Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Review is a Hong Kong based online retailer that carries fashion and beauty brands from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.  This site has thousands of adorable styles that follow the Asian fashion trends.  The prices are also very reasonable, and there are always sales going on.  While the fashion brands aren't brands I recognize, the beauty brands are; they include brands such as Etude House, Holika Holika, Innisfree, It's Skin, Laneige, Lioele, SkinFood, The Face Shop, and many, many more.

YesStyle also has two stores, both located in the Bay Area in Northern California.  I visited the San Francisco branch and reviewed the store here.

I ordered a backpack and it stated that it would take 7-14 days for the item to ship.  Many items are listed like this throughout the site, and that's because YesStyle has to order the item from a supplier after you've made your order.  Mine took 9 days to ship.  After shipping, delivery should take place after 7-14 days to most countries, and mine arrived in 13 days.  Though I did wait for 22 days overall, it was well worth the wait!  I love my backpack (which is both cute and functional) and it is just as described.  There were also several comments from  other buyers, which gave me a good idea of exactly what to expect, including the negatives.  There are also random free shipping offers, and my purchase was eligible for free shipping that came with a tracking code.
My package came in a cardboard box with a tight waterproof bag wrapped around it.  The box came in very good condition, with lots of masking tape to seal it off.
Inside my backpack was inside a sealed clear plastic bag, along with my invoice.  My item came in perfect condition.

One thing about this site is because of the random sales and deals, the prices fluctuate a lot.  My backpack was $20 a few weeks ago, and now it's $33.  Because of the quality, I'd say it's much more a $20 bag, so I'm quite happy.

While this order went well, my first order from about one year ago didn't go so well.  I had ordered 7 items, 6 being ready and in stock and one that was delayed.  YesStyle said they were waiting for their supplier to restock, but it took so long that YesStyle ended up canceling it.  It took exactly one month since my order date for YesStyle to cancel the item, delaying my package for what seemed an eternity.

Overall, I always love browsing to check out the latest fashion.  I'm always weary of ordering clothes or shoes online because I can't try them on before I buy, so I honestly can't say how the customer service or return process is.  Also as these are pretty reasonable prices, be aware of the quality of the products you're buying.


  1. Thanks for the reviews. I know they have reasonable prices. I am always kind of willing to do online shopping, so I will be ordering soon from them for clothes and maybe some shoes.

    They have incredibly cute stuff so it is hard to resist. Now that I know your experience went well I am further elated about discovering YesStyle.

    1. Thanks for reading^^ I've ordered from YesStyle several times and I'm always satisfied and super happy about my items-they're reasonably priced but also the quality is pretty good too. Definitely everything there is hard to resist!