha yah when I talk to you, I get fangirl-excited too hehe. It's different since we both our so devoted to Infinite and that's how we met each other (online-wise lol)! Oooh about the photocard thing, I was still thinking "I will only like Myungsoo and not really like Infinite as a whole" but eventually all the members kinda just sweep you off your feet lol! And I feel bad that I'd prefer not to get Sungyeol I know how can I be an Inspirit and say that...but...I don't know, it's just hard. I just feel bad about myself when it comes to him.

      Awww that actually kinda sucks then that your dad is your mailman, since he has the power not to give you the album...I hope he'll give it to you soon!! I ordered from YesAsia about a year and a half ago and they packaged the album really well, but this time it just wasn't enough packaging :( I'm so sad, because I just watched the DVD and fell in love with the album. I'll have to return it, then they'll send me another, so it'll probably take at least a month before I get the new ones :( And they'll credit my shipping as YesAsia credit, which means I'll have to buy from them again >.<

      Haha I totally understand about the # thing on your music! Most of Infinite's albums are in English, but then I have two Japanese albums with Japanese names and they're at the very bottom, down at the #, and it just doesn't feel right. Maybe you can list the English name first, the Korean in parentheses?

      Haha I can't believe your brother asked that!!!!! *Sighs* I love the pastel Man in Love outfits from their Japanese promotion. All the outfits from that era are so perfect. If you don't have the Japanese full length album, you should get it! The photobooks are so so gorgeous.

      This is random and I feel like we may have talked about it, but did you see Infinite's variety show "You're My Oppa"? Well I guess it's not random since it's Infinite lol. I was just thinking it over, there's an episode where they have English class and someone asks them, "What does this English line from She's Back mean: Time will tell to my love?" And I was thinking, even as a native English speaker that line doesn't make so much sense lol.

      This seems like a stupid question, but does that mean you speak Greek? Or because you go to an international school, there's just no need for you to have learned the language? Whoa an international school sounds really intense. Does it take a really long time to get scores back then, kinda like taking standardized tests?

      It was so difficult with my package in my bag yesterday, and when I was coming home on the subway, there was an accident right in front of our path so we were delayed for everything was against me lol. Wow I really really hope you'll get the CD today then!!! This is a reallyyyyyy awful punishment...knowing that the album is like within reach but you can't have it, that's torture :( Sorry I'm not trying to rub it in! Definitely not since I'm sending my albums away tomorrow lol.


    4. Thanks for the video link!! Wow, their performance was so daebak!!! For MAMAs, I was so surprised Infinite won Best Dance Performance!!!! Especially like you said, with the huge force of Exotics (it's weird calling them Exo-L lol) and SM and whatnot. I'm so happy Infinite had a more danced based Back performance, fitting well with this award!! For real they totally deserve that award!!!And someone pointed this out on Twitter and it's so true, Infinite who dances and sings well live wins the Best Dance Performance while Exo who can't sing live (I hate how SM always has people lip sync) wins Best Male Group or something. Oh someone was mentioning that Woohyun got up during the Best Female Group thinking that Infinite had won? Is that true? And I didn't know that there were other awards not based by online votes (or was it...?), so I was so surprised Infinite won Kpop Fan's Choice! I'm so happy they won 2 awards, because honestly they were so far behind in their nominations.

      Ahhh I really wish I could watch Grow with you too!!!!! We would be emotional together hehe. Every time I watch an Infinite DVD, I always have to pause it like every 30 minutes and take a break because their perfection is just too much to handle lol. So watching their concert DVDs always takes me so long!

      Haha I just cannot get over that video! Yah, I really hope Sunggyu joins them for part 2! Do you actually recognize Infinite's managers? I only knew that was him because someone pointed it out...but my friend always spots Infinite's managers in fan photos and I just can't do it. I feel like that's the next step to being an Inspirit lol. Oh also because you just started getting into Infinite earlier this year, does this mean you're not an official Inspirit? It's so expensive compared to what you actually get, but I feel like I should have gotten it since I went to Korea this summer, I could have used it for their Back comeback and for their concerts...ugh stupid me.

      Yesssss Infinite H!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooo excited!!!! And I'm excited they're collaborating with Brand New Music, since Bumkey and Kanto are from there and Infinite's worked with them before! I was just rewatching the DVD from L's Bravo Viewtiful, and Myungsoo went to Infinite H's showcase, and I was just thinking about how I really miss Infinite H!!

      Lol seriously. I hit the limit too again haha^^ Wholly crap I'm trying to find the maximum I can put it one reply but I wrote wayyy too much this time to find it. Had to put it in Word lol…oh wow I am SO sorry this is soo long!!! I wrote like double the amount somehow. Where has the time gone lol.

    5. I tried commenting on my phone and it erased it -.- I don't know how you're able to respond via your phone every time!

      I found the video about Infinite standing up! So I guess the MC was listing groups and Infinite heard their name and started walking on stage but really he was just about to announce Kpop Fan's Choice Female Group lol...?

  50. Sorry for replying late today, but I've been revising for my oral commentary which is tomorrow morning. It is different since we both got into Infinite on our own. I think that's what makes our convos special ^^ In the beginning I thought I wasn't going to like Hoya or Sungjong, but who am I kidding? I don't only like all of them. I can say that my life depends on them lol. You got Sungyeol right? I know you wanted Myungsoo. How do you feel? :D For me, I wouldn't mind whoever I get.

    Actually, I called my dad today to ask him to bring me my album back and he told me that he hasn't received anything, which makes me anxious since HMV tracking says that my package was delivered on Tuesday, and still he hasn't received it. How is that possible? Type A looks so gorgeous. I hope mine is pretty as well, if I ever receive it lol. You're sending them away today? So they're gonna send you new ones. Oh, so now you're not gonna have Sungyeol anymore. I guess it's not that bad that they're giving you YesAsia credits...Maybe you can order the Infinite H album from there? My Infinite F Korean single album got shipped today, so I'm happy about that.

    I think I'll get used to my song titles once I change them, cause I wouldn't like it if the English title was first.

    Haha I couldn't believe he asked that as well. Such a stupid question. I should watch more of their Man in Love era promotions. I won't be able to contain my smile. No I don't have their Japanese full album cause it's Japanese and I told myself that I won't buy their Japanese versions...but I clearly broke my promise since I bought the Infinite F debut album. I couldn't resist. And now that you're telling me to buy their full album, I guess I'm gonna buy it ^^

    It's never random when it's Infinite lol. No we haven't talked about it. Actually, I haven't watched Your Are My Oppa yet. It's their only reality show I haven't watched. I've only seen one part where they're talking about sex education. Something like that. It was so funny. I went to google the She's Back lyrics. I didn't know what that line said. I though it said "tell me don't you my love" or something like that. (That obviously doesn't make sense lol) Time will tell to my love...hmmm...actually, I don't know if that makes sense. To me it doesn't make sense >.<

    Haha, yes, I know Greek. I can speak Greek, English, Taiwanese and French. Well, my French is not that good though. I can understand everything but I'm not good at speaking it. Not really. It doesn't take that much time. We have set dates that our results are out and we can go check them out online.

    Haha not at all. I didn't think of it that way. I usually get my albums late so I don't mind when people tell me that they've already receive theirs. It's sad that you have to send them back. I wouldn't be able to do that :(

    1. You're welcome. It was daebak, even if it was a shorter performance than everyone else's. They definitely deserved it. They always sing live and dance and I'm so proud of them for doing that. That is the exact reason why I dislike EXO. It's because they don't always sign live, because SM is protecting them so much. Everything they get is because of their massive fan-club and not because they're good at what they do. Ok, I can give credit to some of them who actually sign live, but the rest were just put in to fill the group lol. I'm so mean haha. Yeah, seriously, they were so behind on votes that I thought they wouldn't win anything. Thank God, they won 2 well deserved awards. I was so surprised that the Dance Performance award did not go to EXO lol. I was actually at the bathroom and when I came into my room I heard Infinite and I ran to the screen to see what's happening but apparently the announcer messed up or something like that >.< I wasn't sure. Why did he even say our next artist is 2PM when 2PM did not even perform, or received their award yet?

      I bet we would be crying so much. Every time I watch their concert DVDs, I get emotional and cry. Their so sweet. Haha, I keep on pausing it as well and sometimes it's because the subs went by before I'm able to read them.

      Haha, I don't actually recognise him. I guessed that that's him because I saw him in a picture somewhere. Though I guess that they've changed managers since Sesame Player, because if I see those two managers I think I'll be able to recognise them. Those crazy managers were running allover the place together with Infinite. Official Inspirit as in the membership thing where you have your own card? The one where they gave the official Inspirits the Infinite concert light stick this year? No, I don't have it because I didn't know about it back then, and I felt so sad when they announced the launch of the Inspirit website back in September, because I just got into Infinite from the Back era onwards and I didn't know that that existed.

      It's scheduled for January but it might delay. It's exactly what we were saying. I'm excited that they're collaborating with Brand New Music as well, but I wish they could have some songs where Hoya and Dongwoo would sing the chorus with their amazing voices. Aw, that sweetie Myungsoo!!

