Wednesday, March 26, 2014

SkinFood Mini Haul!

Today I stopped by SkinFood in San Francisco's Stonestown Galleria, my favorite store of the city (it used to be YesStyle, until they closed this past January).

This location is lacking employees and therefore hiring (I'd love to work here!). There was only one woman working here, and she was super friendly, knew products to recommend and definitely knew how to sell products.
My original intention was to buy a body scrub, and I only found one kind in the entire store. So my first purchase was the Pink Salt Body Scrub for roughly $19. His purchase came with a plastic spatula and a bag of samples, including Gold Caviar Toner, Black Sugar Scrub and another mask for my skin type (I chose dry and therefore was given Rice Mask). I had forgotten that I chose "dry" before...should have asked for a different sample! Also California charges for bags now. I had the choice of this free paper bag or a slightly bigger plastic bag for $0.10.
This sales representative is so smart; she saw that my stamp card was one away from completion and suggested I buy another $10 worth to get the free nail polish. I agreed and added on the Orange & Mint Foot Scrub for roughly $13. My free Vita Nail Essence was chosen from approximately half of SkinFood's entire nail polish collection, wish gave me from plenty to choose. This additional purchase also came with the Royal Honey Gift Set!

The sales rep offered me to purchase an additional $20 worth to receive another free gift, but I seriously had to stop myself from going overboard! Now I'm excited to try out all the samples and scrubs, which I'll review!

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