Monday, March 3, 2014

Tony Moly Red Apple Hand Cream Review

Tony Moly is known for its super naturalistic and adorable food packaging. I'm a sucker for the brand's fruits, so I had to get the Red Apple Hand Cream! According to Tony Moly's English webpage (which is very functional and informative for English readers), this hand cream is for all skin types and uses honey and butter to moisturize skin, so it's recommended especially for the fall and winter seasons. Apple acid extract is also a key ingredient that relieves hands of dead skin cells and dry cuticles. And lastly, this cream has a soft, custard texture with a sweet apple scent.
The container of this cream is simply a shrunken version of Tony Moly's Red Appletox Honey Cream, as this hand cream contains 30 g of product. From top to bottom, this glossy apple has a deep orange-to-red ombré effect to look as perfect and realistic as possible.
Here is the bottom of the container. In Korean, it states and ingredients and other information.
This container has a screw-off lid that, once opened, reveals a sturdy plastic lid to protect cream from coming out.
The cream smells like freshly washed apples; it's not overly sweet or strong, but rather refreshing. It has an opaque pale yellow hue. This product is very creamy and glides on my hands very smoothly. The amount in my palm is the perfect amount for moisturizing both hands thoroughly. The directions online say to rub over hands, then tap the product into your hand until there's no more sticky residue. I didn't really feel this stickiness in the first place though.

The Pros
  • The packaging...need I say more? ;)
  • The scent is refreshing and sweet, and not sugarcoated.
  • While the product is rather creamy, it's not too heavy or light.
  • It moisturizes very well!
  • There is no greasy feeling afterwards; after a few minutes, the cream has mostly absorbed into my skin and I can comfortably use my hands on the computer and whatnot.
The Cons
  • Tony Moly's fruit products never disappoint!
Overall, I love anything with cute packaging and Tony Moly never disappoints in this department! A miniature apple will look great along with my other fruity products. Also I love this hand cream for its creamy texture, scent and effective moisturization.

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