      Haha, I always put it on word when it tells me that it's too long and then I cut it and paste the rest as a reply. It's not long ^^ I like it :D

      I never reply using my phone. I told you that once I tried to reply with my phone but it erased it and I got sad cause I had to retype everything on my laptop >.<

    2. Ahhhh, how could I forget this? These are by far the prettiest tickets I've ever seen. I want them!!

    3. I hope your oral commentary went well!!!! I think what’s also nice is that because we got into Infinite on our own, our ideas and thoughts about Infinite are different so we can talk so much about anything about them! Versus if I got my friend into Infinite, then at the beginning everything she knows would be just everything I told her, and not any of her own opinions. Hahaha I feel that my life depends on them too. I honestly felt like I had no interests before knowing Infinite (I had the most boring life), but now I’m just sucked into my Infinite merch, which to many people also show that I have no life lol. At first I didn’t think I’d like Woohyun, but he somehow became my second bias hehe. Yup, I got Sungyeol…I never get Myungsoo, so I kinda figured I wouldn’t get him or even a group photocard lol. Honestly the three most recent CDs I got (Be Back, KNOT limited and Last Romeo) I got Woohyun, and it was more of a relief that I didn’t get Sungyeol rather than excitement that I got my second bias. Well except for KNOT, I was soooo excited to have gotten Woohyun, oh wow I haven’t been that excited in so long lol. But I think eventually I’ll start to like Sungyeol just as much as before…hopefully soon!! And I returned my album today, so we’ll see which photocard I get next…I have a feeling it’ll be Sungjong lol. Actually I don’t think I’ll even get YesAsia credit for my return shipping…they will only give me credit for regular airmail, but the post office made me get first class registered mail, and it cost $22…that’s more expensive than either CD I bought, and I have a feeling dealing with an Asian company, they won’t give me my money back.

      Wow that’s so strange about your package!!! It’s not like it could have disappeared or something within your dad’s workplace right? That’s so weird it said it already delivered…but it’s nice to know your dad’s not punishing you! Yay I hope you get your Infinite F Korean version soon!!

      Haha that’s exactly what I was thinking, I don’t want the English title first because that’s not the official title of the song. So I’d want the Korean title first.

      Hahaha you broke your promise so quickly! Haha omg I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to get you to buy it!! Especially since you don’t listen to the Japanese versions so you wouldn’t make the best use of it. But out of all the Japanese releases, definitely She’s Back limited edition and KNOT limited edition are my favorite!! And then Last Romeo normal version, that’s definitely one of my most favorite photoshoots, despite the small photobooklet.

      You’re My Oppa is my least favorite show of theirs, but only because the other shows were just so funny and amazing! This show just seemed too staged, since they just threw Jiae to live with them…like it just seemed to fake. But there were definitely some funny and memorable scenes in that show. You should watch it sometime!

      Usually I think the English in Infinite’s lyrics are decent…actually no, their pronunciation is pretty good especially compared to other groups, but grammar/meaning is kinda off. The two times that when they sing in English and I was caught off guard was “Only Tears” when they say “I missing you” (man that bothered me soo much, but I think they have the correct grammar when they perform it now) and “I’m Going to You” when Woohyun sings “attracted to you” because it honestly sounds like he’s fluently saying “I’m turning to you” which also makes sense.

      Wowww 4 languages is soo incredible! And they’re such different languages too. I took French for 7 years but I learned more Korean just by watching dramas lol (I’m trying to say I don’t know any French and I know very little Korean, not that I’m a master in both lol). Do most people speak Greek and English?

    4. Exactly, SM is always like that, having their artists not singing live despite them supposedly being singers. Hahahaha that’s so true, maybe a couple are good singers and then SM just kept adding more and more members to make more and more money. Yah I didn’t really understand the confusion, he was about to announce the Kpop Fans’ Female choice yet he was mentioning boy groups?

      Haha sometimes I pause during DVDs too because I’m the slowest reader ever. Haha Sesame Player was amazing. The managers played a big part in that show, yet I just can’t recognize them. Right, I forgot official Inspirits also get to go to the Inspirit website! You should sign up for it next year^^ Though shipping is ridiculously expensive!!

      For real, about Infinite H. That’s why I loveddddd Alone so much, because it was only Dongwoo and Hoya, and Hoya sounded so amazing singing in it!! And Dongwoo was amazing too hehe^^

      Ohhh lol gotcha. Yah replying on the phone is impossible. Now I just type my entire response into Word and copy and paste from there. It’s too much work to keep scrolling up and down since our posts are so long lol.

      I googled ‘inspirit’ and it’s actually a word! It’s a verb meaning to encourage and enliven (someone). Which is so fitting!! Infinite encourages and brings life to Inspirits and Inspirits encourage Infinite to keep going!

      Ugh yes, those movie tickets are so gorgeous!!! I’d go to so many showings just to collect them all lol. My friend went to one showing and saw Infinite (oldest four) doing the greet, I’m so jealous!! The movie ticket was only $10…like you pay only $10 just to see Infinite?!?! Korean fans are so lucky. Though she said the greet lasted for 3 minutes, it’s still amazing especially since it was in a movie theater, where you can actually see them well and there’s no pushing. And the day before she saw Infinite F at their debut stage. *sighs* Sometimes I think I want to make my life difficult, like I like music where it’s impossible for me to see them live. Like I like oldies music where most of the singers have retired or died, but I was lucky to see my all time favorite American singer (Frankie Valli) last year and then Infinite, who I’m so thankful to have known before they came to LA for their world tour. And then of course I don’t like any American pop singers who have concerts here often lol.

  51. Thank you! It did go well and I'm happy that I'm done with it. Yes, I completely agree. It's nice that we got to know Infinite in our own ways and now we get to know each other. Infinite can do magic ^^ And we have so much to talk about since we've gotten into Infinite separately and it's nice to see how other Inspirits think of them. True, she would only know what you've told her about them and you wouldn't have a lot of stuff to talk about. Haha, I'm pretty sure many people think I don't have a life as well cause I listen to k-pop and I prefer to stay home and watch Infinite videos all day than to roam around wasting my time and going out to drink coffee. (which is what most Greek teenagers do [I find it as a waist of time] and I'm happy I'm not like them). In the beginning I liked Sungyeol more because of his adorable character and because of HSLO but, after getting to know everyone better, Dongwoo took over majorly. What do you think is the reason why you never get Myungsoo? Aww, that's so cute, getting Woohyun made you so excited!! I've been excited for the past week cause I thought I was gonna receive my Infinite F album but apparently it's lost somewhere -.- I think you can easily start liking Sungyeol again because in my opinion, he's so adorable and it would be hard for someone not to like him. Especially now that Infinite F's promotions are going on, he smiles so brightly that I can't contain my smile. Do you think it's gonna be Sungjong cause you always get him? Oh, what a greedy post office lol, they made you get the more expensive one so you pay them more and now you can't get YesAsia credit :( I don't know what to say...I've never dealt with a situation like this so I'm not sure what will happen to your money. The only thing I know is that I'm never buying anything from that online shop where I bought my headphones lol.

    It is strange. I don't think HMV would lie about my order being delivered. What if the person who receives the packages where my dad works accidentally gave it to someone else? I'm guessing that that can't happen since the other person wouldn't be stupid enough to receive something with a different person's name on it. I just hope it's not lost cause I've been waiting for it with such excitement.

    Now that I'm done with my English oral commentary exam, I'll be able to change all my song titles. Having the English title first would look weird lol, so I’d want the Korean title first as well.

    Well...It's not the first time I'm braking my "promise." It wasn't really a promise. Once I said that I'm not gonna buy any B.A.P Japanese albums yet I bought all of them and now I'm regretting it cause Infinite have taken over my life. It's true that I prefer the Korean versions more than the Japanese ones but, It's always nice to have the album and show support to Infinite. Since it's Infinite F's debut album plus it looks amazing! She's Back limited edition is on my list for something I want to buy. I think I've told you this before. Oh, I haven't seen the photos from Last Romeo standard edition. Are they similar to the ones in Season 2?

    It's true that their other shows are so funny and amazing, but I haven't watched You Are My Oppa yet so I can't judge. Though, I guess Ranking King will always be at the top for me. And now that's making me realise how much I miss Ranking King and how much I want to watch it again. Not only Ranking Kind, I want to watch Diss is Infinite and Sesame Player >.< Oh...what do I do? xD HAHAHAHAHA, they just threw Jiae to live with them. That's so funny omg. Maybe it seemed too staged cause they didn't have much experiences in reality shows back then. I should watch it before I start watching all their other ones that I've already watched.

    1. Yes, I think they're decent as well. And their pronunciation is most of the times pretty good. But there have been cases of me questioning if they actually say that. Haha, "I missing you" in Only tears. I like that actually. Haha!! Uhm, the Dongwoo rap in 1/3 where he says "I felt that L-O-V-E but that was trick" makes me laugh when I think about it. Also, it took me like 50 years to understand that Dongwoo's rap in Last Romeo says "That was, sweet star blah blah Korean, the top of the emotion yeah" and I would probably still haven't figured that out if I hadn't searched for the lyrics. Speaking about failed k-pop "Engrish," you can listen to B.A.P's Hurricane and see if you understand anything and they google the lyrics.

      I've been doing French for 7 years as well but since my speaking is terrible, I shouldn't say that I know French. I want to learn more Korean!! The grammar is hard though. I pick up some Korean from the dramas as well. Most of the people in my school speak Greek and English fluently, but we have some international student who don't speak Greek but speak the language of their own country.

