Thursday, November 21, 2013

Los Angeles' Koreatown Plaza: Korean Shopping

Located in Los Angeles' Koreatown, Koreatown Plaza is a pleasant, multi-story mall filled with Korean stores.  I didn't spend too much time here, but did get a chance to stop by two shops that have been on my radar for awhile.

The Korean Book Center
This shop is a typical bookstore, full of Korean books.  What I was actually interested in was the nice display of Korean fashion magazines at the left of the main entrance.  There were several kinds of the latest issues.  There was one ahjumma working the register, and she was very friendly and knowledgeable about her inventory.  I had asked her if she had any issues of Nylon, Vogue Girl or L'Officiel Hommes but sadly they were all already sold out.  This was on November 8th and I don't think the November issues of these magazines were released too long ago.
I ended up buying the magazine I was most interested in, Ceci.  They only carried the special edition that came with one of three types of lip balm, and my total purchase was around $20.

Music Plaza
Music Plaza is the number one shop I've heard about to go to for all official Kpop goods in LA.  It's a small store packed with lots of merchandise!  Here is the storefront, located on the same floor as the bookstore.
I could not stop fangirling when I first saw these, especially since the day I visited was the day of Infinite's LA concert!  Outside of the store is a gorgeous banner of Infinite's One Great Step concert, and outside the door is a flier saying that this store has some tickets to sell.
Here is a glimpse of just how extensive the inventory is.  This is just the back corner of the shop, yet there's so much to go through!  Clearly there is a lot in stock!  Lining the top of the walls are official Kpop posters for sale.  I see New Challenge for $6.99!  The left half of the store is shelves full of Kpop albums and DVD sets, with the newest items closer to the front of the store.  The shelves against the back wall carry the DVD sets.  Most albums seem to cost $17.99, and some also include a free poster.  The right half has unofficial fan goods, such as phone cases, slogan towels, puzzles, clocks, lightsticks, and more.

There's also a TV showing MBC Kpop.  They played Jin's new teaser and K.Will's latest music video. Watching Kpop music videos in public, not from my computer screen was such a good experience because I knew I was surrounded by others with the same interests as me.

The workers are also very friendly!  Just as I started browsing the store, one worker came up to me and asked if I needed help, then took time to find the products of which I was looking.
I ended up only buying K.Will's latest album, Will in Fall, for $17.99.  I was going to buy Infinite's Destiny in America DVD, but they were selling it for around $70 when online it's about $50.  My purchase came in a neat bag: the top is like a drawstring in the center that turns into a handle.

Overall, I'd recommend checking out these shops for the latest fashion magazines and official Kpop merchandise!  While prices may seem more expensive, it's all pretty reasonable considering the shipping and importing from overseas.  Also the workers I encountered were all so friendly and personable, which makes this shopping experience all the more amazing.  I'll definitely be heading to Koreatown Plaza again in the future.


  1. Do they sell B.A.P's official lightstick?

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. It's been awhile since I been there, so I'm not sure if they do have it. From what I recall, the only official goods were CDs, DVDs and posters, and all other merch were more like fan/unofficial goods.

  2. Do they sell any fan goods of Korean actors such as Kim Soo Hyun? T T i am a big fan of him but i don't know where to find those fangoods..

    1. Hi!! I'm a fan of Kim Soo Hyun too^^ Half of Music Plaza's store is of fan goods, but I think they were mostly of Kpop groups...sorry TT I hope you can find some fan goods of him!