Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Face Shop Dessert Lip Balm in #03 Honey Review

The Face Shop has done it again, with another line of small and adorable products! This time it's the Lovely ME EX Dessert Lip Balms, which come in fragrant flavors of #01 Strawberry, #02 Orange and #03 Honey. Here I'll review the honey flavor.
I absolutely love the design of this packaging! The top half is a lid that screws off. It has honey and pale yellow stripes with a bit of "honey" seeping over the edge, adding to the honeycomb-like design. The bottom half is a transparent container that shows the honey-like balm inside. The very top dark brown lid also has an adorable asymmetrical curved front, which makes the packaging that much cuter. As the lip balm is only 6 grams, you can also see just how small, and therefore adorable, the size of this is compared to my hand.
And here are the labels. The label on the back of the container has the product's name. While difficult to see, the label at the bottom has the instructions and ingredients listed in English (because I got this at one of the New York branches). The instructions say to use on dry and chapped lips for intense moisturization.
The top half looks like just dead space, but really, by opening the top lid, it reveals a seriously cute, little translucent honeycomb dipper with little indentations at the ball of the stick to grab just the right amount of honey. This top lid is also very sturdy: it can stay in place at any angle.
Here is the balm after unscrewing the top half. Also, every time you screw back on the lid, the lid always properly aligns so you would open the top lid from the front.
Here you can see that the balm is very solid and doesn't budge. This is also a very small amount, as all lip balms typically are. This angle also shows how translucent this balm is, like real honey. The smell is also intense, like real honey from the farmer's market.
And here is the honeycomb dipper in action. I scooped just a bit of product with the applicator, which shows the jelly-like solid texture of the balm. The amount on the applicator is a perfect amount for my lips. This balm leaves a clear sheen on my lips and it feels very smooth, like honey, without being overly sticky. My always dry lips really do feel smooth and moistened.

The Pros
  • This packaging is so cute!
  • If you love honey, this is perfect for you: the scent, the texture, the hue...
  • Despite being like honey, there's no sticky mess.
  • The cute applicator works well and avoids unsanitary germ transfer and keeps my fingers from getting sticky.
  • The balm has a very smooth consistency and leaves only a little bit of stickiness on lips (like other balms).
  • My lips are left feeling smooth and moist.
  • It leaves me with a clear sheen for healthy-looking (and feeling!) lips.
The Cons
  • Absolutely nothing to complain about!
Overall, I really do like this product. I tried it once at the store and thought it was really sticky, but I'm trying it again now, a few months later, and I don't sense that originally intense, sticky feeling now. The packaging is to die for, and the product does moisten my chapped lips, which is all I could ask for!

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