Monday, June 24, 2013

Tony Moly Peach and Cherry Mini Lip Balm Reviews

Tony Moly is known for their cute packaging, especially their fruit-shaped products.  Despite having so many other lip balms, I couldn't pass up getting yet another lip balm in peach and cherry containers!  The peach has no color while the cherry, like the blueberry, does have a punch of color.  Here are my thoughts on these two products.
Peach Mini Lip Balm
This lip balm comes in a matte, almost spherical container that has a pink to beige ombre effect.  The packaging mimics the Asian peach so well, just like the matching peach hand cream.  This peach balm also smells like the peach hand cream, a strong artificial peach scent like those sugary peach gummy rings.
You can get an idea on the size of this balm compared to my hand.  The balm has a subtle peachy, nude hue to it but once on the lips, it gives off a transparent sheen meant purely for moisturizing, not for color.  The peach balm focuses on using peach extract to moisten and plump lips while soften dead skin cells. Like the blueberry balm, this peach balm is very solid and you need the warmth of your finger to melt the product.  Each swipe of the fingertip also gets a very thin layer of balm, so you need several swipes before getting a decent amount.

  • This balm is so moisturizing!  For all of my other products, I've always needed unchapped, healthy lips before using them.  But for this balm, it actually heals my chapped and dry lips with just one use.
  • The packaging is so adorable.
  • The size is great for travel.
  • The solidness of this product is a hassle if you're in a hurry because you need to apply the balm several times before using it thoroughly.
  • Some people are against dipping their fingers in balm due to it being unsanitary, but that's the price you must pay for such cute packaging!
Cherry Mini Lip Balm
This cherry balm is shaped like a very ripe red, glossy cherry.  It's so realistic that it is even a darker shade at the top and has a dark green rubber stem sprouting from the top.  This cherry flavor has a subtle citrus scent.
This balm is surprisingly softer than the peach balm.  It melts much easier and with one swipe, more product comes out.  This balm does have color; it is a soft, reddish orange shade.
However once out of its packaging, the color becomes a translucent pinkish orange.  On my skin (top right photo), the orange pigment is still noticeable.  Once blended in (bottom right photo), the pigment fades and produces a very faint, translucent orange.  This shade of orange on naturally pink lips is rather unnoticeable, so it takes quite a few layers before the orange is visible on the lips.  Yet this orange is very natural looking and flattering, despite it being an uncommon lip color.

  • You need many layers before seeing any color.  This may seem like a con, but I see it as a pro because you can choose the shade and intensity of orange.
  • The packaging is so realistic and adorable.  I'm definitely displaying it on my bathroom counter.
  • The packaging is adorable, however the rubber stem seems fragile and therefore I wouldn't want to bring it with me while I'm out and about.
  • This balm is purely for the shade, not for moisture.  You need to have unchapped, hydrated lips before using this balm.
Both balms are similar in size and shape and fit nicely in the palm of my hand.  The small size, yet abundant balm, is convenient to bring around for the day in a purse.  The packaging comes with a small sticker with Korean characters.  Annoyingly the peach balm has a date printed on its side, tampering with its naturalistic quality.  The lid takes up half of the packaging, and you turn it to remove the lid.  Inside is a thin plastic slip to protect the balm.

Overall the packaging is enough to win me over.  I love looking at them on my counter, along with my other Tony Moly products.  Also the peach balm is surprisingly super moisturizing, so I can use it as a first layer before applying other lip products, like the cherry balm.


  1. The packaging makes me want to buy it.

    1. I think these are one of the cutest Tony Moly products ever. It was definitely the packaging that made me buy them!