Sunday, November 17, 2013

Infinite OGS Merchandise Review

I attended Infinite's First World Tour One Great Step in LA on November 8th, which you can read all about my long-winded experience here.  At the venue, they only sold the tees in black or white, adult medium or large, and the hoodies in navy or ivory, adult medium or large.  I bought one tee and one hoody, both in medium, and here are my thoughts on them.

The tee came in a good quality plastic bag with a ziploc-like top to reseal.  The front is clear with a size M sticker while the back is simply silver, with no information and no authentication seal.
The tee itself surprisingly fits well, but a bit loose all over (I usually wear an adult size extra small to small). The design is simplistic, but really cute.
All the content is on the left, with road signs and random designs (including a Chevron sign...people ask me if Infinite endorses Chevron) that create a road trip/grand adventure concept. These four signs are high quality patches.  Included in 'INFINITE' flowing downward that link the signs together.  Sadly the wording is printed on the tee, so it will probably crack and fall off after many washes.
Update: It takes me about 2 months to realize, this tee is full of surprises!  On the right sleeve, I found a large stitching of the OGS symbol!  It's very obscure because the stitching is black.  I love how Woollim put a lot of thought into the design of their clothing.

The hoody came in a bag very similar to the tee, except a little bigger.  The design is similar to the tee as well, with differing patches that also have a road trip theme.  Here is a closeup of the design:
The hood's string is like France's flag: red, white and blue stripes.  On the upper left of the hoody are the two patches displaying Infinite's logo and world tour.  Above are sewn stars and the OGS era infinite logo. The right image is the banner design on the upper part of the left sleeve.  It has the same stars as on the chest, along with two stripes and the infinite logo.  All the design on the sleeve is printed, not sewn, so like the 'INFINITE' wording on the tee, it'll probably crack and fall off over time. I chose the ivory shade primarily because all the designs stand out with the light background, whereas with the navy shade, the red is barely noticeable.
The hoody is heavy and perfect as a light jacket.  The zipper is metal and nice quality.  Though it's a size medium, it does fit pretty loosely on me and looks a bit awkward.  But I love wearing this hoody to show my Inspirit pride!  Woollim also posted a picture of Woohyun wearing this hoody in ivory; it makes me feel closer to him knowing that he's worn this hoody too!
Both articles of clothing all have a tag with the OGS logo and tour information.  Seeing this tag makes me so happy just knowing that I have official concert merchandise from an Infinite concert!
On the inside seam is both the tee and hoody s the information tab, which are identical.  One side says the size (M), materials and that it's made in USA.  I didn't know it was made in America!  This fact makes me feel a bit better paying $75 for the hoody. Woollim's Engrish also comes into play, listing "CARE INSTURCTION" on the back of the tab.

Overall, any price is worth having official merchandise to remind me of the best day ever. I'm so happy with both the tee and hoody, but I'm afraid to wear or even wash them because they're just so precious to me! While the price is on the high end, because I bought them at the venue, it's much more meaningful than ordering online for that price.


  1. how tall are you?? like are they long on you? where does it go to? your thigh?

    1. I'm just under 5'4" and the tee falls just to the bottom of my pelvis while the hoody falls one or two inches below that. So the length of the shirt is perfect, it's just the boyish, boxy fit that doesn't look as good. Hope this helps!