Saturday, June 29, 2013

SkinFood Coffee Body Scrub Review

SkinFood is well known for using natural and appealing ingredients to make quality products that are good for the skin.  The Coffee Body Scrub is no exception!
This scrub comes in a 160 gram durable plastic container, just like SkinFood's face masks, with a heavy duty screw-off lid.  Under the lid is a thin plastic slip to protect the product from spilling over. To my pleasant surprise, the scrub was completely packed and filled to the top of the container.
The scent is of strong, sweet coffee, yet it is not overwhelming.  This flavorful scent livens the mood and rejuvenates my mind.  The scrub is of a gooey, deep brown consistency with dark brown coffee bean flecks.  As the scrub becomes more spread out, it becomes transparent.  When using this scrub, the coffee bean and sugar extract are very rough, but in a non-hurtful way that exfoliates my skin very well.
The container came in a plastic perforated wrap that includes much more elaborate and different information in English than the label on the actual container.  The label on the wrap gives a description, instructions, ingredients and a warning.  This description explains that the scrub "moisturizes and exfoliates...and smoothes [yes, with an 'e'] away impurities."  The instructions say to mix the scrub with body cleanser or water, then work into a lather on rough spots for several minutes, and lastly rinsing with a lot of water due to the highly concentrated formula.  The warning informs users to stop using this scrub if irritation occurs.  It also informs to always close the lid tightly, keep away from children and store at room temperature.  The label on the container gives a very brief and vague description and instructions, a list of ingredients and no warning.  I suppose for the American market it is a requirement to have such detail and therefore there are new labels printed on the exterior wrap.  Strangely there was also a bit of brown water (residue from the scrub) that was under the wrap, making the container dirty.

  • The scent of coffee is fun and enticing.
  • The roughness of this scrub really exfoliates my skin.
  • My skin feels nice and smooth afterwards, and not dehydrated.
  • There is a lot of product inside that container.
  • I can't think of any!
Overall, I am very fond of this body scrub!  It smells delightful and feels like a natural exfoliater.  This product is not just something to use for fun, like other beauty products I've tried, but will actually benefit my body.


  1. Hi! I nominated you for an award ^^, check it out!

  2. ive heard of it! everyones raving about this product, and you make me want it more!!
    thanks for the review :)


  3. Looks very interesting. you make me want to buy it :)