Thursday, August 11, 2016

Infinite Infinite Effect Merchandise Review

Sadly the two stops I attended of Infinite's 2nd world tour Infinite Effect, Vancouver and LA, did not sell any official merchandise. However I had purchased and reviewed the Paper Frame set here. And now, I will also review the T-shirt and Slogan Towel! I bought these two items new on eBay from the seller kokokorea; they were auctioning these and I had won the T-shirt for $12.44USD and the Slogan Towel for $10.44USD. My packaged arrived in just under 2 weeks and well packaged; I'm especially glad that the slogan towel container is in perfect condition!

Slogan Towel
I have written another post about Infinite's slogan towels for One Great Step and That Summer Concert 2 here. Like Infinite's other concert slogan towels, this IE slogan towel is very similar and I give more details of the logistics there.
This comes rolled up in a thin, clear plastic tube with a sticker label displaying the concert's concept.
If you're really meticulous and care about exactly how the towel is originally rolled up (like I do), just let me know and I can post my pictures of my unboxing.
The front design is that weird collage of the members in weirdly proportioned sizes. Everyone thought that the initial IE individual teasers were weird, and here it is again on the slogan towel.
The backside shows the beautiful Infinite logo for the concert. Honestly the look of this slogan towel isn't so great compared to Infinite's other ones, so I probably won't hang up this one.

T-Shirt (Black)
The T-shirt is free size (one size) and comes in black or white. It comes folded inside a clear ziplock packaging with a product sticker the same color as the shirt.
Here is a closeup of the product sticker.
The shirt is very simple, with the Infinite Effect wording and concert logo printed in front. Attached is a cute cardboard tag. Part of me doesn’t want to wear this shirt just so I can keep the tag attached. The tag on the back of the neck is also adorned with Infinite.
Here is the backside of the tag, along with a closeup of the tag.
The inside seam of the left side of the shirt also includes the concert logo. I love all of the detail the put into the branding.
The top of the backside of the tee also has the concert logo.
While it is one size, the fit is about a US women’s small to medium.

Overall, I'm so happy to have gotten these items, especially since I did attend Infinite Effect. I hope for any future world tours, Woollim will sell at least some merchandise to commemorate the experience!

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