      Yes, SM usually tells their artists to lip sing the first week of their promotions and I hate that. Plus they mostly look for looks on a trainee so even if you're terrible at singing but you're pretty, you're gonna end up in a group whatsoever. I'm guessing that's why EXO are famous. Though I don't know what they did to become so famous. Poor Infinite, Woohyun and Sungyeol were hiding their faces from the camera after that.

      I like to think of myself as the slowest reader ever. That's why I try to watch DVDs with subtitles by myself cause if someone's watching it with me they would probably get annoyed from the pausing. I think they've changed managers since then since I don't see those two anymore. I want to sign up for next year. Do you think they'll do it? Is it really that expensive?

    2. Alone is a really nice song. I think they should do more songs like that where they sing the chorus themselves. We all know how amazing their singing ability is. Especially being two of the limited number of rappers who can both sing and rap. I'm serious, if a person listens to Diamond, they'll think that Infinite is a vocal group. Their voices are so unique. Yet, I'm still excited for the upcoming album ^^

      I usually type my response here and always go up and down to read and then answer. And when the text is too big, I paste it on Word and start posting it section by section.

      That's actually cool. Inspirit is such an fitting meaning for us. Exactly what you said. Infinite and Inspirits encourage each other, and it's kind of like the chain of life. Lol, not really. I'm being stupid again.

      I would go with you to the showings and collect them all!! They're so beautiful. Korean people are so lucky. Oh, she's so lucky. I would pay my life savings to see Infinite. Yet, she paid $10 and got to see them. So daebak! 3 minutes...That's fine. You saw Infinite! I would start crying haha. Aw, she saw Infinite F at Music Bank. I watched the whole Music Bank live yesterday just to see Infinite F perform. At the end when they were giving the trophy to the winner, Sunjong and Sungyeol were dancing to Lovelyz' Candy Jelly Love. I would think the opposite. I think it's great that we listen to music from a different country. It makes us meet people who know how we feel and we have a special connection. I used to listen to a lot of Bon Jovi and I was devastated that I missed their concert when they came to Greece. Lol, no one comes to Greece. I don't blame them though. Actually Led Apple came in October and I didn't go because I don't know any songs by them but I should have gone. I feel bad that I didn't go. That's cool, that you got to go to Frankie Valli's concert. I actually don't know who he is...I don't know a lot of stuff. The only concerts I've been to is Rihanna's and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    3. Wow, that's so long. I'm sorry!

    4. Hehe yah, Infinite brought us together^^ Haha I prefer to stay at home too, I hate leaving my Infinite merch and there are always so many Infinite videos to watch and rewatch! People here like to go for coffee or tea too, which is fine to catch up with people, but it’s hard to fangirl there lol. Oooh so did you originally kinda just like Infinite in general, then eventually Dongwoo became your bias? I think I’m like many Inspirits, where Myungsoo pulls them into Infinite and eventually they like all the members. I don’t know how I haven’t been able to get Myungsoo yet! I’ve gotten everyone else multiple times, except for Dongwoo (I got him once, but that was from one of my duplicates of Be Back that I sold to my friends, but like bought back their photocards lol). Because I’ve never gotten Myungsoo yet, I think I’ll be soooo excited when I finally do, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it!! Awww about your Infinite F album, what are you going to do? Maybe contact HMV and tell them the situation? Haha yah probably someone didn’t take it by mistake at your dad’s work then...I really hope it shows up soon!! I’m sad that both our albums end up in weird situations :(. Hahaha oh man, that online shop is so frustrating. Like if either one of our Infinite F album situations happened with them, honestly I don’t know if they would have done anything to fix it. I think I’m going to call YesAsia and complain to them that it’s their fault for making me fork out money in the first place, so they should at least partially reimburse me. If they don’t, I think I’ll wait until they give me new CDs, then dispute with my credit card company about the situation…ugh so much work! Yah I think I’ll get Sungjong just because I get him a lot. You’re right, I think my angry feelings towards Sungyeol are melting away, especially because of the Infinite F promotions!! And I made a photobook of my Korea trip, and I put one of my photos of Sungyeol in there, and I just don’t get mad anymore. I kinda am just happy that it’s behind me now, but that I did get to meet him. But part of me also knows that that’s just the way Sungyeol is, like based in fan accounts, how he’s the only one that doesn’t sign at airports, doesn’t take selcas, at the Infinite F music recordings and fansign events, he’d have snarky comments. I’m just accepting that that’s just how he is, being more snarky and having aegyo and fanservice.

      Haha it’s always fun changing and updating Infinite’s songs. I’m so annoyed, for some reason my iTunes has the ! for all my Infinite songs, so I have to manually locate each song file in my harddrive before changing the song’s information.

      Hahaha you ended up buying all of the BAP Japanese albums?? That’s intense! Did you like BAP a lot, but not as much as Infinite? Yah, I remember you saying you were wanting She’s Back limited! It’s absolutely pure gorgeousness, and it’s like them in the summertime, playing around, it’s just adorable and refreshing. And the photocard is A4 size…like can their photocards get any bigger lol. Ooooh all the Last Romeo versions have different photos (so then Inspirits would buy all versions lol, whereas She’s Back and KNOT have the same photos in both versions). The normal version only has a few photos, but they’re like in all white with damp hair…gahhh it’s just perfection. Ver A is with them in those ugly geometric outfits and Ver B is like the same as Season 2.

      Haha that’s so tough, choosing which variety show to watch!!! I wanna say Ranking King is my favorite, but then Diss Is Infinite is amazing, and Sesame Player is soo funny too. Yah partly You’re My Oppa is staged since it was their first experience on variety, but also just the idea was weird. Like she just lives with them for two weeks or so? I don’t know, like the other shows were about Infinite and how they act and live normally, but then with Jiae it’s just different. Lol I haven’t bothered to rewatch that show just because I’d prefer rewatching the other ones any day.

    5. Haha yah Dongwoo’s rap in 1/3, that is a bit off. Oooh in Last Romeo “that was sweet start…top of the emotion yah” like the first part makes sense since their relationship was a sweet start? Oh and another part, the ending of 소나기, I always thought Hoya sounded kinda weird “I need you back girl” like he sounds really…evil lol? Also in BTD Japanese version, Dongwoo’s rap at the end also sounds…like he’s a monster? Lol I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m trying to say…like I guess they just processed his lines with a creepy effect? Because in the Korean version he doesn’t sound creepy. Oooh “Hurricane” that’s the one with the whole roof thing? I think I remember my friend showing me that one lol.

      Wow all your language skills is still pretty cool though! Do you think you’ll continue a foreign language in college? Yah, dramas are so helpful in learning Korean! Also like if a line from an Infinite song sticks in my head, I’ll look up the meaning just so I can learn a new phrase (and to make sure I’m pronouncing it somewhat correctly). Wow an international school sounds so cool!! It seems cool going to school with international students. At my high school, we occasionally had one or two international students, but that’s about it.

      Ugh exactly about SM. It’s so true what Myungsoo said as a netizen about SM during his pre-debut days: they hire people based on 60% on looks and 40% on talent lol. I didn’t know that SM tells their artists to lip sync during the first week of promotions-I thought it was just always lol.

      Haha we’d be perfect watching Infinite’s DVDs together, and pausing every other line just to catch up with what they’re saying! Woollim’s been releasing the official fanclub every year in June, and it gets more expensive each time. I think this year it was like $30 for the membership, and about $35 shipping to the US, whereas shipping within Korea was around $5. But now I understand about shipping, because of the headphones and their pricey shipping, I guess it’s just because they have to guarantee that the products will get to international fans.

      I can’t stop fangirling, thinking about both Diamond and Infinite H lol. Definitely their vocals are so amazing, all of them. I love listening to those MR removed videos and hearing just Infinite singing; they are truly remarkable and it makes me so proud of them! I love that Dongwoo and Hoya can rap and sing, and they usually even have more singing lines than Sungjong and Sungyeol…which is also why I’m so happy about Infinite F, since it really proves that even the ones with the fewest lines can sing well!

      Hahaha no I agree with you, the whole Infinite and Inspirits thing is like a chain of life lol. Without the other, neither would exist! We need each other to keep going!

      When I was talking to my friend, she said that the movie ticket was $10 and seeing Infinite was free. Lol so in her eyes, she saw Infinite for free…I wish I could just as easily see Infinite so often to have the privilege to say that, like it’s no big deal. Oh that’s so cool you saw Music Bank live! So the timing works out well, with all the shows broadcasting in Asia? For me it’s always at like 1-5AM so I always miss everything. I remember during freshman year, I had a final in the morning, but the previous night there was an Infinite Google Hangout at 8pm, then the day of my final at 5am there was another hangout, so I had to watch both lol. And another quarter there was another hangout at 1AM for 2 hours, so I had to watch that too before my final…And Woollim releases their videos at 7AM for me, so sometimes I see those right at release. Awww that’s so adorable that Sungjong and Sungyeol danced to Candy Jelly Love!

