Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Inspired by Infinite's Fashion

I've always been intrigued by Infinite's personal clothing style, and subconsciously it has really dominated my life influenced my clothing choices. Even though I see a lively color I like, my default is buying the black one thanks to Myungsoo. If I'm in Asia, I'll see out a Uniqlo just because Myungsoo and Sungjong have been spotted shopping there. Etc.
Early summer of 2013, I bought this loose tee at Forever 21. Though this design was something the pre-Inspirit me would never wear, I figured a baggy tee (though it should have been much longer) with some pattern on it would be something Sunggyu might wear.
And a few days later, I see an image from Infinite's Destiny in America Production DVD footage of their IDEA Photobook (both which were released in late 2013, so maybe I saw a pre-released photo? Anyways, I took this photo while I was watching the DVD.) and Myungsoo was wearing practically the same shirt! Just the location of the birds are different, so I think the cloth is cut differently for each shirt. And doing more research, Sunggyu also wore a white tee with gray seagulls during the July 29, 2013 recording of KBS Live Tong in Seoul Land (I don't want to post photos of him since they're not mine).
And most recently, I've been obsessed with, a fansite that finds exact articles of clothing that Infinite wears. Going through the archives, I found Myungsoo from the "60 Seconds" music video wearing the most gorgeous pair of boots, Dr. Martens x Pendleton 1460 Boots.
This style came out in early 2013 and has since been discontinued, but luckily I found exactly one pair in my size. The design of the boots are different for each pair, which is why mine doesn't look exactly like the one Myungsoo wore.

While I'm trying to build my wardrobe on my own tastes, I can't help but have Infinite's own style (or their coordi noonas' style) creeping in! I hope I'll be able to find more cute pieces that can match both mine and Infinite's taste~ Especially something like those boots, which I love so much!

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