Monday, October 27, 2014

Infinite: Last Romeo ~Kimi Ga Ireba Ii~ Single (Normal) Review

I reviewed Infinite's latest Japanese single albums, Last Romeo, Type A and Type B, and finally I was able to get the Normal version, which I'll review now! I ordered from an individual seller on, uniqueplace-usa, which is to my surprise based in Switzerland. I bought it new for about $22USD and it took just 12 days to arrive. My CD came in a paper envelope lined with bubble wrap; overall, I'm happy with my order! And onto the album~
There are two stickers on the exterior wrapping of the album, stating this is the normal version and explaining the high touch event for the Japanese "Last Romeo" promotions that passed. I'm happy they strategically put the stickers in the white areas so they didn't cover up anyone!
It's not as common seeing jewel cases for Kpop albums, but Infinite's Japanese normal CDs always use this packaging. But even this album is more special than the ordinary, since it has an exterior slip! The front, top and bottom of the slip have the album title printed in metallic silver while the sides of the jewel case have the information printed in black. On the side underneath the Infinite logo states "Season 2," I guess indicating this is the first Japanese album under that era.
I really like this design! The exterior slip and the CD's liner notes' booklet cover have just slightly different images, yet they totally evoke a different feeling. In the slip, the boys are staring off into the distance looking nostalgic, while in the booklet cover they're reminiscing by closing their eyes. This entire album is of the boys in this photoshoot, looking pure in white clothes and damp hair. Each version of the single has its own photoshoot, and this normal version is by far my favorite!
The backside of the exterior slip, jewel case and booklet all are the same. They reveal the tracklist (the Japanese versions of "Last Romeo," "A Person like Me," and "Nothing's Over," The backside of the slip and case also have miscellaneous information, including the single's release date, July 2nd, 2014.
Opening the jewel case, the liner notes are on the left, and CD is on the right.
Opening the first page of the booklet reveals the photocard and a slip of paper.
The booklet has 14 pages, excluding the front and back covers. There are two sets of photos, one per member: one set is a closeup with that same intense stare and the member's name, and the other is a mostly full body shot of them peacefully jumping, running or just in motion in midair. At first it looks weird with Sungyeol's full body image in between Sunggyu and Woohyun (like they misplaced Sungyeol here) but they just randomly intertwined the two photo sets together.
The last four pages are the translated Japanese lyrics, staff credits, and website information.
Each normal version comes with one random photocard out of eight, and it's roughly the size of an actual photocard, but it's a bit elongated. There is one photocard for each member and one group card. Each card just as the member's name, and I'm not sure about the group card...As you can see, I got Woohyun! He looks a little pissed here, not really evoking that "Last Romeo" feeling.
These photocards are of Infinite wearing their white lace outfits, and actually they're all photos from the Last Romeo Type B with the large photobook, so there is nothing special about these photocards if you already have Type B. (I wasn't able to find photos of all photocards, but I know for sure Woohyun, Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo and Sungjong photos are exactly the same, though the photobook version is usually a cropped photo of the photocard except for Sungjong's). If you couldn't tell, I'm disappointed by this.
The backside of each photocard is part of a 4 x 2 puzzle that pieces together to say "Infinite Season 2 Last Romeo" with the current era logo. Woohyun's card is the top left of the puzzle!
There is also a slip of paper for entering into Infinite's promotional high touch event from August. This is another slap in the face that I'll never get to go to one of these events.

Overall, I can't get over this photoshoot. Despite being such a small booklet, just the photos itself make this version my most favorite out of the three!

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