Sunday, December 27, 2015

Infinite: Paradise LP Review

In September 2015, Woollim released Infinite's two Korean repackaged full albums as LPs for roughly $35USD each. The Paradise and Be Back LPs are limited with only 10,000 copies each. While at first I was annoyed that Woollim was releasing yet another product that I really didn't need, I of course ended up getting a copy of each repackaged album and am really glad I did. It's really cool to be going old-school and playing records! Here I'll be unboxing the Paradise LP, and in the next one I'll be unboxing the Be Back LP.
The exterior is matte, like the original CD album cover (the pink paper part, not the cardboard). This cover photo is one of the group images in the original CD photobook, however it's not the original cover art of that album.
The back is elegant with its simplistic, metallic lines.
The case is like a folder, with all the paper goods on the left, and the record on the right. The contents include a number card, a lyrics pamphlet, and eight photo pages.
The number card comes in a beautiful metallic paper envelope.
The backside of the envelope is just as pretty.
It's a bit to open the envelope (I honestly thought I was supposed to tear it open...). The top flap is tucked underneath, so you might have to bend it a bit to open the envelope. You can see the crease in both photos above.
The card is made of plastic (I thought it'd be a nice metal card like the one from the Sennheiser headphone set). The front has the members' names.
The backside has the number. I can't believe I'm #09320 out of #10000.
This is the front cover of the lyrics pamphlet; it resembles the original CD album design. I like how the logo is reflective but as that overall pink tone to match.
The back cover also has that pink reflective logo.
The photo pages are inside the lyrics pamphlet. There are eight pieces of paper, facing downward, with one for each member from Sungjong to Sungkyu, and then a group photo.
The inside of the lyrics pamphlet has the song credits and lyrics for all 13 tracks. There are seven tracks on Side A and the remaining six tracks are on Side B.
The photo pages are practically the same size as the LP. None of these photos are included in the CD album, which is nice that we get these additional photos.
The record comes inside a nice paper envelope.
It's really cool to see the distinct lines on the record; each section constitutes for one track, with the first track on the outer most rim and the last track in the center.
Here is the center of the top side, Side A.
And this is the center of the bottom side, Side B. Sadly this doesn't include the hidden track.
Here is the record in motion. It's so cool being able to listen to new music on such an old machine. I hope others who do get these LPs will also be able to play them.

Overall, I am really happy I got this LP! It is really high quality from its packaging to its contents, especially compared to my parents' old records from the '80s. I also love how these Kpop LPs are reviving records in younger generations.


  1. Thank you for this post hehe, I really enjoy your reading your posts, they are very useful in helping me decide what should I get :) And, will you be getting INFINITE's Season Greetings? I just saw the pictures from the photo diary and they are absolutely gorgeous!!

    1. I'm really glad you enjoy my posts! The Season Greetings does look so amazing! If I do get it, I don't think it'll be until many months from now when it's on sale :(

  2. It's super cool you have a records player!! ^^