Sunday, August 31, 2014

Infinite Second Invasion Evolution T-Shirt Review

While I honestly don't know what I'll do with it (especially because I didn't even go to this concert), I bought a new Second Invasion Evolution T-shirt for 29,500 while original price was 22,000Again, I'm skeptical about the the credibility of this item since I didn't buy it directly from the concert. But I'll just have to believe! It was sold only in one size and in white or in black, but I was only able to find a white one. The tee comes rolled up a plastic cylinder case with tin caps. There is a concert sticker on the front of the tube as well. And like how the OGS hoodie had a typo with a long English word, so did this item as "distributed" was misspelled on both the tee and the sticker.
I'm just under 5'4" and I wear an American small, and this tee hits just above my thighs and is a little loose but still fitted nicely, so maybe up to an American sized medium can fit this shirt. It's also made of very stretchy cotton. It's a white T-shirt with the Infinite Second Invasion logo in gold printed on the bottom left corner. The inside also uses this gold to print the information at the collar.
The backside has the same gold print, with the enlarged logo and the date and time of the concert: 2012.04.01 PM5. It's weird how the shirt doesn't look well made, as the hem isn't straight and the cut doesn't seem aligned. But despite being a white tee, it's still a nice shirt, especially because of the stretchy quality.

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