Friday, January 9, 2015

Infinite: Dilemma Single (Limited) Review

On December 24th, 2014, Infinite released a completely new song, "Dilemma," as a Japanese single. This song is special because a Japanese guitarist, Tomoyasu Hotei, worked on the song and this is his first song for a Korean artist. There are two versions of this Japanese single, a normal version that comes with a photocard, and a limited version with a DVD; both come with a 16-page photobook from different photoshoots. There are also special music connecting cards, one per each member, that you must buy separately and it comes with an online code to access that member's audio message.

I pre-ordered the limited version from YesAsia for about $27 (CDJapan sold it for about $20 after shipping, but I had to use up my YesAsia credit). It took 16 days to arrive, and was packaged well in two layers of bubble wrap and then inside a waterproof envelope lined with another layer of bubble wrap.
The album cover reminds me of Infinite's Comeback Teaser 2014 here. I didn't think this teaser, released in March, had anything to do with their Last Romeo or Back promotions, but it finally relates to this one.
Here is a close up of the information sticker.
The Infinite logo and album title on the spine and front cover shine beautifully, like their Last Romeo single Type A album.
I personally was not excited about this album cover, I liked the normal version one more. But then I saw this back cover and fell in love with the whole photoshoot! The tracklist is included ("Dilemma" and the Japanese versions of "Back" and "Diamond"). "Dilemma" is definitely a lot more rock, and everything about this song sounds so great. I've been listening to the original version of "Back" on repeat, so it's nice getting a slightly different version of such a beautiful song. The DVD list is also included, with the music video and making. I'm so happy to finally be able to see the official music video, since Woollim never posted one! Also the back cover says that this DVD is for all regions!
This album format is exactly like Infinite's Last Romeo Single Type A, with a sleeve holding the photobook on the left and the two discs on the right. It's the same size as most of Infinite's albums.
The tracklists are also printed on each disc. The CD (left) is so pretty with its shimmering silver, and the DVD is black with the logo reflecting. The CD is practically impossible to take out...I really don't want to put it back because it'll be so difficult to take out the DVD to watch over and over again. The making is a full 20 minutes, with the first 12 minutes 45 seconds being the music video making. It is mostly the "Dilemma" instrumental version playing while focusing on each member during their solo scenes and within their group dance scenes. Each member does their own greetings to the camera except for Sunggyu; this is all done in Korean with Japanese subtitles. The remaining time is for both photoshoots with the instrumental version of "Diamond," which is gorgeous. Dongwoo was so adorable during his individual photoshoot, and 2Woo at the end were so adorable, ending the DVD on a happy note.
If anyone cares, underneath the discs are the Infinite logo and DVD information.
The photobooklet has a simple cover and is actually 14 pages long (I don't count the plain front and back covers).
The entire photoshoot is in black and white, there is one photo per member, two group photos, and three pages for the lyrics.
Inside the photobooklet are two slips of paper. The black one is information for Infinite's promotional events for the album, while the blue sheet is information for Infinite's upcoming Japan Tour in February.
All the credits for this song are from a Japanese team, and the lyrics were originally written in Japanese, not Korean with a Japanese translation, and the tracklist doesn't state this song as the Japanese version. I'm guessing that this is the start of Infinite releasing songs only in Japanese, rather than converting their Korean songs into Japanese. But who knows, maybe "Dilemma" will be on their next Korean album! I really do hope that "Dilemma" will be made into a Korean version so that we'll be able to see the dance more often, but I hope it won't be a title track so that Infinite can release more new hit Korean songs.

Overall, I love this album! The song has been on repeat since I received the album, the photos are gorgeous, and I love having an official copy of the music video.


  1. i want the dilemma Korean version English and romanized lyrics right now!!!

    1. Me too, we are forever waiting for the Korean version of Dilemma!