    6. Hmm I never thought of it like that!! You’re right, listening to more specific music, once we do get to meet others who like the same music, it really is special. It’s more special since the music’s not as common. Aww that sucks you missed the Bon Jovi concert! Wowww that’s so cool Led Apple came to Greece!!!! I know how you feel, like you don’t know their songs but yet a kpop group is in your country! Earlier this year some Korean hiphop artists (Verbal Jint, Bumkey, Beenzino, Kanto) came to Seattle (which is weird because only Jay Park would come here since he’s from here) and I was so hesitant on going to their concert because I’m so not a hiphop person. But Bumkey and Kanto…I had to go since they had songs with Infinite H and Sunggyu! Bumkey ended up performing the chorus of Special Girl and Kanto performed What You Want, and I couldn’t contain my feels, I was so happy I went!!! That’s cool you went to Rihanna’s and Red Hot Chili Peppers’. I’ve never been to a typical pop concert before so I don’t really know what to expect. I was thinking about buying tickets for Taylor Swift’s concert next August, but I didn’t in case Infinite comes back to LA lol. I don’t really like how kpop artists plan concerts in such short notice, which I guess works in Korea because everything is in Seoul and it’s easy to get to places, but in other countries people have to buy plane tickets to get to the concert venue which makes planning kpop concerts in the US so difficult for fans. I’m really glad that Woollim did release their One Great Step dates a few months before though, but buying concert tickets was only like 1.5 months before the concert date. Lol that entire last half of this paragraph, I don’t even know why I brought any of that up.

      Haha don’t worry, I was actually really happy to see such a long reply! It means I can fangirl longer, looking like an idiot in front of my computer and laughing lol. Man I can’t believe I’ve been typing this for like over an hour! Time really flies when I’m fangirling to myself lol.

  52. Infinite brought us together and I’m so happy for that^^ I always prefer to stay home and watch many Infinite videos. I think it’s good to catch up with people and but I’m annoyed when it comes to teenagers from my country. It’s like a stereotype, they don’t study and they’re out everyday, all day drinking coffee and riding motorbikes. I wouldn’t want to be like that lol. When I had free time, I would go out only on Saturdays and not for that long, but when people used to ask me when do I go out and I used to tell them that I only have free time on Saturdays, they would look at me weirdly and be like oh how can you stay home all day? Lol, I’m sorry that I’m not like you guys and waste my time being out all day and drinking coffee. How annoying...Ugh, sorry that was too much blabbering about weird stuff. I wanted to get to know Infinite from the time I heard Last Romeo and every time I would hear something about Infinite, I would get excited even if I didn’t know anything about them. I think the best part of my life is me deciding that I have to start listening to more Infinite songs and learning the members. So, I guess that I can say that I liked Infinite as a whole first and then Dongwoo became my bias. Which, I think I’ve told you before that I usually can’t have a bias in a group cause I want to love all of them equally. Though Dongwoo ruined that. I guess many people get into Infinite by watching Myungsoo in dramas and then start liking the rest of the members. I hope you get Myungsoo this time. I really hope you do!! I think I’m gonna be really excited when I finally get Sungkyu since he’s the only one I don’t have. I’ll wait until tomorrow so my dad can ask the guy that receives the packages if he got the order, and then I’ll email HMV. Awww, both of our albums ended up in weird situations...and we were so excited :(. Hahaha, that online shop! I don’t even want to talk about it. Haha, you go girl! Let’s see what’s gonna happen with YesAsia. Ohh, a photobook of your Korean trip. That sounds amazing! I think secretly Sungyeol is a sweetheart. I would never associate him as a bad person. I don’t blame him for not signing at airports since it’s really hard being a celebrity and people follow you around all the time and want your autograph. Sometimes you get tired of it. I’m sure he’s given his autograph before xD

    Oh lol, I don’t know what the ! is. I don’t have it for any of my songs, but judging from the procedure you have to go through it doesn’t sound nice. I changed all my Infinite songs yesterday. It seems that I like them that way and I guess I’m gonna do it for all my Korean songs.

    I absolutely loved B.A.P and I thought that there wouldn’t be something/someone I’d love more than them. Apparently I was sooooo wrong. Infinite is at the top for me. There’s nothing higher than them! Yes, I ended up buying all of the B.A.P Japanese limited edition albums. I already have every single B.A.P Korean album. It looks absolutely gorgeous but it’s so expensive. Awww, adorable Infinite being all goofy in the summer. I want it :’( Speaking about their huge photocards. Where do you put them? Cause I don’t know where to put them. That’s another good marketing plan by Woollim. That’s why I’m guessing that Koi No Sign’s three types will all have different photos. Those ugly geometric outfits. HAHAHAHA.

    Same! I want to say that Ranking King is my favourite but Diss Is Infinite and Sesame Player are both so funny and amazing. I’m gonna start watching You’re My Oppa today. Just shove Jiae with Infinite for 2 weeks. No problem! Lol. I bet Infinite couldn’t have their bad habit of throwing everything everywhere and they were suffering. That episode of Sesame Player where they cleaned their dorm...I just wanted to go there and help them clean because if there’s one thing I hate, it’s mess. Not that that applies to my room, but ok lol.

    1. Oh my God, HAHAHAHAHAHA, Hoya’s part at the end of소나기., I sounds really sexual. Like “I want you back girl.” Though, I’ve never thought of it that way so now that you mentioned it I’m laughing so much. Oh I haven’t heard of Dongwoo’s rap in the Japanese BTS. Be right back...Okay, what did I just hear? Poor Dongwoo sounds like the devil :(. In the Korean version he doesn’t sound weird or creepy. Yes, Hurricane is the one with the “loof is on fire.” But there’s more English in it so I want to see if you can pick it up cause I showed it to a friend and she couldn’t.

      Well, I don’t want to continue French. I don’t know why. Maybe because the teacher that I have right now is making me hate it. I would love to do Korean, but I guess for you to take it, you must be good at it. Oh, that’s cool. I should do that as well. Every time I’m singing an Infinite line I’ll look up the meaning and the pronunciation. It’s not that cool. It’s just a school where we do all of our classes in English. The reason why you don’t really have those in America is that all of your classes are in English anyway.

      I remember watching the episode of Beetle’s Code where they were exploring their pasts and that’s what they said about Myungsoo. But he was being right! Though, one of the hosts is from SM yet he still let that go on air. SM tells their artists to lip sync only for the first week of their promotions. That’s why they don’t perform on Music Core on the first week cause Music Core has banned lip singing. But, with EXO, they tell them to lip sing almost every time cause they’re so overprotective over their boy groups.

      Haha, I can imagine us watching the DVDs and pausing all the time and asking each other is that what they said? Now that I know that they’ve been releasing the fanclub every year it’s relieving cause I wasn’t sure if they’ll do it this year. Yes, I guess it’s because they have to guarantee that the products will get to us safely.

      Diamond and Infinite H. My life was fine, and then I heard Diamond live lol. It’s true that Dongwoo and Hoya have more lines than Sungyeol and Sungjong. Though Sungyeol sounded great in Diamond and he got more lines. Yes. That’s why I’m happy about Infinite F. It shows people that even the ones with the fewest lines can sing perfectly and always live! They’ve improved so much and I’m so happy of them.

      Ahhhh :’( How can someone say that seeing Infinite is free? Lol, I’m over exaggerating. Of course they can say it, since they live there and get to see Infinite whenever they want. It’s not the first time I’m watching Music Bank live, but it’s the first time there was a meaning^^ It works out fine. It’s usually at 11:30am (12:30 when the time changes). The earliest is Inkigayo at 7:40 but I never watch that live. Oh, I totally understand. It was a must for you to stay up and watch Infinite’s Google Hangouts. I used to do the same thing when I was a wrestling fan. I used to stay up every Monday from 3-6am to watch the show live and then sleep until 7 and then go to school like a zombie. For me it’s 5pm when they release the videos/songs. Oh, now that I remembered. The Grow OST is gonna be out today!!

    2. It’s always special when I meet someone who likes the same music as me. They understand what we’re going through. It’s so cool that Led Apple was in Greece but it’s not cool that I didn’t go to their concert. See? I always regret it at the end. And I saw some people on Robert’s Facebook who were posting pictures of them meeting Led Apple. I’m not a hip-hop person either but when it comes to Infinite H I can become one! It’s good that you went. And it’s good that he sung Special Girl and What You Want! Haha, yes I went to Rihanna without knowing her songs. But it was fun. It was my first ever concert and everyone was going so I went as well. For Red Hot Chili Peppers it was okay. I liked it. Haha, I can’t help you with Taylor Swift cause I don’t listen to her songs. I guess they do it that way cause they’re used to doing it that way in Seoul. That’s why we should be going to Seoul for the Infinite concerts. Lol, yeah if my parents ever let me that would be a miracle.

      Haha, it always takes me more than an hour to reply. Sometimes at school, the whole double period goes by (80mins) and I realize that I’ve been replying to you all that time and I still haven’t finished. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

    3. In tears right now. The video and the song is so perfect! You will understand when you watch it!!

      Have you seen this by the way? :) It' so cute that I made it my background on my phone!!!

