Friday, November 22, 2013

Infinite OGS Merchandise Review, cont.

I have been digging up my life savings to pour my wallet out to Woollim at Infinite's concert in LA for the loads of beautiful merchandise, only to find out they were only selling the tees and hoodies.  A few days after the concert, I decided to order some merchandise off eBay by cjenmkr, which is the entertainment company CJ E&M that distributes lots of Korean movies and music.  Their seller page states that you can combine shipping fees for two or more items, yet on my actual order of two products, they charged me double the shipping of one item and said that they'll just give me a discount for my next purchase with them to discount the extra shipping cost.  This bugged me, but seeing my package arrive today, I kind of forgot about that mishap.  I ordered on November 11th, and it arrived in 11 days from Seoul!
Here is my package.  My items arrived inside a bubble wrap envelope, inside a sturdy cardboard box. The packaging and my products looked to be in perfect condition!

Key Ring
I bought the key ring for $29.46 plus $3.52 shipping.  The packaging of the key ring is so gorgeous and fancy.  It's a cylindrical tin box just under 4 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches deep.  The tour information is printed in the center of the lid and bordered by a fancy design that fits the kings/royalty concept of One Great Step.
The tin box came inside a clear, sealed bag.  On the back is the information and authentication seal with the classic infinite logo from the Over the Top era.
Inside is a thick foam pad with an indent for the key ring.  The cautious packaging to protect the key ring makes the product that much more special!
The dimensions are roughly 2.5 inches by 1.5 inches.  "INFINITE 1ST WORLD TOUR One Great Step is indented into the material on both sides.  The metal OGS era infinite symbol sticks out of the material, shining radiantly.  The key ring itself is also of high quality.
I didn't know this until I received the product, but you can also open up the key ring at the top, which is held together by a metal snap closure.  The right photo shows the side view, where there's a gap between the two sides.  I don't really know the purpose of this design, possibly to attach other things in between...?

ID Card Case
I bought the ID card case for $33.04 plus $3.52 shipping.  This was the one concert merchandise I wanted most because it's the most practical item and it'll remind me of Infinite and OGS every time I use it.  The box is 5.125 inches by 3.5 inches by 1 inch, and is just so adorable!  I love the simplistic yet sophisticated look of this packaging.  All six sides say "2013 INFINITE 1ST WORLD TOUR One Great Step."
The back of the box has the information and same authentication seal.
Inside the box is the ID card case, along with a zippered bag containing the cord.
The front of the case has "INFINITE" printed at the top.  There is a slit and a clear plastic cover to reveal the original OGS promotional photo before Woollim changed it due to an unnecessary misunderstanding with Arashi and copyright issues.  I personally love this image so much more than the current one, and I'm so happy that the ID card case comes with this photo!  The photo is practically impossible to remove, so I'm afraid to place my ID here in case if I can't take it out (plus, I wouldn't want to cover Infinite's gorgeous photo with my ugly photo ID!).  The backside has the OGS infinite logo and tour information indented into the bottom.  Sadly there's a circle impression underneath as well...
Here is the inside of the card case.  "1ST WORLD TOUR One Great Step" is indented in the center of one flap.  There are two slots on one side and one on the other side.  The two slots fit regular sized cards that leave less than 1 centimeter of the card peeking out while a regular sized card in the singular flap slides down to the bottom and covers the entire card.
Like the key ring, the card case closes with a metal snap closure.  However, this mechanism is so strong and stiff that every time I open it, I have to be extra cautious because it looks like I'll rip the metal from the product.  Here is a side view of the card case without snapping the flaps together.  I like that there is a defined top that allows for the cord to attach.
Here's how the cord looks by itself, and attached to the card case.  The cord is braided and knotted at the ends, and hangs from my neck to my pelvis. I really like the length, because it's flexible and not constricting. You can also make it shorter by undoing the knot and choosing your own desired length.  The end of the cord is a metal clamp that attaches to a metal ring in the spine of the card case.

Overall, I love my purchase!  Despite the shipping fee mishap, I'm satisfied with the prompt delivery and packaging.  As for the products, I love them so much!  I don't know if I'll actually use these products on a regular basis because they're so precious to me.

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