Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My YesAsia Package

I pre-ordered Infinite F's Koi No Sign Type A and the My Lovely Girl OST through YesAsia with free shipping because my purchase was at least $39. It shipped the day both albums were released (this is possible possibly due to the large time difference) and took exactly 14 days to arrive. That's wayyy too long...YesAsia is really testing my patience on this one.

...and YesAsia will test my patience even further. My two CDs were sandwiched together with two layers of bubble wrap inside an inside-out white FedEx envelop (despite being sent through China Post and USPS).
Both my album corners came dented, which is disappointing but nothing to be completely devastated over (though I was).
And then I noticed crack after chip after crack on both my of albums. The corner of my Infinite F CD is chipped and shards of plastic were still inside the album.
The My Lovely Girl album, which contains two CDs, had a crack and the bracket holders for both CDs were broken, so my CDs can't even stay in place. This album is tri-fold, so when I first opened both flaps, the CD that's supposed to be on the right was just lying in the center, with one of the brackets lying there.

I emailed and called YesAsia to try and return my order, and depending on the customer service, I'll continue my review of them here. I know some sellers don't refund customers for broken jewel CD cases because those are easy to replace, but it's still unacceptable to receive a damaged product. I have learned my lesson after living with not returning my She's Back limited edition album, which came completely broken and I had to use tape to put it back together. So from then on, I always make sure my albums are in good condition when they arrive, especially because I take great pride in my collection and take care of all of my Infinite merchandise!

I still uploaded the Infinite F CD, but it makes me sad listening to it, knowing that my album is broken. I've waiting since the end of February for the main track and the song means so much to me, yet I'm so sad to now correlate the song with broken dreams (dreams of having perfect CDs, things that non-international fans don't have to deal with). (And honestly to make it worse, I got Sungyeol's's not that I don't like him, but it's just really hard for me to look at him now). I'll probably still end up reviewing the Infinite F CD before returning it though. I don't have time to review the My Lovely Girl OST before returning it, but hopefully my new one will be in perfect condition and then I'll review it!

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