    4. Haha that’s an interesting stereotype!! Definitely drinking coffee and riding motorbikes aren’t my thing, so I don’t think I’d fit in well there. Lol no, it’s interesting to hear about what it’s like in Greece! I’m like you too, every time people ask when do I want to hang out, I’m always giving them very limited time slots because I always study, and if not, I’d be fangirling over Infinite lol. Aww definitely I’m so happy that you decided to listen to Infinite more and learn all the members! Hehe Dongwoo defying the norm and being your bias, that’s pretty amazing!! Oooh I hope you’ll get Sunggyu next time!! His photocards are always so amazing too. And I’ll have my fingers crossed for Myungsoo from any of my Infinite F cds (I ordered Type B the other day lol, and Type A should come in about a month, and of course I preordered the Korean version…please let one of them have Myungsoo! If not, all the photocards are pretty so it’s all good). Haha I totally understand Sungyeol’s actions, since like you’re always in the spotlight and you can’t have a normal life, like you always have to be smily and happy for everyone to avoid having a bad image, and it’s just hard to handle it all. I’m so thankful I talked to you about my whole Sungyeol thing, because today I was really thinking, and I think that entire feeling of sadness/anger I had is completely gone, which is such a relief. I honestly didn’t know if the feeling would ever go away, but now I feel at peace lol. Yah I made and published my own photobook (like there’s only my copy, no one would ever buy books if I published it to the public lol) about my trip! I regretted only blogging about my Infinite related adventures and not about anything else in Korea, so I made a book about everything I did just so I can remember it all.

      Ugh that stupid iTunes thing, the ! happens every once in a while for me and it drives me crazy. Yay I’m glad you already changed your songs!!

      I’m so surprised about you loving B.A.P so much because they’re just so completely different from Infinite! Haha wow your B.A.P collection must be absolutely beautiful. And now your Infinite collection is growing so much, it’s also absolutely beautiful^^ Oooh I had such a hard time figuring out how to organize my photocards and miscellaneous Infinite paper goods, and I finally figured it out like a year ago. Hmm this would make a good blog post…well anyways what I did was buy those art portfolio binder things where there are clear sleeves inside that connect to the spine of the binder (these are like for art students to display their artwork…) in 4 different sizes. So one fits 4”x6”, one fits 5”x7”, one fits A4 and another fits larger stuff like A4 clear files and mini posters. This was probably a horrible explanation…Most of the time the cards are much smaller than the clear sleeve, so they can kinda slip, but it’s the best solution I thought of. Hahaha man I don’t know what was going on with those Last Romeo outfits. Like the white lace and black lace outfits were the most gorgeous things ever and fit the song so perfectly, yet they bring these other outfits…like those lace suits are all they need!

      Haha that Sesame Player episode, I can relate. I love organizing things, but I guess on a micro level, like with my Infinite song playlist or my photocard binders…lol I guess anything Infinite related. But then my room is such a mess too. Haha yay tell me what you think of You’re My Oppa!! I think episode 3 was my favorite!!

      Hahaha maybe evil was the wrong word choice for Hoya. And yah the Korean version of BTD sounds so much better and more natural! Lol about Hurricane, most of the English I didn’t even know it was in English. And I thought they were saying “be hurricane,” I didn’t know it was “we’re hurricane” though…yah lol.

    5. You could totally take Korean! The grammar is hard since it’s so different, but they teach you the basics (so I think you’d do well in the first quarter/semester since you already know hangul and basic verbs and phrases) and basic sentence structure. It helped so much that I self-taught hangul and watched a lot of dramas so I knew some random vocab, so the first quarter was more like review! Actually we oddly do have a few international schools in the US, and the one near me is super hard to get into; it’s based on a lottery system, which is kinda weird. It would seem like they’d dumb down their stats by accepting people of all sorts lol. And we have other international schools in the US too, like I know one girl who studied at a French international school in Oregon for many years, so she can speak French fluently.

      Whoa, that’s pretty cool about the Beatle’s Code thing, letting them air that scene. With SM around, I would have thought they’d try to protect their reputation and whatnot. Ooooh whoa I didn’t know that about Music Core and SM either!!!! Hahaha omg that is so stupid that SM artists won’t perform there then. Some artists they are. So then can SM artists still win on Music Core? They just don’t perform and aren’t present to claim their prize?

      Yah it’s great that Woollim has the official fanclub each year, because some other companies don’t really keep up with that. Like SM, TVXQ has been around for 10 years now and I think they’re only on their 3rd official fanclub, so it’s great for those who are already in the fanclub so they don’t have to renew, but sucks for those who want to join but have to wait for years until SM puts it up again. And it’s like easy money, I don’t know why SM wouldn’t be doing this every year for their groups.

      Haha Diamond live is just pure perfection. I love how Infinite’s songs are so diverse with dance songs, ballads and pop ballads and everything else.

      Ooooh do you have daylight savings too?? I thought the US was the only one, and I’m still questioning why we have it today when it used to be for farmers back in the day…haha omg you were a wrestling fan?? All of this is so unexpected, coming from an Inspirit. Wow, that’s super dedication watching from 3-6am!! I could definitely not do that every week!

      Aww I’m sorry about regretting not going to Led Apple. But since they went to Greece, hopefully it means other groups will soon follow!!! I used to like Taylor Swift before liking Infinite, and I only like her older songs…I really don’t like the way she’s heading (like typical American pop lol). Hahaha yesss we should just go to Infinite rather than waiting for them to come to us. Though ticketing is the hardest thing ever in Seoul…

      Haha yah it takes forever replying, but I love it!!! I love that we can fangirl over Infinite updates and have so much to talk about based on any new thing that’s happened. I just love how active Infinite is at promoting themselves, they always have something going on, which is probably why I love them so much because there’s always something new that I must know about so I always just am surrounded by Infinite 24/7…ugh I don’t think I made myself clear. But like I used to like CNBlue before Infinite, but because they don’t promote much in Korea and focus so much more on releasing Japanese singles that I lost interest in them. And for Infinite, because I’ve invested so much of everything into them and I know so much of them, I feel like if I back out of the fandom now, all of that will be wasted…like I’ve gone too far in to leave Infinite lol!

    6. Yes yes yes I completely understand!!!!!!!!! The Grow OST, oh my gosh I could not handle it. I feel like many Inspirits were brought to tears. It’s just so touching and meaningful. And to know all the Infinite members contributed to writing the lyrics, and Woohyun composing it, it’s just perfection and like their real emotions speaking out to us. HAHAHA omg that photo. Everyone says it’s so adorable but my friend and I couldn’t handle it because like my friend said “it broke many fangirls’ hearts” lol. How can a little girl be that lucky. I cannot stop laughing right now at that photo. My friend said many people said that girl looks like Sunggyu because of the eyes, and that just makes me laugh so much.

      Oooh and about the Infinite Grow movie tickets, I talked to my friend and it turns out that it’s not actually the movie ticket. There’s an app to buy movie tickets in Korea, and you can choose your own photo to put on the front of the ticket. So that’s why there were like infinitely (lol) many unique movie tickets.

      Another random thing yet related to Infinite, I’ve been growing my hair long for the past 2 years, ever since I learned about Infinite, because Myungsoo said his ideal type is an innocent girl with long wavy hair lol. But I finally cut off like 6 inches today…I hope this doesn’t mean my ties with Infinite are like breaking apart lol…I realize that I can’t let Infinite completely take over how I live lol. Though most of my clothes are now black thanks to Myungsoo…

  53. Interesting, lol. More like, weird!! They’re not my thing either so I stay away from those things. Haha, yes, that’s exactly me. I will rarely hang out with people cause of studying (which I sometimes don’t do cause I’m watching Infinite videos) and during the weekends I’d still be watching Infinite videos. Oh, nice! So now we’ll both have Type B. I don’t think I’ll be getting the other ones though. I’m hoping you get Myungsoo! Yes, indeed they’re all pretty! So I don’t mind who I get. It’s nice to know that your anger/sadness about Sungyeol is gone. We’re so lucky to have him in Infinite. That smile is perfect and his personality is so bright! Oh, that’s so cool and such a good idea! Making a book about everything you did in Korea. I wish I could read more about your trip to Korea and learn new stuff about the country and your adventures!

    iTunes can become really annoying sometimes. I’m glad I changed my songs and resolved the problem with the plays getting doubled. I still don’t know what the ! thing is, and I’m guessing that It’s not pleasant so I don’t want to find out.

    They are really different. Their style is different. I’m not a fan of hip-hop and yet I really loved all of B.A.P’s songs. It’s not as beautiful as my Infinite collection. I really like the style of the Infinite albums. They’re so pretty and colourfull. Indeed, it would make a really good blog post. Ohhhh, I googled it and then I understood what you’re talking about. I have no idea what to do with the big photocards. I will need to think this through. I’ve put the small ones in my Lucky Guys card collection binder but I had my big ones standing next to my albums. Dongwoo has been standing there since September. I put him back in my Be Back album yesterday so he doesn’t get ruined. Hahaha, to be honest, those outfits looked so bad. No, they didn’t look bad on them. Nothing looks bad on them. It’s just...they were so ugly. Plus they had those statues at the background that looked like the ones you see in Greek museums xD

    Yes, exactly! My collections and my music have to be organized. But not my bed though lol. Yes, anything Infinite related! I managed to watch the whole You’re My Oppa yesterday. I was laughing so much in the beginning that my mom came into my room and asked me why I’m not studying lol. It was so nice seeing Mithra and Tablo being there. Mithra was so funny! I think they really cared about Jiae. They were crying at the end when she left, it made me sad. Though it’s normal to cry. You’re living with someone for 2 months and then she just leaves :( Oh, I was really surprised when the fangirls were mean to her, telling her that she’s not their sister and why she’s in there.

