Monday, August 25, 2014

Infinite: Last Romeo ~Kimi Ga Ireba Ii~ Single (Type A) Review

On July 2nd, 2014, Infinite released their latest Japanese single album, Last Romeo, once again with three versions, one normal and two first press editions. Here I'll review Type A, which includes a DVD, and I reviewed Type B here. All three versions have different photoshoots, outfits and photos, making Inspirits more inclined to buy all three. I personally wanted the normal version because just the album cover itself looks so pretty, but it was difficult to find in stores!
This album is the same size as Infinite's other singles and the exterior is made out of thick paper, like Inspirit. The outfits for this album is the not-so-flattering or appealing geometric outfits.
While this is a Japanese album, I actually bought the Taiwanese version, which I didn't even know existed. Ever since the SM merger, Infinite has been releasing Taiwanese versions of their albums. The differences with the Taiwanese version is that the DVD is for all regions instead of just region 2, the album doesn't come with a lottery ticket for the hi-touch events in Japan, and included is a lyrics sheet translated in Chinese.
When you open the album, the left half contains the photobooklet and extra slip, which you can pull out from either the left or right side. It also lists the CD and DVD tracklists. The right side has the CD and DVD.

The single includes the Japanese versions of "Last Romeo," "A Person Like Me," and "Nothing's Over," which I think is a great collection of Infinite's softer songs and gives a variety of dance and ballad. The DVD includes the music video of the Japanese version of "Last Romeo" and the making of both versions of the music video. The Japanese version is pretty much the same as the Korean version, except the intro track has different excerpts from the song playing, and Infinite's main outfits are the white lace suits and the geometric outfits. And remember Woollim asked us to spot the mistakes from the music video? They should have asked us to do that for the Japanese version, because at 3:20, when Myungsoo should be in the center and they're dancing the chorus for the third time, they put in a clip of when Sunggyu was in the center instead. The behind the scenes was very short, only 8 minutes and 49 seconds long. It was cool to see them filming for both music videos, and to see the evolution of the dance in the video. They showed Infinite in their black outfits (not the lace suit ones) standing up for their ending pose! Also they showed individual members' shoots. Because this feature is so short, members didn't get a lot of screen time for interviews. For the most part, everyone spoke in Korean with Japanese subtitles. Though Hoya and Sungjong spoke Japanese at the end! And Myungsoo was so cute to tell his leg to "wake up" in English!
The photobooklet has 14 pages and only includes photos from this geometric outfit photoshoot. The back cover includes the credits.
There are two group photos and an individual photo for each member, as well as the song lyrics in Japanese. Oddly enough, the lyrics for "Nothing's Over" is printed twice...
This purchase also came with a set of two free posters! They're both pre-wrapped tightly in plastic, so it's protected well. The posters are 16.5 inches by 24 inches. While the posters look very similar, the image on the left is the same as one of the posters from the Korean version, and the one on the right is the same image as the cover art of Type B. I really like the poster on the right because it looks like a Japanese promotional poster, with information about the three types of CDs and information about the hi-touch event at the bottom.

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