Thursday, August 15, 2013

Infinite H: Fly High 1st Mini Album Review

While hip hop isn't my style at all, I've had a lot of respect for Infinite H lately.  Dongwoo and Hoya are both very talented singers, rappers and dancers and they write their own raps for Infinite songs. Now that they've written an entire song, 'MAMAMA' for labelmates Tasty, I've gained even more respect for Infinite H.  I bought this album to show my support for their work (and for the paint lab photobook!).

I ordered Fly High at a steal; in total my album cost $12.60 on i-Deals, an individual seller on with their warehouse located in Kentucky.  The price for this album fluctuates around $15, so I had to order mine quickly because it's rare to go so low!  After my purchase, this seller removed its listing because I had bought the last copy.  As I had hoped, my package shipped the day after placing the order and arrived 5 days after ordering. It arrived in a cardboard envelope, safe and secured.  I'm quite happy with the speedy delivery and packaging.
Because I rarely listen to hip hop and haven't been really exposed to the genre, I won't review the songs.  So I guess I should call this post an unboxing rather than a review...anyways, instead I'll focus only on the physical contents of the album.  The album cover is mainly purple, with neon paint splatter and a holographic 'h' written in Gothic font.  The back is a simple bright orange along with the 'h' and technical information.
Looking at the front cover, the contents come out of the left.  On top is the photobook, and underneath is the CD portion.
The CD part is a simple cardboard folder that contains two photocards and two stickers.
The top piece is Infinite H's logo in bright purple and neon green, both of which are stickers.  Each album consists of two random photocards.  In total, there are five different Dongwoo cards and five different Hoya cards, and one card design from each member is special because it has a gold holographic 'h' on the backside.  Unfortunately I didn't receive a special card.  Each photocard presents the member's birthdate, height, bloodtype and position.  These cards are made of stronger material than other Infinite photocards, and have a nice waxy finish.  The backside of the stickers and photocards have the paint splatter pattern.
The CD itself has a simple design.  It's solid black with 'Infinite h' written in the Gothic pattern.
The photobook is a very interesting concept.  It is split in half, with one side including photos and lyrics and the other side being a 'painting lab' photoshoot.
The first portion contains photos of Dongwoo and Hoya in their bold outfits with tough guy expressions.  There are also photos of Dongwoo and Hoya playing around with each other, loosening up the intense atmosphere, like the pages in the top photo.  I love how Dongwoo's hair has imprints of the Batman logo and kiss mark.  Throughout these pages, the lyrics are greatly displayed like they're meant to be read, whereas Infinite's albums always display the lyrics in as few pages as possible so it's difficult to see.
I love the 'painting lab' pages; the idea is so creative and it's fun to see the complete artistic process!  There are a total of 9 scenes, starting with Dongwoo and Hoya looking sharp in pristine white suits in an enclosed purple room.  As you progress through the pages, colorful paint splatter is continually added, making for a fun and messy outlook.  My most favorite pages are in the bottom photo, because it looks like they're pinning corsages on each other!

While I won't review the songs, here's the tracklist (and part of Hoya's hair) from the photobook.
Again, I bought this album to support Infinite H, to better my Infinite collection and for the painting lab section of the photobook.  I'm glad I bought this album at such an amazing price because it comes with great songs and quality extras (photocards, stickers and photobook).  Though I'm not a hip hop fan, I definitely enjoy all of these songs!

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