    Evil and Hoya...Hoya’s not evil if you get to know him. But non Inspirits may think that way cause he looks so manly. Same with Dongwoo. Yes, the Korean version sound way better. Hahaha, that’s so funny. “Be hurricane” xD

    I don’t think I’ll do that well but I will try. Not really, the only thing I know is how to read and some random words I’ve learned from watching too many Infinite videos and their dramas >.< Oh, the lottery system. We have something like that over here. I don’t know if it still exists though. That’s cool. We have French/German international schools as well. And yes...It’s French again. Everywhere I go they’re following me lol.

    Yes, for sure. I thought that they would want to protect their reputation, but I guess they released it cause it’s a comic show. Haha, I know it since I watch the music shows. Yes, they can. SM artists don’t perform on Music Core only for the first week, then the rest of the weeks they perform live, so they’re allowed to be on Music Core. Some of them though want to perform live on Music Core the first week so they do it.

    1. Haha, it would be funny if TVXQ had a fanclub for 10 years straight. It’s nice that Woollim will be doing it this year as well. I don’t know why SM is not doing it. I mean, f(x) debuted before EXO and they don’t even have a fanclub name. They’ve never had their own concert. I feel bad cause SM treats them like they’re not important, yet they have so many fans and I really like them. I owe so much to f(x) since they got me into k-pop.

      I absolutely love it when they do ballads cause that’s when you can hear they’re voices really well and there’s no rap for Dongwoo and Hoya which means that they have to sing, and I absolutely love it when they sing. For 함께 (The Grow OST) their voices are clearly heard and they’re so touching.

      Nope, we have daylight saving time as well. Korea doesn’t though, that’s why I’ve calculated the times. Yes, I was a wrestling fan. I told you before that I deleted mostly all my IG photos about wrestling so no one sees it and judges me xD I’m happy that I got into Infinite cause it took me out of all this madness of me wanting to become a wrestler. That’s why I’m really worried. What if something happens one day and I find something I like more than k-pop and Infinite? I would hate it to leave Infinite the way I did with wrestling. Though I think that that won’t happen since I can’t of think of something else. When I’m really committed to something, I do it. I would do anything for Infinite!

      Maybe, other groups will come as well. People were saying about B.A.P but I never believed them. Especially not now that they’re inactive because of the lawsuit and that proves that I was right from the beginning. Plus, I’m gonna be leaving soon so I would feel bad if other people got to go to a concert that I wasn’t able to go to. I used to listen to all kinds of genres before getting into k-pop. I even listened to Greek songs lol. Now I obviously only listen to k-pop. Oh, I hate it when they act all typical American pop when they get a lot of popularity. Oh, do you mean it’s the hardest thing to get concert tickets in Seoul or getting tickets to Seoul?

      I absolutely love it as well!! It’s so nice that we always have so much to talk about. I’m so lucky I got to know you!! Haha, yes I understand. They’ve been really active lately^^ I’m not that familiar with CNBlue so I don’t know. B.A.P was really active in Japan lately that it made me crazy cause I wanted Korean music. But after their lawsuit, I understand why they were active in Japan.

      Yes yes yes! I’m pretty sure many Inspirits were brought to tears. It was amazing. It felt like you’re really connecting with them. I wanted to have the song on replay last night but this idiot Facetimed me and I couldn’t hang up :( When I was watching the video, I was so drawn into it and then I heard Dongwoo’s part and I suddenly wake up and go “Wow, is that Dongwoo singing?” It makes me so happy, especially knowing that they personally wrote the lyrics for their own documentary. I still can’t handle it...they’re releasing their own movie. Wow. Haha, I think that photo was so adorable. I understand why many people say that it broke their fangirling hearts. There’s no one who can say that they’re not jealous of that little girl, but I think that the adorableness takes over in this one. HAHAHAHAHA, I’m trying to hold my laughter since I’m at school and it’s break time so everyone can see me. The girl looks like Sungkyu HAHAHAHA. I bet some crazy WooGyu fangirl made that up. I love Sungkyu’s eyes. They’re so cuteeeeee, it makes me want to eat him. Lol that sounds wrong. I don’t mean it that way.

      That’s so cool. I wish we had that kind of app. Though I don’t really go to the cinema a lot.

    2. Haha, black clothes. I don’t know why Myungsoo wears them. I like black clothes so I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I know that you probably know this but I’m gonna say it. It’s bad to grow your hair for a long time because the amount of split ends increases and sometimes it might go out of control and you will have to cut all of your hair off. They say that you should be cutting your hair every 3-4 months. I used to think long hair is pretty but after getting into the world of k-pop I found out that many idols look gorgeous with short hair. So, this time I decided to cut my hair shorter than usual. It didn’t look bad. I don’t think your ties with Infinite can wear off that easily. It’s your hair, you can do what you want. I’m pretty sure someone’s ideal type will never only be based on their appearance. I know how you feel cause Dongwoo said he likes a girl who can cook, but I can’t cook so I said that I’m gonna learn how to cook. It’s funny when I hear myself saying that cause I barely have time to do the stuff I want.

    3. Omg, omg. My dad just told me that he found my album! :D Yey!! So, I'm getting it tonight. Lol, sorry I had to share that with someone.

    4. Haha now you say you won’t be getting the other Infinite F versions, but you never know, in the future…lol. Usually I just preorder one version, and I take lots of surveys online to rake up Amazon giftcards, and when I see a good deal, I buy any versions I’m missing. Though I do prefer buying Korean versions from a Korean website so it counts towards music charts. Definitely I’m so glad Sungyeol is in Infinite! Originally they were planning on only having 5 members, and eventually they added Sungjong then Sungyeol was last, so I’m so glad they decided on OT7 in the end! I could not imagine Myungsoo being the maknae and everyone else being more manly/dark/opposite-of-Infinite-F (besides Woohyun), Infinite would just not be who they are without Sungjong and Sungyeol! When you do go to Korea, I’ll definitely recommend you all the places I went to, Infinite and non-Infinite related!

      I love Infinite’s albums so much too. They’re so minimalistic and streamline and I like how they’re consistent about their style (like all the mini albums are the same format), it just looks really nice on my bookshelf lol. Haha sorry for my bad explanation about those photocard binder things! I never know the real name for them. I see some people framing their photocards lol, but that just seems like way too much work, money, time and space. Haha for sure Infinite pulls off everything so well, but some outfits were just so ugly. Hahaha that’s cool those statues were like in Greek museums!

      That’s so impressive watching the entire You’re My Oppa in one day!!! Hahaha I’m glad you liked it!! Yah those fangirls were mean to her, I’m sure now they realize their foolishness since Woollim is like a family and Infinite takes care of Lovelyz.

      Hoya’s definitely not evil, especially after seeing him in Reply 1997!! I still can’t get over that drama lol.

      Haha I didn’t know French was so popular!! And a German international school is interesting too!

      Ooooh okay okay all that music show stuff, I gotcha now. I just can never keep up with it all, it’s all so confusing to me. But thank you for explaining!! Yah it’s sad how SM puts f(x) on the backburner! And now that Red Velvet is out, f(x) will be even more overshadowed. Whoaaaa really, f(x) is the one that got you into kpop?? That’s so interesting!!! I can’t really do girl groups, but I do really like Apink because of their innocence…to me they’re like the counterpart of Infinite, but now there’s Lovelyz. Speaking of Apink, have you seen the show Birth of a Family, the season with Infinite and Apink? Wait I feel like we’ve already talked about this…

      Yes I agree, I love hearing ballads and hearing each member singing; they are all truly talented and add so much to the group! Dongwoo has such an amazing singing voice, the first few times I heard Memories, I didn’t know it was him singing 지금도 그 시간이 / 아름답게 아프다 during the first chorus. And everyone’s lines in Back is just stellar, especially the first verse with Sunggyu and Hoya; I can’t get over that song.

      HAHA omg that’s so adorable you wanted to become a wrestler!!!! Aww I really hope you don’t find something better than Infinite…though I don’t think you can because once an Inspirit, always an Inspirit hehe.

      I forgot you’re going to Canada! This actually might be really really good, because kpop concerts tend to be in LA or New York if they’re going to the US! It might be a bit hard getting to NY, but at least like there’s a possibility!

      I’m sad that B.A.P has to deal with that whole lawsuit, but I’m glad they’re doing what’s right. Oooh that makes sense that B.A.P would focus more on Japan then. Haha yes I always prefer Korean music to Japanese too. I’m so glad that Woollim treats their artists fairly, and a 30:70 (company:artist) is soo generous. Ahh sorry for not explaining well, I meant getting concert tickets in Seoul are so difficult. I’m so glad to know you too, there’s just so much that we understand about each other and can relate to.

    5. Hahaha you’re so funny! “this idiot Facetimed me” XD I hate it when people bother me when I’m trying to fangirl lol. 함께 is such a touching song and sooo meaningful, especially like you said they wrote it themselves, for their own documentary that shows like the real emotions behind their cheery performances. Hahahaha I just can’t get over that photo now, knowing that she kinda resembles Sunggyu. Hehe Sunggyu’s eyes are adorable^^ You’re right, the adorableness does overpower the jealousness, though I can’t help feeling a bit of pain too lol.

      Lol you described my hair sooo well! I had the worst split ends, so it’s good that I cut off 6 inches and now I think they’re all gone. And I feel like my appearance is much better now that my hair looks healthy. Hahahaha really, Dongwoo said that? I only remember him always saying “My ideal type is…female!” during the Man in Love promotions and I can never get enough of that. Haha Dongwoo is amazing, I can’t stop laughing. Hehe you should learn to cook! But not just for Dongwoo, it’d be good to learn to cook in general, especially for college!

