Sunday, September 4, 2016

Infinite That Summer Concert 3 Merchandise Review

This past August 2016, Infinite presented their small concert series That Summer Concert 3 (그해여름3). For the first time, Woollim also created a temporary exhibition at the concert venue, entitled History of Infinite. I was lucky enough to have a very special Inspirit friend help me to get official merchandise on-site from both the concert and the exhibition. Here, I'll be unboxing some official concert merchandise: the Baseball Cap, the Clutch Bag, and the Ticket Book. My unboxing of the History of Infinite merchandise will soon be found here.

Baseball Cap
This hat is 32,000. It comes in a clear bag with a cardboard label stapled on top.
Here is the backside.
Here is a closeup of the information printed on the backside of the cardboard label.

This denim cap is of really high quality, as expected from Woollim. Inside is a piece of cardboard to preserve the front structure of the hat. I really like the fit, but it looks a bit dorky on me.

The back of the cap has the concert logo. This cap is one-size-fits-all, and is adjustable in the back. Again the quality really shows here; the way to adjust is by opening that medal clip and sliding the strip into or out of the metal hole.

Then the remainder of the strip is hidden inside the white flap.

Clutch Bag
This clutch bag is 27,000. It comes in a cardboard box with a similar design to the actual clutch.
Here is the information on the back of the box.
The clutch is of really high quality. Two of the white stripes, as well as the Infinite logo, are raised. The clutch itself is denim but inside is made of thick, squishy material; I originally thought there was a 1 cm piece of disposable foam inside for the clutch to keep its shape. It's a nice, roomy size, about 11" x 8" and can store quite a lot.
Inside, there is a vinyl divider splitting the clutch directly in half.
The zipper is metal and has "Infinite" and the logo engraved on both sides.

Ticket Book
This book is 25,000. It comes in a clear plastic bag (not pictured, because there were a lot of loose cardboard scraps inside). The design is beautifully minimalist with the colorful stripes. It's a nice size of 8.875" x 5.375" x 1.25".
The backside of the bag contains the product information.
The ticket book is really sturdy, similar to Infinite's collection card binders.
The book is held together with two strong magnets, similar to their binders, while the pages are spiral bound.
Included are two fully colored, glossy ticket-sized cards of Infinite.
This is the backside of these cards.
The first page of the book is a black and white photo of one of TSC3's promotional images. This is also the same image as the included color photocard of Infinite.
The remaining 32 pages are blank, with clear sleeves to store tickets and lines on the right to jot down information. It's really great quality and more durable than photo albums whose pages are flimsy and contents easily fall out. These pages are all double-sided, so you can store up to 64 tickets.
Here are how the pages look with one of the photocards and one of my TSC2 tickets in place.
I really love how this ticketbook is the perfect size for all of my tickets. This includes all of my printout tickets for the Kpop concerts in North America. With those tickets properly tri-folded, they fit perfectly in the back of the book behind all of the ticket pages.

This time, I tried to be more practical and only get concert merchandise that I can use often. Hence, I've been wearing my hat, bringing my clutch, and filling up my ticketbook. If an opportunity rises, I might end up getting the less practical merchandise too -.-

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