Friday, March 20, 2015

BTOB: 뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep) 4th Mini Album Review

In February 2014, BTOB came back with their fourth mini album named after their title song, "뛰뛰빵빵 (Beep Beep)." BTOB's music never disappoints me, and this album is no exception; all the songs are high quality and I love how the members continually participate in writing the lyrics, making each song more meaningful.
This album is the size of many Kpop mini albums, except it's thicker because of the beautifully thick photobook. The overall concept is the black-and-white tough schoolboy theme. The front cover adds a nice touch by making the album title and "BTOB" reflective to give color to the album.
Here you can see just how thick the photobook is, compared to the clear plastic that holds the CD.
The back cover continues the tire pattern from the front cover and includes the tracklist. As a mini album, it's a pretty short tracklist with only five songs.
Here is a closeup of the tracklist provided in the photobook. All the members participated in at least one song, and each song is has several members contributing, whether it be the lyrics, chorus, or rap. I like how this album has covers several genres, from the poppy and fun title track to ballads. Honestly I don't like these songs anywhere nearly as much as as the previous three mini albums (where I found all the songs absolutely stunningly amazing), I don't know how I convinced myself to buy this album when I usually don't buy random Kpop artists' albums.
When you open up the album, the photobook is on the left and the CD is on the right, with a wheel design matching the title song.
And here is the very thick photobook, with a total of 112 photos. The first section is the largest, with the photoshoot from the album cover; there are many group photos, and then many more individual photos, all in black and white. I like how the individual photos show off the members' various expressions.
The next section is full of bright and colorful photos of the members in various everyday scenarios.
Lastly there are the lyrics, along with outdoor group photos in black and white, and then several more pages of group photos in color.

Overall, I didn't feel any of the songs stood out to me, especially compared to all their previous songs, so I am a bit disappointed I bought this album...but I will continue to support BTOB and look forward to what else they have for the future!

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