Saturday, November 8, 2014

One Year Anniversary of OGSLA: Reflections on My Inspirit Life Over the Past Year

This post is just me spilling out my feels about all my Infinite-related experiences that started exactly one year ago today. I'll link my anecdotes with my previous blog posts so you know what I'm rambling on about.

Exactly one year ago from this day, November 8th, 2013, marked the true beginning of my Inspirit life with Infinite. I was standing 30 feet away from Infinite as they were performing in their own solo concert, One Great Step in Los Angeles. I can't begin to express all the emotions rushing through my mind as I relive the memories of seeing Infinite for the first time. It's all such bittersweet and still surreal; as an international fan, seeing my idols perform in my home country is such a dream come true.

The hours after the concert, I was so sad that this was probably the last time I would see Infinite. Little did I know, a month later my dad would suggest me to study abroad in Seoul for the following summer! And so I started my side blog about My Seoul Adventures, which are mostly just me releasing my inner Inspirit.

So from June to August, 2014, I studied in Seoul and had my own Inspirit tour! Besides fangirling over the Infinite endorsements (Pepsi commercials, Lotteria, Elite, Shara Shara...) and merchandise (past concert goods, endorsement goods...), my first official Inspirit experience happened when my Korean Inspirit friend (who I met at my home university and was the backbone to my adventures) took me to Hoya's family restaurant, where I met his dad! And the following day, I was able to relive my OGSLA feels by seeing Infinite perform at the Brilliant Motor Festival, one of those free Korean concerts that I used to only see photos of on Twitter! Later on, I also went to Dongwoo's restaurant, and met his dad, who's just as 4-D as his son!

Then the low point of my study abroad came, when I visited Sungyeol's family restaurant and saw Sungyeol myself, standing inches from me. I was so ashamed of myself that I thought to ban myself from being an Inspirit and I wanted to go my first time seeing an idol off stage, I didn't know how to act and therefore my actions came off wrong, though I still feel I'm not in the wrong (especially as an international Inspirit that didn't know any better).

A week later, I finally bounced back and was a full Inspirit again, though Sungyeol went from being my second bias to...I special place in my memories that I just don't know where to place, as it's an experience well learned. I visited the Infinite Tree Forest and felt at one with Infinite! My love for Infinite had been restored.

This was all during Infinite's "Back" promotions, and so I applied for Infinite's fansign event! Of course I didn't win, with the few albums I bought. I also hung around two of Toheart's fansign events in hopes of catching a glimpse, and I ended up hearing Woohyun's voice!

And then the highlight of my trip, going to Woohyun's family restaurant and being greeted and served by Boohyun himself! He was so grateful that an international Inspirit came all the way to Korea to eat at his restaurant, and was the sweetest. This experience, I treasure the most.

I also visited Infinite's hair salon, famous for when Infinite had an interview while getting ready for the 2013 MAMA show. This honestly wasn't that special. But what was definitely worth the visit was Box+, the clothing store where Hoya filmed his scenes for "Man in Love," and Nana Piercing, where Infinite got their piercings! To think, Hoya touched that door handle, sat on those stairs, Sunggyu got his latest two piercings in that store...

And later on I also visited the Mangwon area, including Infinite's favorite restaurant, their old dorm, old practice room, and new dorm!

And my study abroad came to an end on August 10th, but Infinite was holding their That Summer Concert 2 series from August 7th to the 16th! I extended my stay and celebrated the end of my trip with Infinite, a more than perfect ending. I got the full Inspirit experience by camping out overnight to purchase concert goods, and then I went to TSC2 Day 5 and Day 6!

Just two years ago, I had just started learning about Infinite, and then the past year I got to live and experience the Inspirit life with all of these experiences! This has definitely been the most memorable, amazing year of my life and I will continue to wallow in my sadness of never seeing Infinite again, but being able to see them, both in my own country and theirs.


  1. I'm so jelly, but happy for you at the same time. (╥﹏╥)❤

    ~Tas :') xx

    1. I hope some day you can see them too!!!