      Oooooh yayayayay I’m so happy for you!!!!!!!! And I’m really glad that this has nothing to do with you fighting with your brother, or else that would be pretty severe punishment…hehe yay oooh I’m so excited that you received it!!!

  54. Now that I’ve finally received my album I wish I had the other two versions lol. It was thinner than what I expected it to be though. Oh, I got Sungjong. I really like the photocard. That’s a good thing to do. I’ve never used Amazon and I’ve only used eBay once. I usually buy my albums from kpopmart, HMV and YesAsia. I don’t know if it counts towards music charts if I buy them from YesAsia and HMV, but I’m sure it counts when I buy them from kpopmart. Yes, I know that they were going to be 5 members. To be honest 5 member bands are considered huge in the western countries, but for Korea it’s like small >.< Anyhow, I wouldn’t be able to imagine Infinite without Sungjong and Sungyeol. I wouldn’t be able to imagine Myungsoo as the maknae. They all have their special charms and that’s what makes Infinite so unique! I mean, what could have happened if Infinite didn’t have the playful Sungyeol who always joked around and made those hilarious faces during their rookie year? And what could have happened if they didn’t have Sungjong to make fun off and say that he’s prettier than 99% of the girls? I’m just so glad to have all 7 of them. I would love that. But that’s if I ever get to go to Korea of course.

    Yes, that thing exactly. I like it that they rarely change the style of their albums and I can keep my bookcase organized. I used to think that I like big albums that are fat cause they have more stuff inside but when I got my Toheart mini album, (which for some reason arrived before my other Infinite albums cause it was packaged with the posters so it was lighter) I fell in love with it. It was so gorgeous. So now, I’m in love with that kind of format/design. Oh, I absolutely love The Origin which isn’t of that format, but for some reason I feel like it’s special to me. Like, I feel that a true Inspirit should have The Origin cause for some reason I feel like it’s so meaningful. It has no pictures of them inside, yet I fell in love with it. I really like the fact that they have the piano sheets of all the songs. I wish I could play them. I’ve completely forgotten how to play the piano. Haha, no don’t worry, I understood what you were talking about. I don’t even know if those binder thingies have a name. Some people actually frame them? I would do that for a poster but not for a photocard. I want to have all my photocards in a binder just like the Lucky Guys one. I like flipping around the pages and seeing them. Well, not those exact ones. That’s the only thing Greece is famous for; their history, lol. We get many tourists who go to the museums to see statues like those. I don’t know why though. Actually not, we’re also famous for souvlaki and dangerous drivers lol. Other than souvlaki, I don’t see anything interesting about the country I live in haha.

    It was shorter than what I thought. One episode was about 20 minutes so I managed to watch all of it in one night. Yes, I really liked it. I found it hilarious that they called a Dongwoo an immigrant from Kenya because they needed a translator to understand what he says. And Dongwoo got too absorbed into his role that he even told the foreigners (who can btw, speak better Korean that I can speak French LOL) that he’s from Kenya. Those girls must hate themselves now that Jiae debuted. Do you think Jiae auditioned for Woollim cause she missed her oppas and she wanted to be closer to them?

    Hoya might look evil, but he’s definitely not. Yes, Reply 1997. Hoya was such a sweetie. How can I ever get over that?

    1. Yes, being in SM has so many rules when it comes to music shows lol. You’re welcome, I’m glad I helped :D Actually I don’t think Red Velvet are going to affect f(x) cause many people are hating on them for no reason. f(x) got me into k-pop cause my first k-pop songs were by them (excluding Psy’s Gangnam Style & Gentleman). I only have one girl group physical album and that’s from f(x). I really like those ladies, even if they’re SM, they’re actually talented and all of them can sing perfectly. Yet, they still get pushed back to groups where only half of them can sing properly (SNSD, Super Junior, EXO). I’m not a girl group person either. Apink are refreshing. I like Lovelyz and I want to defend them from all those rude comment that they get saying that they have a rapist member and that they’re copying Apink. I hate stupid comments. Like, come on. Don’t people have better things to do than hate on groups? Yes, I’ve watched Birth of a Family but I’ve only seen the Infinite parts cause I wasn’t interested of Apink or the other dude who was raising a horse lol. Yes, we’ve talked about it. When we were talking about Myungsoo and Sungyeol crying and Dongwoo’s cute hair.

      He does have an amazing singing voice. Hoya as well! Oh, Memories. I love that song!! Dongwoo gets a lot of singing lines in that song so I’m happy about that. I love that part during the chorus and I also really like this part: 니가 그리워 난. Oh, who am I kidding? I love the whole song!! Everything about Back is perfect. I really like the last chorus where Woohyun does the high notes. He kills them! And I also like Myungsoo’s part after the first chorus. But my favourite is the dance break I’ve shown you before^^ And I can continue on and on about this song.

      HAHAHA, it’s the first time I see you type in caps. You must have found it truly hilarious. Yes, I was going through a retarded phase of my life where I thought that wrestling is amazing and I really want to do it. I agree with that. Once an Inspirit, always an Inspirit. I’m so lucky to be an Inspirit. I just wish I was there from the beginning.

      Yes, I’m going to Canada if I get accepted. I wish there were English speaking universities in Seoul. I would be able to apply there. I think the classes are taught in English only for Masters Degree and above.

      I was sad as well. I didn’t think I’d actually shed a tear. I felt so bad about them. They were treated awfully for so many years. I’m happy that they waited for Zelo to turn 18 so they can all file a lawsuit together, and stay as a group. I’m so happy that Woollim treats their artists fairly. I wouldn’t be able to imagine the CEO treating anyone badly. I think he’s such a great person. I was happy when I saw him in the 함께 MV together with Infinite. Indeed, there is so much we understand about each other and can relate to!

    2. Haha, but he was really an idiot. It was a person who I haven’t talked to for so long and he Facetimed me to complain that I’ve forgotten him. Whatever, I have better things to do than talk to him. Especially when he’s interrupting me when I’m about to listen to Infinite. It does show all their real emotion and I’m so happy that their OST is actually written and sang by them. Haha, that’s so funny. I don’t really see any resemblance except from her eyes. Maybe I’m blind lol. But, Sungkyu’s eyes are gorgeous. It’s definitely a charm^^ I absolutely love small and cute eyes. I mean just look at them^^

      It’s important to have healthy hair. I’m glad you feel like your appearance is much better now because you cut it. Hahaha, yes he did say it because I remember watching it in a video last week and telling myself to learn how to cook. I think that I can’t pressure myself to learn how to cook. It will all come to me when I need it the most. So, I guess I’ll be needing it next year cause I’m gonna be living by myself. Do you know how to cook? Omg, I remember when he said that. “Dongwoo’s ideal type is female!” that satisfies every single woman on the planet. He’s such a 바보!♡ I should watch that video again and just end up rolling of the floor from laughter.

    3. Yah Type A and B seem thinner than I expected too, to my disappointment. But the content is still amazing, just the packaging is lacking. How is Type B? Are the photos all from the same photoshoot? Because I think the grassy photoshoot is my favorite out of all of them! Ooh nice, you got Jjongie^^ Kpoptown, YesAsia and HMV all count on the charts, don’t worry! I don’t really like ordering from Amazon because the sellers don’t really seem to know anything about their merchandise, so it’s always a gamble with them. I’ve never tried eBay for new albums before. Haha for sure Infinite would just not be Infinite without Sungyeol and Sungjong!! The dynamics would just be soo different.

      Ooh I like the Toheart packaging too! You’re right, it’s small (like compared to ginormous albums) but so much is packed inside. Are you a SHINee/Key/Wookey fan? I was so sad that when they announced this unit, that it wasn’t Sunggyu and Woohyun because Inspirits have been anticipating Infinite V for so long, but now Toheart has grown on me. But I’m still keeping my hopes up for Infinite V someday! And I knew a Shawol who didn’t like Toheart either because of Woohyun lol. I completely forgot about The Origin packaging!! I completely agree with you, it’s just so perfect and it is like the origin on their songs. Since I’m studying for finals now, I’ve been listening to all of Infinite’s instrumentals just so I still have Infinite with me without being distracted by their voices. I really hope they release like a sequel, because they’ve had so many more amazing songs since then. Lol yah I think framing photocards is a bit far…I used to watch like those Inspirit Room Tours on youtube or photos online and I’d see postcards like from New Challenge and Be Mine (Japanese) in picture frames. Yah it’d be nice of Woollim also made a binder for all their photocards, like what they did for Lucky Guys, so we could have them all organized beautifully. Though having empty sleeves would make me tempted to fill them up lol. Haha actually I always only want to go to Asia if I travel, but because I also loved western art history in high school, I also really want to go to Greece to see all the sculptures lol. I guess I’m a typical tourist haha.

      Hahaha that whole Dongwoo/Kenya thing is so funny. And his speaking issues is still shown in Diss Is Infinite, which is great. My favorite scene was when they were filming the mv for “She’s Back” with Director Sungyeol, I can’t get over them rolling down the hill lol. Hmm I thought that Jiae was already a trainee when she was a part of YAMO, or else I don’t think they’d just let a random girl to live with Infinite. I’m not sure though.

