Saturday, December 19, 2015

Infinite F: Koi No Sign (First Press Normal) Review

Infinite F debuted with its Japanese single, Koi No Sign, on November 19th, 2014. For this album, Woollim released three versions: normal, Type A, and Type B. I wrote more about Infinite F and the various releases in my Type A post (linked above). Here I'll review the first press normal edition.
Here is the exterior sticker. To guarantee that it is first press, I think it's important to check the first two lines of this label (though I don't read Japanese, so I'm not sure...). The first press edition comes with a 16-page photobooklet and a photocard.
This single is a regular jewel case, with an exterior slip.
The backside (which is upside down) is same anime cover as Type A.
Here is the front cover of the jewel case.
And here is the back cover of the jewel case.
Here are the backside of the booklet and the CD. Underneath the CD is pretty plain, with just the "Infinite F" font printed on the top.
The photobooklet has 16 pages, including the covers. Slipped inside the first page are the photocard and event slip.
Each version (excluding the non-first press normal) comes with a random photocard out of five different designs: one of each member, one group, and one of the anime group. And here comes the exciting part: I got L's photocard!!!!!! (This is one of those rare times that I'm going to let my inner fangirling fill the post). I have many Infinite items and have never pulled a Myungsoo random item (except in my second box of Lucky Guys collection cards where I miraculously got two Myungsoo rare cards; as for normal cards, I managed to get a few as well). I had always wondered if I'd ever get Myungsoo, and it has finally, FINALLY happened. I will most definitely treasure this card so much. I had already pulled Sungjong and the group card, so I'm also really thankful to have pulled a different one.
Here is the backside of the photocard.
Four pages are dedicated to the lyrics and credits in the first two and last two pages of the booklet. All the photos inside are in black and white. The first set of photos include two pages per member, one photo from the indoor shoot (the same one as the slip cover photos) and one photo from the outdoor shoot (the same one as the photobooklet front cover photos).
Then there is one group photo, followed by one page per member that includes three individual shots.
My album also came with a gorgeous exterior poster! It is a promotional, double-sided poster of this album release, about 20.25" x 28.5". I absolutely love this poster, and even more so because not many people have it.
The backside has the anime image of the subunit.

Overall, I love this album and I'm happy to have all the versions now. I can't wait to see what else Infinite F will release in the future!


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    1. Hehehe it finally happened~~ My life is complete^^ lol

  2. Will you be doing an unboxing review for INFINITE's latest Japanese album, For You? :)

    1. I'm not planning on getting For You for at least several months...but once I get any of the versions, I'll be sure to blog about it! I will probably only get the DVD version, normal version, and possibly one member version~