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KDrama: My Lovely Girl OST Review

My Lovely Girl is a lighthearted drama starring Rain, f(x)'s Krystal, and Infinite's L that aired with 16 episodes from September to November 2014. It is about a CEO who takes interest in his late girlfriend's younger sister and soon falls for her...or so I believe. I honestly stopped watching this drama at episode 10 because it was just so boring. The reason I bought this OST and originally wanted to watch the drama was because Myungsoo (L) is the second lead, and Hoya had a small part as well. What's most intriguing about this drama and what I thought would keep me interested was that it is set around an entertainment company and the behind-the-scenes lives of idols. Myungsoo said he was drawn to his character as an idol because he could portray feelings that he as an actual idol feels; this made me sad to think that Myungsoo's having a difficult time as an idol, has feelings for someone, and has horrible relationships with his band members. It was so difficult watching the angst between Myungsoo's and Hoya's characters. Anyways, I hope to someday finish this drama, for the sake of watching and supporting Myungsoo's acting.
I originally bought this album on for $20.99, but sadly my album arrived damaged. The post about my damaged album is here, and if you want to know more about returning damaged items to YesAsia, I discuss it here. Finally I have time to do an unboxing on this album~
The album is very high quality and thick, and the matte finish gives a nice, elegant touch to the overall design.
The back cover is very gorgeous, but honestly very random...usually the second lead wouldn't really have a cover all to himself. Myungsoo had his hair dyed blond for the first half of the drama (due to Infinite's Back promotions), but I'm glad they settled on him with natural hair for the back cover. I personally was not a fan of his blond hair, and was sad to see it in the drama as well, but dying hair for comebacks is definitely a thing for idols, so the timing of Infinite's promotions along with this drama fit well with him dying his hair blond.
Here is a closeup of the tracklist; sorry it's still hard to see. This album comes with two CDs, for a total of 27 songs. In the drama, Myungsoo and Hoya's group (and honestly I completely forgot, the other members of the group are Woollim trainees, Sungyeol's younger brother Daeyeol and Choi Sungyoon) performed Infinite's "1/3" and Myungsoo performed two songs for his solo debut, but sadly none of these versions are actually included in the OST. It's understandable that "1/3" isn't on the OST, but for Myungsoo's songs it is other artists performing it. Despite this, there are some great songs on here  that were played consistently throughout the first 10 episodes, including "너 하나만" by Kim Tae Woo (I'm so glad they included this version over Krystal's version) and "사랑해줄래" by Alex.
The album is designed as one of those tri-folds, so opening the first flap reveals the photobook attached to the left side (the back of the front cover) and a quaint image of the two leads on the right.
Opening up the album flaps fully reveals each disc in s its own side, and a set of postcards in the center. I like how the left side of the album matches the front cover (they're both light green) while the right side matches the back cover (they're both black) and how that matches the trifold center.
The two discs are really pretty, with the first CD of blond Myungsoo and the second of Rain and Krystal, both with the same setting.
After flipping the front cover of the album, the photobook starts from left to right (I honestly thought it starts from right to left, because the last page looks like it'd make a great front cover of a photobook).
The photobook has 26 pages and has song lyrics and credits nicely spread out throughout the pages.
As an Inspirit, I only selected the pages with Myungsoo; there are actually 11 pages with him, but one was just a minuscule photo so I didn't include it. I love how these photos not only show cuts from the episodes, but also from the photoshoots, and photos of the imaginary group Infinite Power, and just a few behind-the-scenes photos.
The album also comes with a set of three postcards (5" x 7") of the three main actors with blank backsides. I cannot get over the perfection of Myungsoo's postcard; I've never seen him do this type of photo before and the fact that it looks like a glamorous magazine pictorial makes this one postcard completely worth buying the whole album!

Overall, I love this album because of Myungsoo's significant presence throughout, though I don't think I'd actually listen to these songs very much. This album is just a nice collection to have for Inspirits and the packaging is nicer than many OST albums.

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