Monday, June 3, 2013

Kpoptown Jewelry Review

I usually don't buy unofficial merchandise, but I'm a sucker for zipper fashion and had to order the Infinite Logo Zipper Bracelet from Kpoptown.  I speculated about its quality but subtly showing off my Inspiritness on my wrist was too good to pass up.
My bracelet arrived in an adorable, unexpected cardboard jewelry box with a cute bow and ribbon on top.
Inside, my bracelet was secured in a plastic ziplock bag that sat on top of a thin cardboard platform.
The bracelet itself is so adorable.  It is a zipper and you can zip it open, closed or in between.  It's edgy with the zipper design yet glamorous with its gold color.  And this Infinite symbol is my favorite of all the eras because it looks so elegant and royal.
Because this is an unofficial product, I correctly expected poor quality.  the Infinite symbol is off centered.  The gold paint is flaking off from the orange plastic.  I think other fanclubs' bracelets are nonmetallic plastic colors instead of an additional layer of paint, so they wouldn't have this flaking problem.
And I seriously can't figure out how to put this bracelet on my wrist!  It's too tight for me to slip it through my hand and I don't know how to open the plastic holding.  I don't even know if it's meant to be opened, or if I have abnormally large hands (which I don't).  The link says that the bracelet is 19 cm in length, yet it's too inflexible to go around my hand.

Overall, I'm not satisfied with my jewelry and probably will never order kpop jewelry again.  It's true that you pay for what you get ($3.90 without tax or shipping), but I at least want the bracelet to be wearable.

Update: I've figured out how to actually unfasten and fasten this bracelet now, which you can read in this updated post.

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