Monday, June 3, 2013

My Kpoptown Packages! (Pre-ordered Photobook)

I realize that this is my third Kpoptown order review, but I wanted to review this company based on the different merchandise I ordered to show variation in delivery speed, packaging and quality. 

To avoid my New Challenge fiasco, which costed me in not getting first press release or the hidden track, I pre-ordered L's Bravo Viewtiful Photo Essay Book the day after its pre-order date.  I wanted to guarantee that I'd get the first press release that comes with a notebook and 7 postcards.  I ordered from on April 26th and its release date, which is the same as in Korea (while YesAsia's is May 20th) is on May 15th.

This is my second time pre-ordering from Kpoptown, and last time it took 4 weeks since its release date to arrive at my doorstep.  This time I have two separate packages coming: the photobook and the additional poster, shipped in a poster tube.

To my pleasant surprise, my packages shipped on the dawn of May 16th, just a day after its official release.  And now, my first package has arrived!  On the 30th, exactly two weeks after being shipped, my photobook came in a plastic envelope lined with bubble wrap.
Inside, the photobook is protected by a thin layer of bubble wrap.  Nothing was damaged and I'm quite happy with the product!
And my poster has finally arrived, on June 3rd!  It took about 2.5 weeks since I had ordered it, which is still pretty fast shipping.
My poster came in a sturdy cardboard poster tube about 2 feet tall.  The poster itself is slightly damaged at the side near the corner, just like my New Challenge poster.  But I think this is because the poster fits just perfectly into the tube and the metal cap at the end has to crinkle the poster a bit to secure the end.
Myungsoo has been my bias since December 2012.  Since then, I've been telling my friend how much I had wanted a photobook of Myungsoo.  But a photobook that Myungsoo actually created himself is so much more meaningful!  I'll review the photo essay book and poster in a later post.

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