Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Shara Shara Aloe Soothing Up Pure Girl Review

I admit, the name of this product isn't very descriptive as to what it actually is, and practically all else is written in Korean, but don't be turned off by it! An added bonus is that Myungsoo endorses this product! Shara Shara isn't such a huge brand so it's hard to find much information about their products in English online, but I'll try my best to thoroughly review this product.
This is 200 ml of product, surely enough to last quite some time. Also this product is 92% aloe vera, which sounds very promising for those with very dehydrated and sensitive skin.

If you're interested, here are pictures of the label:
This label has lots of information in Korean (which, sadly, I can't translate).
This middle section includes ingredients listed in English.
This last section has the QR code to prove that this is a certified, official Shara Shara product, as well as logistics about the company.
From the bottom, you can see that this container is full of aloe. The expiration date is also listed at the bottom; I'm surprised that this product has an expiration date printed, because many Korean cosmetics list only the manufacture date.

Surprisingly, I found a lot of information on this product's page on Apparently, this product in an all-in-one deal. It can be used like a cooling pack, by storing it in the fridge and applying it to your skin for a refreshing and cooling effect. Or you can use it on your face or body to moisturize and hydrate dry skin, or your feet during humid days. Also it may be used as a sleeping pack for you face. And lastly, it can be used to treat damaged, dry and split hair by moisturizing it and creating shine. All of the other options sound accurate, but I'm not really sure if this product can actually be used for hair as well. It seems too good to be true, like the go-to product for any need. I won't actually be reviewing the cooling pack method (my family would mistake this as jello in the fridge), foot method (it's too cold now...this seems more like a summer idea), nor the sleeping pack method (since most of the aloe would end up on my bed sheets than seeping into my skin).
I've been constantly turning this container over and upside-down, which I don't recommend doing. The aloe has been seeping through the lid and is starting to come out between the lid and the container. There is also a sturdy, clear plastic inner lid to try and stop the aloe from leaking out. Currently the clear lid is still on, yet aloe is still coming out. Here, you can also see the large size of the container, as well as the translucency of the aloe.
Here is the clear lid. You can see the aloe on the lid is actually completely transparent. This may look like it has a jelly consistency, but really it's very watery.
The aloe melts on my skin almost instantly, and it was quickly dripping down my hand. Initially the aloe may feel a bit sticky, but the aloe absorbs into my skin in a matter of seconds and totally disappears. I'm surprised at just how quickly it dissolves and hydrates my skin, leaving my skin looking the same as before (meaning no shininess like from lotions), just more hydrated. The aloe also feels very light and after it's been absorbed, my skin doesn't feel the aloe at all.

I also applied a bit of aloe onto my split ends, but I'm not sure how it'll actually help mend them back together. The aloe only gave my hair that wet effect, like I'm using gel to style my hair.

The Pros
  • There's a lot of aloe to last quite awhile!
  • Aloe is great for very sensitive and dehydrated skin. It's also great for burns, though I have yet to try this product on a burn.
  • I feel no irritation, only a refreshing effect due to the cooling powers of aloe, which can be amplified by leaving in the fridge.
  • There is barely any stickiness and no greasy feeling at all, so I can freely use my computer or slip into my bed sheets without getting everything all moist with aloe.
  • The aloe is so quick to hydrate!
  • There is barely any scent, but if you sniff your skin, there is a refreshing aloe scent.
  • When using on my face, it creates a healthy, matte finish.
  • This product seems very versatile (for the body, for the face as a cooling pack, for the face as a sleeping pack, for hair repair [?]...).
The Cons
  • The first few times may be a bit messy because of the excess product seeping everywhere.
  • I'm still weary about using this as a hair treatment...maybe you'll have better luck in this department.
Overall, this is a great product to use when your skin is dry and in need of quick hydration. The super fast absorption time and non-stickiness are also very convenient for those in a rush. I'm not so sure about using aloe for my hair, but I'll definitely continue to use it on my face and body!

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