Monday, March 30, 2015

KBOYS x smart Magazine Spring/Summer 2015 Review

Japanese magazine "smart" has created a spinoff magazine that collaborates with Korean boy groups to model fashion. This collaboration, "KBOYS x smart," is a "Fashion Book of KBOYS" and features Infinite on the front cover for the Spring/Summer 2015 issue.
Here is the front cover without the yellow slip. The magazine has a matte finish and is really high quality, with thick front and back covers. It has 111 pages and is 8.3125" x 11.75".
Here is the backside, featuring BTS. This magazine was released on March 18th, 2015 in Japan, and I was surprised to see it at Seattle's Kinokuniya Bookstore on March 29th, just 11 days later! The listed price is roughly $10USD, and I bought it at $15.50 which is still pretty reasonable.
The first time I flipped through the magazine, I was wondering what these uneccessary blank sheets of paper were doing, and why they were different widths. It turns out, they're posters! I couldn't find a perforation to safely remove them though, so I'll keep them safely attached in the magazine.
The first one (with the shortest width, so I guess it's shorter than the other two) is of Infinite! Next is BTS, followed by Shin of Cross Gene.
On the credits page, it lists Kangho the Red Carpet as the hair and makeup team for Infinite. It's so cool that they used Infinite's regular salon!
The next page is the table of contents. The magazine is basically broken up into six sections, one for each featured group. The first section stars Infinite, then Block B, followed by Shin of Cross Gene (who I've honestly only heard of because they're always mentioned in these Japanese Kpop magazines, but I still have no idea who they are), then MYNAME, followed by B1A4, and lastly BTS.
Each section follows a similar layout. First it's that group's fashion theme; for Infinite, their concept is "Spring Has Come," with members dressed for the spring season.
Each member or pair (Myungsoo, Woohyun, and Sunggyu had their own shoots while Sungjong and Sungyeol, and Hoya and Dongwoo shared shoots) had their own specific fashion concept for spring. Hoya and Dongwoo are showing off "One Tone" fashion while Sunggyu coolly expresses "Casual" fashion. Myungsoo represents "Basic," Woohyun shows off "Sports," and Sungjong and Sungyeol wear "Relax"ing fashion.
Then there's one group photo to bring all the styles together. It's hard to see, but there is a lot of though into the page layout. On the bottom, they list the idol group (which is great for me who can only recognize Infinite), the page number, and the concept for that group.
Next is Infinite's Spring/Summer fashion guide, with what I assume is what each member would recommend. This section is unique to Infinite and isn't included in the other groups' sections. These outfits definitely look like each member's style, especially Hoya (top left) with his sporty jacket, Sungjong (bottom left) with his bermuda shorts, and Myungsoo (bottom left on the right page) with his plain black attire.
The last part of Infinite's section is their "Shooting Diary," which has Polaroids of the members, and their behind the scenes photos.
Fashion-wise, my most favorite photoshoot was from B1A4 and their "On & Off Fashion." Their "On" fashion is just on point, looking chic yet casual. The outfits Infinite was modeling...I don't see how they're fashionable.
Towards the end is an individual interview of all the members featured in this issue.

Overall, I'm so happy that Seattle's Kinokuniya had this Japanese magazine for sale, and within 11 days of it being release, especially since most of their goods take at least a month to arrive! It was also cool going to the Kpop section of the bookstore and seeing other fangirls - I'm not the only one! And for the magazine itself, it's well worth it for the quality and the content.

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