Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Infinite: Be Back LP Review

Here I'll be unboxing Infinite's Be Back LP. This post will be mostly pictures and less text as I wrote in more detail about Infinite's other LP, Paradise, and more information about these two products in general in my previous post here.
The exterior of this LP has the same monochromatic, matte feel as the Be Back CD album. This one also includes a large imprint of the logo. This image is different from the original cover art, but it is one of the group images included in the original photobook.

The backside has the tracklist for both sides of the record. I don't know why the record is so engrained into the back cover, as I didn't have this problem with my Paradise LP.
The inside has a folder design, with a flap on the left containing the number card, lyrics pamphlet, and eight photo pages. The right side contains the record; the logo here isn't printed onto the flap but rather is another layer on top, showing the nice thought and quality put into every detail.

This is the envelope containing the number card, which is like a standard credit card size. The envelope looks very elegant and matches the LP cover.
I like how the back of the envelope has the logo continuing from the front. The top flap is slipped into the bottom flap, so you have to carefully undo it.

The card is plastic and has a silver shimmer to it, with the logo and names of the members in gold metallic.
The backside has the number; I'm #03784 out of #10000.
Here is the front cover of the lyrics pamphlet. I really like how they present the logo like this throughout the packaging. Like the design on the right flap of the folder holding the record, the logo on this cover is embossed on it.
I really like how the back cover of the pamphlet matches the back cover of the original album photobook. The font is printed in shiny black.
The photo pages are inside the lyrics pamphlet and are facing down, with the backside displaying the logo. From top to bottom is Sungjong to Sungku, then a group photo.
The left side includes the eight lyrics and song credits of the tracks on Side A while the right side has the respective information for the remaining seven tracks on Side B.
There photos are so big and beautiful~ None of these photos were included in the CD album.
The record comes inside a paper envelope.
Here is how Side A looks like.
And here is Side B. Each side contains the tracklist and play length.
Here is the LP on my record player. This album is definitely one of my most favorites, so I'm very happy to be able to listen to it as a record. The strong sounds of these songs, especially from "Last Romeo" and "Back" should sound especially amazing on a good stereo system.

Overall, I really love how the packaging of this LP matches so well with the CD version, yet still has its own upgraded look. While I was at first hesitant about getting records, I'm now so happy to have both Paradise and Be Back and to be able to play them on a record player.

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