Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Mini KR Multimedia Haul!

A few weeks ago I visited KR Multimedia, a tiny kpop shop with a huge selection of merchandise, located just outside of Vancouver, BC. You can read my review about this shop here.  I didn't buy much, but I was able to find, in my opinion, rare items.
I bought two items for myself.  The first one is an official poster of IU and Infinite for Elite school uniforms.  I am such a fan of both that to see this collaboration, it was a no brainer to buy this!  I've never personally seen an Infinite endorsement poster.  This poster is priced at $16 (Canadian), which is a few dollars more expensive than KR Multimedia's other posters, but there is a 20% discount off posters when buying official albums.  This poster is folded accordion style and comes with a nice slip to hold it together.  The dimensions are about 24 inches by 16 inches.
One side is of IU showing off her cute innocence while modeling several cheery school uniforms.  Included is a copy of her autograph and a QR scan that takes you to a minute long YouTube video of IU speaking at an informal Elite interview.
The other side is of Infinite in neutralized school uniforms and showing aegyo.  Each panel consists of one member, a copy of his autograph and a QR scan like of IU.  I love this poster 1) because of how adorable everyone looks, 2) because it's like a documentation of everyone's signatures (especially Sungyeol's before he changed his to the 3-sectioned style) and 3) because this is an official poster that's not commonly found of Infinite!
Here's my poster all framed up!  It's sitting beside my desk so I can easily get distracted and daydream about having Infinite as classmates.
My second item was a pig rabbit bag from the drama You're Beautiful that is roughly 16 inches tall.  This unstuffed animal is very plush and has bendable wires inside the ears for shape.  The strap is just one long strap coming from the sides of the head, so it's meant as a crossbody bag.  The head, arms and legs are fully stuffed while the stomach is empty and lined and has a zipper in the back to store little items.  I'll probably just stuff some blankets in the stomach to make for a stuffed animal rather than a bag.

Overall I'm so thrilled to have found about KR Multimedia and I'm very happy about my purchase.  A poster of adorable Infinite in school uniforms is an amazing addition to my poster collection.  If only I could display both IU and Infinite, but of course Infinite wins.  Also pig rabbit has so much significance to me as You're Beautiful is the drama that started 'My Seoul Obsession' and the only pig rabbit I found was for ridiculous prices online.  I'll definitely head to KR Multimedia again for more interesting and unique finds!

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