      You’re right, Red Velvet has been getting a lot of crap ever since they debuted. And I didn’t think Lovelyz would also have such a rough debut, but ugh those rumors are so outrageous! It’s sad that they’re debuting with only 7 members and the dance practice they just released only has 7 members. Yah I don’t understand how people like live off of such stupid comments. I don’t like it when people who don’t know much about kpop automatically think of Gangnam Style as like the entirety of kpop, because like within kpop there are subgenres that are so different! So I think my parents think I listen to music like that lol. Ooh so since you like f(x), were you really happy and excited that both Myungsoo and Krystal were in MLG? I was watching of course just for Myungsoo so maybe that’s why we had different feelings about their characters’ relationships lol. Though many Inspirits also ship them, so maybe it’s just only me that didn’t want him ending up with her lol. I still haven’t finished the drama yet though, eventually I’ll get to it…hahaha omg I remember now, Dongwoo’s cute hair!!! Ahh that was so adorable. HAHAHAHAHA omg I didn’t know that some guy was raising a horse???? That’s soooo funny, I can’t stop laughing like an idiot right now.

    4. Ahhh Memories, I love that entire part, the part I said and the part you said. I always sing along, because I only know those lines and they just sound amazing! Oooh gosh yes that part in Back with Woohyun’s high notes, that is just perfection. I can’t get over that part. He also does that in Man in Love and I love that part too. Back is just so amazing, I have a feeling we’ll be bringing up this song often in our conversations lol. Ooh so the Dilemma tracklist was released and it’ll have the Japanese ver of Back and Diamond, but these songs are so perfect right now with their vocals that I can’t imagine them singing it in Japanese…like I can’t explain it, but it seems like it’ll...tarnish?...the song’s perfection? Ahh I don’t know what I’m getting at.

      Haha you’re right, I guess I don’t type in caps a lot. I find a lot of things hilarious, but especially that wrestling thing (and the horse thing, as you can see my caps above lol). Yah I wish I was an Inspirit from the beginning too, but at least we’re in it now! We missed some amazing achievements from them in the past, but it’s okay since we’re following them now~

      It’d be cool if you applied to schools in Seoul! I think the school I went to, Yonsei University, has an undergraduate program where all the classes are taught in English. I think that’s what my roommate there was enrolled in, as a 4 year student there taking all her classes in English.

      Wow I don’t know much about B.A.P, but that’s really touching that they waited until he turned 18 so they could all file the lawsuit as a team. I totally missed the CEO in the MV, I think I’ll have to watch it again!

      Lol that guy that Facetimed you sounds a little dramatic. Haha yah I only see the resemblance in the eyes too. Hehe those eye smiles are the cutest!!!

      Haha I’m exactly like you, I’ll learn to cook when I absolutely have to. My friend and I tried cooking once a week in the dorms, but other than that I always ate in the cafeteria or brought food from my house to the dorms lol. And now that I’m back home, I just rely on my mom. It’s weird though, I’m obsessed with this competitive cooking show where kids cook, and they’re absolutely amazing and inspiring, yet it’s still not inspiring enough for me to want to cook. Hahaha Dongwoo is just amazing, I can’t get over that.

  55. I wish they were fatter just like their Korean albums. Also, the photobook is detached and it’s just made of paper, but the photoshoot is the grass one. They also put in some pictures from the photoshoot that’s on the cover of the standard edition. I really like that one cause they all look so mature haha. Especially Jongie^^ Yes, I got him. It’s the second time I’m getting him. (The first one was in Paradise) That’s good. If they count then I’m happy cause I’m actually supporting Infinite! I don’t think I’m ever gonna order something from somewhere that doesn’t count towards the charts. Only if it’s like a serious case (the headphones.) It would be very different indeed. We would only have Dongwoo being silly and Woohyun being as cute as he is and doing all the fan service.

    I’m not a SHINee fan cause the only song I have by SHINee is Stand By Me from the Boys Over Flowers OST lol. I don’t really know much about Key but he looks like a really good person and I think that his friendship with Woohyun is real and not just for the purpose of promoting. (I know that they were friends before Toheart) They look cute together. If I was an Inspirit when they announced this unit I would probably be happy cause anything Infinite related makes me happy^^ I don’t know if we’re ever going to get Infinite V cause Sungkyu and Woohyun sing the majority of the Infinite songs. Not that it bothers me that they sing the majority of the songs. They have amazing voices. Also, maybe because Sungkyu had a solo debut, why put him in a sub-unit? I don’t know though. We can keep our hopes up for Infinite V one day!! Lol, that Shawol I don’t blame that Shawol for not liking Toheart if she doesn’t know anything about Woohyun. But if she knew about Woohyun’s character and yet did not like Toheart, then I’m sorry to say this but she’s crazy xD Yes, the origin of their songs. Oh, that’s actually a really good idea. I should do that when I’m revising for my mock exams. Since my exams start on the day I go back to school from holidays, I’m gonna have to spend my holidays studying. Yes, I hope they release another one later on where they have the songs that weren’t in The Origin. Oh, those exist? I don’t think I would watch them cause I’m guessing that they’ll have something like Infinite bed sheets and I wouldn’t want my room to be like that. I love Infinite so much but I think having bed sheets of them would be too much. Lol, if you know what I mean. Yes, it would be nice if Woollim made a binder for their photocards. Have you seen the Lovelyz photocards? They’re A4 just like Infinite’s She’s Back Japanese edition. Yes, having empty sleeves would make me want to fill them up. Just like for the Lucky Guys collection. I would like to visit a lot of places in Asia if I have the chance to but I would go to Dubai and Abu Dhabi again. I really like it there. Though Asian countries are my priority. [KOREA of course] Haha, I guess it’s boring for us to see the museums since we live here but many people actually enjoy seeing sculptures.

    I love Dongwoo so much. I actually love his speaking issues. I remember them bringing him a teacher in Diss Is Infinite and he ended up rapping without any mistakes, while Sungyeol failed reading it lol. Omg, hahaha it was so funny. Sungyeol had so many stupid ideas but I found them hilarious. I like stuff like that. And I actually really liked that version of the She’s Back MV. Jiae was actually not a trainee back then, but she auditioned and got into Woollim 2 months after YAMO.

    1. Red Velvet and Lovelyz have both received so much crap since their debut that it’s not even funny. I like both groups so much and I see a lot of potential in them. To be honest I would prefer it if they had fewer members but not because they had to kick one out. I prefer groups with fewer members. I just wish Jisoo’s rumours turn out false and she can be able to join their promotions. I’m pretty sure people who don’t know about k-pop always think of Gangnam Style as the base of what k-pop is about. Haha, I wouldn’t say my parents think it’s like Gangnam Style since they can hear my music from their room. Lol, sometimes my brother sings k-pop songs cause they get stuck in his head from being able to hear my music. Actually the reason I watched My Lovely Girl is Myungsoo. It’s true that many Inspirits ship them. I just liked Myungsoo being so cute towards her cause that made me happy when I was seeing his cute side. I was about to say something that happens in the drama but I didn’t cause you haven’t finished it yet. Oh, by the way how was the OST album? Dongwoo’s adorable hair^^ Yes there was this guy raising a horse and there were like open field competitions of him and other horses. Something like that haha, I didn’t watch his parts either so I’m not sure.

      I just love the entire song. It fits together so perfectly. Memories was one of my first 10 Infinite songs actually and I downloaded it together with Man in Love but I know the lyrics to Memories better than the ones of Man in Love and I was surprised. They have the exact same plays. I guess the ones in Memories are easier to learn. Yes, yes, he does it in Man in Love and it’s perfection. I love high notes. Oh, also, the one he does in the beginning of She’s Back!! Back is amazing and I have the same feeling as you; we bring it up very often. The Dilemma tracklist is out? I was thinking of buying it. I can’t imagine them being turned into Japanese versions. I always get used to Korean versions so when I hear the Japanese ones I don’t like them haha. That’s why I didn’t want the opposite to happen with Heartbeat.

      Haha, yes you don’t type in caps a lot. When I get comfortable with someone then I start saying stuff like lol and I type in caps. Me being a wrestler can be pretty funny. I could have gotten an injury from the first day of practice. HAHAHAHA, I can’t believe you found that horse thing hilarious. Yes, we’re in it now and we’re not backing off. We’re in the family~
      I actually searched a bit about Yonsei University and it seems like it does have English undergraduate programs. That’s cool. I wish I knew that earlier. I would have applied there. Do you think it’s better to go to Korea or Canada? Where would you prefer? (I’m guessing Korea of course lol) Ok, something random, but I just came home from school and my brother is listening to 2NE1’s Come Back Home and B.A.P’s No Mercy. I’m getting really worried lol.
      B.A.P are just like Infinite. They consider themselves as family. It is indeed touching that they waited for Zelo to turn 18 just so they could all do it together and stay as a unit. I pay attention to the most random stuff. I guess that’s why I saw the CEO xD
      He’s actually not dramatic. I bet he has no one else to talk to that’s why he wants to bother me when I’m busy with my Infinite businesses lol. Ahhh I’m just sitting here and smiling because they’re soooo cute.
      I have to learn to cook lol. I guess it’s gonna be a necessity in college or else I just have to rely on the cafeteria all the time. Oh, we had a show like that. I think it was called Junior Master Chef. I never watched it though. Some of my friends were in the show and they told me that it’s not real and they don’t actually cook it. That’s such a spoiler lol.

      Oh, by the way, do you think that they’re going to release the HSLO OST? I want to buy it ^^