Monday, August 5, 2013

Update: Kpoptown Jewelry Review

A few months ago I ordered an unofficial Infinite zipper bracelet from Kpoptown but gave a disappointing review (here's the link) on the product because I couldn't unclasp the bracelet.  I had no idea how to detach the clasp of this bracelet until my friend showed me. You're supposed to use your fingernail to push down on the plastic knob and it should come out easily. My friend thinks just the first time was difficult because it was jammed, but now I can flawlessly open and close it in seconds.  To fasten the bracelet, simply lock them together like a seat belt.
Here is the bracelet fitting perfectly around my wrist!  Now that I've actually figured out how this bracelet works, I'm so glad to have purchased it and now I can physically show my support during Infinite's upcoming world concert tour by wearing this bracelet and adding to the ocean of gold!


  1. is there a small version of this?

    looks kinda cute for kids

    1. This only comes in one size (you can order from and but this fits snuggly on my wrist (I measured my wrist and it's roughly a 6 inch circumference) so it could fit kids too. Hope this helped!