Friday, January 9, 2015

Returning Damaged Merchandise to YesAsia

I had to deal with my YesAsia package that arrived with my two albums both damaged, which I explained in this post here. While it really is a hassle and it takes awhile for the problem to be resolved (you have to send the package back, 2 weeks, and then wait for your new package to arrive, another 2 weeks), it is well worth the aggravation and wait because damaged merchandise is something that shouldn't be tolerated. Here is my guideline of how to handle returning damaged merchandise to YesAsia.

How to Begin Resolving the Issue
My albums were broken, so I sent an email to the YesAsia customer service saying that I wanted to return my defected items. Their policy is that you can't get your money back, but you can return your package for new items. Instead of waiting for an email reply, I then called the customer service number and explained my situation, and then they told me to send them a detailed email (photos are best) thoroughly explaining the damage. Within about 8 hours, they accepted that my albums were damaged and sent me another email giving me instructions on how to return my broken items. (Actually the first person I spoke with sent me instructions for YesStyle, instead of YesAsia, so I had to call back until I got a smart person on the phone). I was given an identification number that I had to place on my return package. I placed everything (including the fragmented plastic pieces) back into its originally crappy packaging, and then placed that into a secure box and put newspaper padding, and added a note explaining what good, secure packaging looked like (because their email stated to send the items securely...something they should have done in the first place). Then label the package with their address, which is given in the email.

Shipping the Package
The email also states that YesAsia will only reimburse the return shipping if you're using regular airmail, and nothing fancy (ex. registered, courier service). My post office however only offered First Class Registered Mail for international packages, and cost $22.30 for the cheapest option. I didn't want to just throw stamps onto my package and send it off, as the email also wanted a copy of the receipt.

Waiting for YesAsia
Two weeks after sending out my return package, YesAsia emailed me that they received it and that I should reply with my shipping receipt to calculate the reimbursement. I emailed them a picture of my receipt, and within 13 hours they emailed me back saying they'll credit me my full $22.30USD, which will be processed within 3-5 days. In just over two full days, YesAsia sent me an email saying that they credited me back for the full $22.30. Four days after receiving my package, they reshipped my package, hopefully in better condition.

Receiving the Reshipped Package
I finally received my package after 18 days, and the packaging looks better compared to the last time. My albums arrived inside a waterproof envelope lined with a layer of bubble wrap, and then my two albums were placed inside a bubble wrap bag, and then inside another bubble wrap bag. My albums arrived in pristine condition, with no bent corners or anything! I'm so happy that I went through all this trouble and got new albums in perfect condition.

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