Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Face Shop Smim Radiating Moisturizing Essence

The Face Shop has a mini line called "The Smim" with various products to improve skin elasticity, provide energy, whiten skin, and more. Here I'll be reviewing Smim Radiating Moisturizing Essence, with more information from its webpage.
The tagline on the front and back state "Flawless skin with moisture radiance" and "An essence restoring moisturized radiance from inside the skin with deep moisturization by naturally fermented kefir."

According to the webpage, this product uses Tibetan mushrooms, cloudberries, shea butter, and more to whiten, moisturize and make skin more resilient. It also suggests that after using the product for two weeks, you should notice that your skin is significantly more glowing and radiant than before. I won't be using this product for two weeks straight, so I won't know if this is true or not.

The instructions online state that after using the Smim Toner, every morning and evening, pump two to three times and apply in an outward direction, then lightly tap in the product to absorb. I never understood the importance of the direction to apply creams, but I won't question it.
Here is the product itself. It smells like the Tony Moly Snail Essence, a slight scent of lemon. It has an interesting consistency, as it is runny like watery congee. It's also really pretty, as it's translucent white with metallic flecks. The amount pictured above is enough for the bottom of my eyes downwards.

The Pros
  • The product goes on very thinly on the face, since it's so watery. Therefore, a little goes a long way.
The Cons
  • It feels like the product is just on top of my skin, like a film is on my face, and not really penetrating into my skin. It took two hours for it to fully absorb into my face.
  • The smell did bother me a bit, but eventually I got used to it. It is very subtle though.
  • This product is suggested for normal skin types, and I completely agree. It's watery so it won't help to rid grease nor will it help heal dry skin.
Overall, I don't think I'm a good person to be reviewing samples at all, since they're only to last a few days, and these products are meant for a long term effect. I'm the lazy type, so I'll only use a product if I have a skin problem that I want to fix (acne, dry, greasy, etc.), so I probably won't use this product again since it's to perfect already normal, healthy skin. I would like to just stick to my Kpop unboxing posts, but I have all these samples that I can use for blogging...

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